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By the Sword TOPromotions


By the Sword


Tommy Owens Promotions presented their second showing of the month “By the Sword” where “Ruthless” Ryan Kelly was having his second crack at the super welterweight Midlands area title against talented boxer Owen Jobburn. The area title would be contested over 10 three minute rounds, on the undercard their was an array of local talent on display with 5 fights over four, three minute rounds and a female fight which was over 4 two minute rounds. With Shaun Messar refereeing and the stunning twins Hay and Katie Whitaker doing the ring cards the stage was set for an exciting night of boxing.

Fight 1

Clayton Bricknall v Jamie Quinn

Super Lightweight


Bricknall had a nice tidy start to his debut, with some good movement, a nice sharp jab and some good one twos. In the second round Bricknall started to put some meat into his shots and got some nice combinations off with some eye-catching body shots. Quinn did fight back and got some shots off of his own.

Round Three saw Bricknall move around the ring well and continue his tidy work. Quinn again banged in some good shots of his own but Bricknall was always in control. In the final round Bricknall controlled the start with some nice tidy combinations, Quinn started to put some pressure on him in the middle part of the round banging in some heavy body shots. Bricknall took them well and ended the round strong.


Dexter 40-37

Ref 40-37

Bricknall wins on points

Fight 2

Kristie Bavington v Borislava Goranova


Female boxing

Bavington started well on her debut and going forward looked really good, Goranova made the round close as she fought back catching Bavington with some good shots. Bavington nicked the round on work rate. In the second Bavington got her jab going and got some nice combinations off. Goranova was still asking questions but it was Bavington's round.

Goranova started the round strong and caught Bavington with some good shots. Bavington came back with shots of her own in the middle part of the round but Goranova got this round by finishing it strong. Battling final round with Goranova sensing she could get something out of this. Bavington fought back hard but again Goranova won the round.


Dexter – 38-38



Fight 3

Nathan Mcfarlane v Kristian Laight


In the first round Mcfarlane moved well around the ring and picked his shots well with some good combinations to win the round. Mcfarlane showed great movement and shot selection in the second as he banged in some cracking combinations on the veteran Laight.

The third was another great display by Mcfarlane, who worked the head and the body well with great combinations. Some nice jabbing and combinations in the final round from Mcfarlane, Laight got some nice shots off catching Mcfarlane. Mcfarlane came back strong and you could see he wanted at knock out, but he was never going to get that as Laight covered up and saw the round out.




Mcfarlane wins on points

Fight 4

Ellis Blake v Fonz Alexander


Blake started strong in the first with some nice sharp jabs and some cracking combinations working from the head to the body. Their were some heavy shots from Blake in the second round as he caught Alexander with some evil looking body shots. Alexander showed great resilience to see out the round as Blake worked him hard.

Round three saw Blake’s hand speed and shot selection on display for all to see, he slipped out of trouble and banged in some hurtful combinations. In the final round Blake continued to pick his shots and bang in more sweet combinations to cruise to victory. I have to give Alexander loads of credit for battling in ever round and getting to the final bell.




Blake wins on points

Fight 5

Shakan Pitters v Kent Kauppinen


Pitters came out from the first bell with bad intentions, he started everything from the jab and had his opponent in trouble from very early in the fight. Pitters starked his opponent setting him up for some cracking combinations, Pitters stopped Kauppinen 2 minutes 4 seconds of the first round after connecting with a great combinations resulting in a sweet body shot that put him down. The ref counted but stopped the fight as Kauppinen was not able to continue.


Pitters wins 1st at round stoppage

Fight 6

Tom Silcox v Paul Ducie

Super welterweight


Good hard round with both fighters getting their shots off, Silcox nicked the round with the cleaner shots and better work rate. In the second Silcox moved well around the ring and banged in some nice combinations. Ducie got some cracking shots off of his own but Silcox had the round with the cleaner work.

The thirds was a very hard fought round with Ducie not just coming to make up the numbers. Silcox rose to the challenge and fought back hard to share the round. Great final round with both fighters leaving everything in the ring, a back and forth round, I could not split them.




Silcox wins on points

Fight 7

Main Event

Super welterweight Midlands area title

Ryan Kelly v Owen Jobburn


Great first round, Kelly got his jab going from the bell and got some nice combinations off. Jobburn banged in some good shots as well and was trying to match Kelly’s good start. Kelly caught Jobburn with a cracking straight right hand which rocked Jobburn to his boots. Kelly moved in and Jobburn went down form what I saw a flurry of punches, the ref did not count as he classed the knock down as a push, the bell then rang to end the round. In the second Kelly showed his class shooting out great combinations with everything coming off his outstanding jab.

Round three saw Kelly control the round from start to finish with everything coming off his sharp jab. Jobburn fought back hard but as the round drew to a end Kelly caught him with a volley of left and right hooks putting him down. As Jobburn went down he slipped through the bottom rope to the out side the ring, the ref began to count and he managed to get back into the ring and then took a 8 count. The bell then rang again to end the round. In the forth Kelly smashed his way through with some great shots. How Jobburn was staying on his feet was a credit to his heart and determination.

The fifth was dominated by Kelly in every department. Jobburn showed the heart of a lion coming back with shots of his own but Kelly always had an answer. In the sixth round Kelly started to walk Jobburn down catching with some great shots. This seemed to suite Jobburn who fought back hard and caught Kelly with some great shots.

In round seven Kelly got his jab going again and teed off with some cracking combinations. Kelly rocked Jobburn though out the round he final pinned him to the ropes and smashed in lefts and right hooks until the ref had seen enough and had no choice but to jump in and stop the fight.


Kelly wins seventh round stoppage

Ryan Kelly Newly Crowned Super Welterweight Midlands area Champion.

Dexter’s Thoughts


What a great show, I can not emphasize how good this show was. Tommy Owens and his team should be proud of themselves for putting on such an outstanding show with a fantastic main event, my hat goes off to all involved.

We started the night off with Clayton Bricknall's debut and what a debut it was, Bricknall showed great movement, some nice combinations and I for one was very impressed in his first outing as a pro.

We then saw another debut of female boxer Kirstie Bavington, she started brightly but was up against a very durable opponent, who managed to get a draw against the debutante. Bavington seemed disappointed and could recognize what she had done wrong, as long as she learns from this fight I am sure she will come back and get her first win in her next fight.

Nathan Mcfarlane put on a great performance tonight showing he has the skills to get the job done. Against a 294 fight veteran in Laight, he displayed his wears and got a good win.

Ellis Blake really impressed me tonight in only his second pro fight he displayed great talent, movement and shot selection, Blake is definitely one to look out for over the next few years.

Shakan Pitters was in no mood to be messing around tonight dispatching his opponent in just over two minutes of the first round. Shakan is improving every time I see him and their is even talk of Pitters going for the Midlands area cruiserweight title against unbeaten fighter Matt Sen which would be a very interesting fight as styles make fights and I think their styles would blend to make a cracker title fight. Oh also on Shakan's first pro stoppage I would like to take some credit as I think the two rounds sparring he did with me in his training camp helped him win this fight. But on a serious note Pitters is one of the Birmingham Boxing Columns Boxers to watch and all I can say is watch out for Mr Pitters.

Tom Silcox battled his way through a very tough fight and showed that when the chips are down he can still pull it out of the bag. Silcox is a great talent and is another one to keep your eye on.

Now we get to the main event, Ryan Kelly made no mistakes in his second attempt at the Midlands area title. He was impressive in every department, his movement, shot selection and combinations where all outstanding and credit should go to Kelly and his trainer Spencer McCracken and the Eastside team. The one thing that shone out to me was Kelly’s jab, he could not miss with it and everything came off this jab. I have watched Kelly fight on a number of occasions and even seen him spar and this fight was by far the best displayed of boxing I have seen from him. I can see “Ruthless” Ryan Kelly winning more titles at higher leaves in the next few years and maybe he will become part of the Birmingham Boxing Columns Hall of Fame. Time will only tell.

The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Tommy Owens Promotions for having us at there show and we look forward to the next one “Savage Intentions” on the 30th of June.

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