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BcB Emerging Stars

BcB promotions Emerging Stars 9/6/18 Photos by James Deen

Black country Boxing Promotions held their latest show “Emerging Stars” at the Willow Suite Willenall. There were seven fights on the bill with two four rounder’s and three six rounder's with all of them over three minutes. There were also 2 titles on the line with female boxer Lauren Johnson going for a international challenge belt over eight two minute rounds in only her third fight. Top of the bill was the unbeaten Midlands area bantamweight champ Kyle Williams taking on the English champ Thomas Essomba for his English title. With Ben Walters comparing the show as always, Shaun Messer refereeing and the stunning Lindsey Clarke as the ring girl, the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1

4x3 With Ben Walters comparing the show as always, Shaun Messer refereeing and the stunning Lindsey Clarke as the ring girl, the stage was set for a great night of boxing. Connor Lee Jones v Liam Richards

Unfortunately we arrived late for this fight but I was informed that Jones put on a great display of boxing and won the fight convincingly 40 to 36 on the refs score card.

Fight 2

Connor Parker v Ibrar Riyaz 6x3

Nice tidy start by Parker with some great jabs and one, twos. Parker mixed it up in the second, moving nice and working from head to body well.Riyaz started to put some pressure on Parker in the fifth, Parker replied with some sweet combinations winning the round with ease. The final round saw the pace slow but Parker continued to bang in good shots to win a shutout victory.Parker's confidences grew in the third round as he shot out fast sharp combinations and showed some great movement. The forth round saw Parker put some hurtful shots in. Riyaz could do little against Parker’s speed and shot selection and covered up to see the round out.


Dexter – 60-54 Ref- 60-54 Parker wins on points

Fight 3 Heavyweight Anthony Woolery v Remigiijus Ziausys

14.6 4x3 13.9

Woolery came out firing in the first round and really put it on the veteran journeyman Ziausys. Ziausys covered up well and saw the round out with ease. Woolery continued to bang in heavy shots in the second, Ziausys fired back with some good shots of his own, but Woolery's size and power won him the round. The third saw Woolery really banged in some heavy shots, Ziausys covered up well but you could see some where getting through. Ziausys came out of his shell in the final round, Woolery continued to bang in heavy shots and won the round convincingly.

Result Dexter 40-36 Ref 40-36 Woolery wins on points

Fight 4 Middleweight Craig Morris v Chris Jenkinson 11.4. 6x3. 11.3

Morris came out and took the centre of the ring putting Jenkinson on the back foot. Jenkinson countered well with some cracking shots of his own and made a statement he was no just here to make up the numbers. The second started very scrappy with ref Shaun Messer having to talk to both fighters. This was another close round, Morris was talked to again by the ref for leading with his head, Morris just edged this round for me.

Southpaw Morris started the third round strong, but Jenkinson continued to return fire, Morris fired some great shots at the end of the round to win it. In the forth Morris started to take control pushing Jenkinson back and working the head and body well. Jenkinson continued to get shot off and keep the fight competitive, but Morris won this round.

The fifth saw Morris start to pick his shots well, Jenkinson seemed to be tiring. Jenkinson was still throwing slots back but Morris was in control of the fight. Jenkinson had a real go in the final round, Morris had a point deducted for leading with his head. The round it’s self was very scrappy with both boxers holding, Morris finished the stronger.

Dexter -59-55 Ref -59-55 Morris wins on points

Fight 5 Female Middleweight International challenge belt Laura Johnson v Klaudia Voit 11.1. 8x2. 11.1

Johnson started the round well and got some good shots off, Voit came back strong in a very close round. The second was very scrappy but Johnson got on her jab in the middle part of the round, Voit came back with shots of her own but Johnson edged the round. In the third Johnson took control and got some nice combos off. Voit was still making it competitive but this was Johnson’s round.

Round four saw Johnson again control the start of the round, Voit tried to draw the black widow into a war, but Johnson stuck to her boxing and won the round. In round five when Johnson boxed she looked outstanding with great combinations, but Voit was constantly trying to turn this fight into a tare up. Johnson picked her shots well in the sixth and banged in some cracking shots.

Voit kept trying to bait Johnson into a war but she stuck to her boxing and won the round. Johnson boxed well in the seventh and kept her high tempo up, she caught Voit with some heavy shots in this round. Voit took them well and managed to see the round out. In the final round Johnson cruised to victory and her first title with some nice combinations and great movement.

Result Dexter – 80-73 Ref – 78-74

Lauren Johnson wins on points

Fight 6 Damian Kiwior v Nathan Hardy Welterweight 6x3

Kiwior worked well behind a sharp jab and some great movement to catch hardy with some nice shots. Hardy came back with some nice shots of his own. Hardy got his jab working in the second and seemed to be catching Kiwior at will. Kiwior moved well but Hardy had this round with his jab. Kiwior picked up the pace in the third and started to slip Hardy’s jab getting some nice shots off to the body. Hardy continued to work well behind his jab in a very close round. In the forth Kiwior kept up the high tempo of the fight but Hardy was matching him. Kiwior edged this round with the better shots and work rate. Kiwior started to go through the gears in the fifth and looked like he was going to take control of the fight. Hardy came back strong in the second part of the round and caught Kiwior with some cracking shots which he took well, great round to watch. The final round was a tough one to call with both fighters giving there all, bother good shots of in this even round.

Result Dexter – 59-58 Ref 59-56 Kiwior wins on points

Fight 7 Main Event English Bantamweight Title Thomas Essomba v Kyle Williams 8.5. 10x3. 8.6

Both fighters started the first round steady and seemed to be feeling each other out, Williams got some good shots off near the end of the round, but was caught with a nice straight left hand that put him down. Williams rose to his feet as the ref counted just as the bell rang to end the round. Williams seemed to have shaken off the knockdown and started the second round with some good combinations and flurry’s. Essomba returned fire and was showing he had earned his Champion credentials by coming back with shots of his own. In the third Williams had switched to a orthodox stance and it seemed to work as he controlled the ring just edging the round, but Essomba was still getting some good shots off.

Williams started the fourth round in a southpaw stance which seemed to suit Essomba who was a southpaw. Essomba had the better of the first part of the round, but when Williams switched back to orthodox and earned a share of the round. Williams started the fifth round well Essomba battled back, but switch hitting Williams won this round with the better shots and work rate. In the sixth Williams had found his grove and was getting some nice shots off. Essomba continued to battle hard but Williams had taken control.

Round seven saw Williams take the centre of the ring and controlled the round behind his jab. Essomba continued to press but Williams caught him with a left to put the champ down. Essomba got to his feet as the bell went to end the round. Essomba came out with intent in the eighth and really put it on Williams. Williams replied well and got on his toes and countered well, another close round but Williams got it for me. Williams had taken control in the ninth and Essomba was looking desperate for one big shot. Williams continued to move well and pressed Essomba all the way to win the round. The final round was a battling one, with both boxers as gave it there all. After end to a great fight.

Results Dexter – 94-97 Williams Judge 1 – 96-94 Essomba Judge 2 – 93-96 Williams Judge 3 – 93-96 Williams

Williams the new English Bantamweight champion

Dexter’s Thoughts

BcB put on another great show with a great main event, Kyle Williams showed so much heart against a very tough champion. Williams had to get up off the floor after being put down in the first and fought his way back to a split decision victory. Myself and two of the other judges had it well in Williams favour but one of the judges had Essomba winning it by two rounds. I thought it was a great fight where Essomba fought like a champion, but Williams was not going to be denied. Williams showed great movement, shot selection and a awareness to change things up when they weren’t going right in the fight and also loads of heart to claim the English Bantamweight title. I can see Williams Challenging for the British title in the next year or so and claiming a place like his BcB stable mate Jason Welborn in the Bbcolumn hall of fame. Also winning her first title in only her third fight was Lauren “The Black widow” Johnson, she really impressed me as she battled a very tough opponent in Voit to claim the female Middleweight international challenge belt. Johnson will be now looking at a Midlands area title and I can not see no reason why she will not achieve this. The rest of the undercard was excellent, unfortunately I missed Connor Lee Jones win but was informed it was a very good performance. Connor Parker was impressive with a nice tidy 6 rounder, with some nice combinations and seemed to grow in confidence as the fight went on. Anthony Woolery got his first win in his second pro fight against a veteran journeyman. He fought at Heavyweight but in my opinion he should drop back down to cruiserweight. The Morris, Jenkinson fight was a cracker Jenkinson who had came to win gave Morris a good test. Morris had to work hard to get this well deserved victory. Kiwior, Hardy was another cracker with Hardy giving Kiwior a good test. Kiwior had to dig deep and showed his class as Hardy worked him in every round. This was a good fight for Kiwior to have as it gave him a good test and showed he is a class act. The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank BcB promotions for having the column there.

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