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Unlicenced Journey man Jamie Gelder

Unlicenced Journey man Jamie Gelder

Jamie Gelder is a former Professional boxer who now fights in the unlicensed ranks. Gelder from Tipton/Coseley fights at light heavy or Cruiserweight and had a very short amateur career winning 9 and losing only 2.

Jamie known as the “Danger” turned pro with trainers Mark Wall and Peter Christie’s having 9 pro fights and winning 3 of them. Now Gelder who is 6 foot 2 fights in the unlicensed ranks where he trains himself down Gummies Gym and has had a total of 216 fights. He told the column “my fight ratio is about 50-50 in the unlicensed game”.

When asked who his favorite boxer was and why? He told me “it has got to be Tyson Fury,he is very funny and is entertaining”. My next question was, what is the best fight he has watched, Gelder told me “ Gatti V Ward 1, I remember watching it with my friends when I was a kid and it was one of the things that inspired me to box”.

My final question for the much traveled journeyman was, what is you hardest fight to date? Jamie told me, “it was against Alex Hughes a unbeaten kid who had 10 wins under his belt. I boxed him on Box-nation and he was unbelievable, he beat hell out of me”. Gelder continued by saying “I boxed the best out there and have never ducked anyone, I also had a Great War with my journeyman friend Andrew Patterson”.

Gelder finished by saying “I’ve also traveled to Malta, Germany, Poland and Italy to fight, along with loads of city’s up and down England. I Boxed every champion in the white-collar game and won numerous of titles”.

Dexter's Thoughts

I have reffed Jamie on a number of occasions and can tell he is a lot better boxer than his 50/50 unlicensed record would have you think. Gelder would class himself as a journeyman, have gloves will travel and do'es his job well, giving new unlicensed prospects though their paces and not get hurt. Like I have said before I have got a lot of respect for journeymen, they are the back bone of boxing and Gelder is one of the best around. Myself I could not do what they do, as my competitive nature would always come out and I would have to go out with the intention to win and not just go through the motions. Gelder and all journeymen who get in there with no notice get my respect.

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