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  • Dexter Hastings

Time to Shine BcB promotions

Time to Shine Black country boxing promotions 21/04/18

Black Country Boxing held their “Time to Shine” show at the Walsall town hall Walsall 21/04/18. The consisted of 6 bouts of boxing with four of them being over 4 times 3 minute rounds and two being over 6 times 3 minute rounds. The joint main event had Tipton’s Ricky Summers fighting over 6 rounds and IBO Continental middleweight champ Lennox Clarke fighting over 6 rounds. With Ben Walters comparing the shop and the stunning Georgie taking care of the ring cards the stage was set for a great night of professional boxing.

Fight 1 Lion Gower v Brett Fidoe 8.9. 4x3. 8.11 Featherweight

Fidoe gave Gower a good hard test in the first round banging in some nice shots. Gower returned fire with some great shots of his own and won the round with the cleaner shots. Fidoe contiuned to throw nice combinations in round 2, but Gower kept a good guard and banged in some flashy combinations with a few telling uppercuts.Good battling round by both fighters getting good shots off, Gower took over in the second part of the round as Fidoe looked hurt. Fidoe battled hard in the final round, but Gower finished strong with some lovely combinations, Fidoe continued to push him till the final bell.


Dexter - 40-36 Ref – 40-37 Gower wins on points

Fight 2 Sajid Abid v Dylan Draper 10.6. 4x3. 10.6 Welterweight

Abid controlled the round from the first bell getting some stylish combinations off in the round. In round 2 Draper had went into survival mode as Abid banged out some nice combinations. Draper covered up and moved well to see the round out. The third saw Abid dictate the pace and controlled the round. Draper covered up and moved well around the ring and got the odd shot off but it was Abid round.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref - 40-36 Abid wins on points

Fight 3 Damian Kiwior v Mario Petrov 10.9 4x3. 10.10 Super welterweight

The first round was a master class in boxing by the Polish national Kiwior who now resides in Wolverhampton, with great shot selection and some classy uppercuts this was a excellent round for him. Kiwior continued his excellent work and was picking his shots well, Petrov let his hands go in this round but this just seemed to give Kiwior the room to counter.

Petrov got some good shots off at the start of the round but had to dig deep as Kiwior made him pay with some cracking combinations, great movement and 2 hurtful over hand rights. In the final round Petrov took some heavy shots as Kiwior finished the fight strong looking for the stoppage.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 40-37 Kiwior wins points

Fight 4 Ryan Aston v Anthony Fox

11.11. 4x3. 12.1 Light Heavyweight

Fox started the first round well and it looked like Aston was just sizing his opponent up, Fox won the round on work rate. Round two saw Fox continue his high tempo work rate and got some cracking shots off. Aston moved well and got some good shots off of his own, but Fox out worked him.

Fox kept his high work rate up in the third but Aston got some nice shots off as well. Fox caught Aston with a sweet left hook clean on the jaw, Aston took it well but you could see it had shook him. In the final round Fox continued his high tempo and caught Aston with a over hand right on the side of the head, their was a slight delay but before Aston went down. Aston got back to his feet and the ref let him continue, Aston then went on the attack as Fox just moved around the ring to see the round out.


Dexter – 36-40

Ref – 37-40 Fox Wins on Points

Fight 5 Lennox Clarke v Wilmar Gonzalez 12.4. 6x3. 13.3 Cruiserweight

Bbcolumn’s boxer of the year Clarke came out strong and looked nice and sharp. He had his jab going nice and got some good combinations off, one minute thirty eight seconds into the first round Clarke caught Gonzalez with a short right hand. Gonzalez went down and the ref counted him out. You could see Clarkes frustration as he wanted more out of this fight.