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Brown wins the Golden Gown

Brown wins the Golden Gown

Northampton's boxing sensation Drew Brown claimed the ultimate fighters Golden Robe last night in an epic 3 fight victory at the Manchester arena last night. Brown who is only 21 took on 3 unbeaten opponents to claim the golden robe, the prize money of £50.000 and the massive boost up the rankings this will give him.

Drew's first opponent was Jimmy Cooper from Southampton who he dispatched with a thunderous right hook in the first round. He then took on BcB's and fellow Midlander Sam Evens from Wednesbury, in a hard fought match where Evens pressed Brown all the way. Drew showed his boxing class to win but only by split decision with 2 of the judges scoring it 29-28 Brown and 1 scoring it 29-28 Evens. Myself I had it 29-28 Brown but this fight showed the great depth of talent in the Midlands at this weight.

In the final Brown faced Tom Young from Leeds and in a epic battle where he as pressed again to the end, Brown's boxing skills prevailed and he came out victorious with another great show of the noble art. Drew won the final by a unanimous decision with all 3 judges going for Brown two having it 29-28 and one having it 30-27, I scored the fight 29-28 to Brown.

Brown's Profesional record now stands at 10 wins no defeats.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Wow! what a massive achievement for this young man from Northampton, I have interviewed and just chatted to Drew on a number of occasions when he has made the journey from Northampton to Eastside gym in Birmingham to train and spar. He comes across as a very pleasant well spoken young man but put a gum shield in his mouth and gloves on his hands and he is transformed into a major fighting force. It has been my pleasure to watch him spar down Eastside and box on the Tommy Owens Promotions shows down Villa park and I have always said he has got the potential to be at least a British champion . When I heard he was in the ultimate fighting competition I thought he may do well in it, but to go up to Manchester and beat 3 unbeaten fighters to claim this title is a major achievement and has definitely put Drew on the boxing map in Britain. Hopefully now his manager Jon Pegg and his team can get him a crack at a major title either the English or maybe even the British, Brown has had a mega pay day for his outstanding efforts, a lot more that he has ever been paid to fight for before I’m sure. I hope he enjoys his new found wealth, but keeps his eyes on the prize as I can see another British Champion emerging for the Midlands in the next few years.

Congratulations Drew on you achievements from all at the Birmingham Boxing Column and hope to catch up with you soon for a interview.

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