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Lone Wolf TOPromotions

Lone Wolf TOPromotions 5/5/18

Tommy Owens Promotions held their “Lone Wolf” show at the Holte Suite Villa Park (5/5/18). The show consisted of 7 bouts of boxing showcasing some of the best up and coming talent from the Midlands. There were 5 bouts of boxing of four times 3 minute rounds of boxing, one four times two minute rounder and the main event was a eight rounder. The show was reffered by Kevin Parker and with the stunning Hay Whittaker as ring girl the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Nathan Stevens v Adam Williams 4x3 Heavyweight

Scrappy first round, Stevens moved well and got some nice jabs off and worked well on the inside. The second was another scrappy round with both fighters holding, Williams won the round with some nice single shots of some overhand rights and a few left hooks. Stevens came out with intent in the third getting some good shots off, Stevens had a point taken off him for holding and tried to pull the point back it but Williams won the round. In the final round Stevens battled hard in this scrappy fight to out work Williams to win the round.


Dexter – 37-38 Ref -37-38 Williams wins on points


Fight 2 Jack O'Keefe v Mohamed Mahmoud 4x3 Super Lightweight

Good start to the first round by O'Keefe who caught Mahmoud with some heavy shots, Mahmoud took them well and kept pressing. O'Keefe showed great movement and got some good shots off, but spoiled some of his work by falling in on his opponent. O'Keefe did more than enough to win the round. In the third O'Keefe got some cracking shots off showing great hand speed and combinations, Mahmoud continued to press but it was “No Beef” for O'Keefe. Great jabbing in the final round from O'Keefe, with nice tidy boxing, great one two's and worked well on the inside.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 40-36 O'Keefe wins on points.


Fight 3 Lenny Evans v Kristian Laight 4x2 Welterweight

Evans got some great combinations off at the start of the first round, he showed great movement and picked his shots well. Evans showed great speed and shot selection, working up and down Laughs body and head to win the round. Evans used his jab well in the third to set up some nice combinations, the veteran Laight had a go back in this round but Evans came back strong with shots of his own. In the final round Evans seemed to enjoy himself picking his shots and banged in some sweet combinations.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 40-36 Evans wins on points


Fight 4 Sean Daly v Danny Little 4x3 Super Welterweight

Daly set his stall out from the first bell banging in some great one two’s and working up and down Littles body and head. Round two saw Little on the defensive from the start as Daly shot out some cracking combinations and looked sharp.In round three Daly continued his great work rate popping nice combinations out as his big support cheered him on. Daly looked like he as going to cruise to victory as he moved around the ring well, but Little had a go back at him in this round and banged in some good shots. Little who is known for leading with his head seemed to clash with Daly on a few occasions near the end of this round leaving Daly with a cut above his right eye and a very badly bruised left eye.


Dexter – 40-37 Ref 39-37

Daly wins on points Fight 5 Ijaz Ahmed v Brett Fidoe 4x3 Bantamweight

Cracking first round with both fighters getting their shots off. Fidoe caught Ahmed clean on the jaw with a lovely left hook putting him down. Ahmed took the eight count and worked hard for the rest of the round. The second was another tough fought round with both fighters working hard, both boxers got good shots off and I could not split them.Round three saw Ahmed work hard with Fidoe matching him, Fidoe won the round with the cleaner shots and a good work rate right till the end of the round. In the final round Ahmed took the centre of the ring but Fidoe controlled the round from the outside, both fighters worked hard and it was another close round.


Dexter – 37-40 Ref – 37-37 Fidoe wins on points Fight Six Indi Sangha v Andy Harris 4x3 Super Lightweight

Sangha seemed to be taking his frustrations out on Harris as this was supposed to be fighting Paul Holt for the Midlands area title. Harrison took some heavy shots, but Sangha was missing with a lot of shots due to him loading up his punches. In round two you could tell Harris did not fancy this fight and started to frustrate Sangha as he held his way through the round. Every time Sangha went on the attack Harris just grabbed and held on.

In the third Sangha seemed to get his range and got some good shots off. Harris held at every opportunity, the referee then warned both of them for holding. In the final round Sangha started to pick his shots well and stayed out of range of Harris's holding tactics. Sangha caught Harris with a lovely combinations which put Harris down. Harris took a eight count and then held on at every opportunity to see the final bell.


Dexter – 40-35 Ref – 40-34 Sangha wins on points


Fight 7 Matt Windle v Pablo Narvaez 8x3

Both fighters worked hard in the first round with Windle just nicking it. Round 2 was another hard fought round p, Narvaez won the round with the better shots. Narvaez took the centre of the ring in the third and controlled it was nice combinations and one two’s, Windle battled hard but Narvaez won this round. Windle fought hard in the forth but Narvaez continued to take the centre of the ring and control the fight.

Windle took control of the fight in the fifth but Narvaez returned fire to share the round. Windle started the sixth well and seemed to be getting on top, Narvaez came back strong but Windle won the round. Windle kept up his work rate up in the seventh but Narvaez pressed and pressured him to win the round. In the final round Narvaez stalked Windle as he took the centre of the ring and controlled the fight. Windle fought back hard but Narvaez was just to physically strong for him.


Dexter - 74-78

Ref - 76-76


Dexter’s Thought’s

Another great show from Tommy Owens Promotions, seven great fights and a great atmosphere at Villa park. It was frustrating for me to watch Nathan Stevens preform as I know that he is slot better than this point defeat showed. Stevens will have to get his head right for his next fight and listen to his coach Peter Christie’s advice. Jack O'Keefe was very impressive in his fight with great movement and shot selection he should now be looking at six rounder’s and better opponents to test him. Lenny Evans showed fast hands and great hand speed in his fight against veteran journeyman Kristian Laight. Evans sealed his second victory in his second fight and looked good doing it. Sean Daly who always brings a big crowd with him really impressed against another veteran journeyman Danny Little. Daly picked his shots well and banged in some cracking combinations. Little had a proper go at Daly in the last round but the cut above Daly’s right eye and the bruising under his left eye where done by Little being a bit free with his head. Daly may had looked a bit of a state after the fight but he had put in a great display and had got a harsh education near the end of the fight. Sean looks ready to start moving up to six rounder’s and with his great support I can see doing well.

Ijaz Ahmed came unstuck against Brett Fidoe, this was a cracking fight but Fidoe showed he is more than a journeyman with a nice knockdown in the first and a great display of boxing in the next three. Ahmed battle hard and showed true grit so can take something from this fight and if he learns form this he will be back to winning ways soon. Indi Sangha had a frustrating fight against Harris who after 30 seconds of the first round didn’t what to know and held at every point possible. Sangha still managed to get some good shots off and in the final round put Harris down. His up and coming title fight for the vacant super lightweight Midlands area title against Paul Holt is looking like a great fight. The main event tonight saw the two fighter battle it out for eight rounds and the ref deeming it a draw. Myself I had Narvaez winning by a few rounds but there were some rounds that were close.

The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Tommy Owens Promotions for having us there and for being the chief Sponsor of Birmingham's number 1 boxing website. The Column looks forward to TOP's next show which will be on the 19th May with the main event being the talented Ryan Kelly fighting for the Midlands Super Welterweight area title.

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