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Sen Claims First Title in Sensational Style

Sen Claims First Title in Sensational Style

Matt Sen has won his first professional title against Josh Burke in Sensational Style in a rip roaring tear up on the Black Country Promotions show “Usual Suspects” Sen from Wolverhampton claimed the British Cruiserweight challenge belt at the venue in Dudley (07/07/2018) stopping Josh Burke in the 2 minutes 22 seconds into the forth round. Unfortunately the Column was not thier to witness this great fight but I did watch it live on the BcB's Live stream at home and I’m glad I did.

Below is my report on the fight.

Matt Sen v Josh Burke Cruiserweight British Challenge belt 8x3

Sen came out firing with some big shots, Burke rode the Storm and got his jab going well. Both fighters got good combinations off to have a share of the round. Great second round with Sen taking the centre of the ring and banged in some heavy shots. Burke worked well behind his jab and came back with some cracking combinations in a too and throw round where both had joy.

Both fighters came out swinging in the third with both landing big shots. Sen seemed to be looking for that one big shot and nearly got it a few times in this round. Burke used his jab well at the start of the forth but Sen pressured him and pushed him around the ring. Sen got some big shots off but Burke caught him with some nice combinations and seemed to really hurt Sen with a straight right. Sen looked shaken but came back with shots of his own and caught Burke flush with a evil right hooks that shook Burke to his boots. Burke covered up as Sen repeatedly hit Burke with right hook after right hook until the ref stopped the fight.

The day after the newly crowned champ took to social media and put this status up. He told social media -

What a night!

Mixed emotions... firstly overwhelmed with the win and stopping Josh in the 4th. Huge jump from a 4 rounder to an 8 so early on and challenging for my first professional title after only 4 fights. Although this was not my best performance, I had to dig deep and keep pushing as Josh and his team really brought it last night. Not taking anything away from Josh he fought hard and kept pressing, clearly pushing for the win and caught me with some good shots.

His team mentioned they had been watching me and working on certain things and Josh came out like a totally different boxer to the boxer I had been watching.

Never the less we got the win and by KO in the 4th. I heard flutters of comments saying'’ that’s now the end of Josh', I sincerely hope not as yesterday he put in a solid performance he should be happy with! I wish him all the best and hope he's well after last night! A BIG THANK YOU to all those who came to support. I hope you enjoyed it? Your continued support means so much Thank you to my sponsors, all those who sent positive energy and love and also a massive THANK YOU to my team for all of their hard work. Without you guys, none of this would of been possible!

Result from Undercard

Fight 1 4x3 Kirstie Bavington v Elaine Grenan 39-38 Bavington wins points Fight 2 4x3 Josh Miller v Lewis Van Poetsch 40-36 Miller wins on points Fight 3 4x3 Conner Lee Jones v Kristian Laight 40-36 Jones wins on points Fight 4 4x3 Daryl Peace v Mohammed Mahmoud 39-37 Peace wins on points Fight 5 6x3 Danny Ball v Danny Little 60-53 Ball wins on points Richard Ghent trainer and coach to some of the fighters also took to social media and said this about his fighters. Very proud coach tonight.

Kirstie Bavington was involved in a tough fight and got the win against a game Scottish girl. Great fight and score card showed it was close but our Bavo got the win. Proud of her first time at a lighter weight as well - 39-38

Josh Miller boxed superb to say he’s been out the ring nearly 3 years was mad. Great variation of shots. Looking forward to him getting out there again now. Won 40-36

Connor- Lee Jones boxed one of countries best away fighters but showed his skill with some great feet moment and combinations. Looked a million dollars winning 40-36. Connor will be back out 21st July at Walsall.

Danny Ball first 6 rounder against the tough Danny Little who has caused a few upsets lately. Danny Showed a great mature performance didn’t rush and waste many punches and looked strong in there. Winning 60-53 Proud coach.. time to chase them titles Thanks to everyone who’s paid to support tonight’s show and massive thanks to all the sponsors who back the stable. Also big thanks to rob Robert Wright and Ian Turner and the BCB team Erroll Paul Mann and Daniel Mole.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Gutted that I missed this show but very thankful that the BcB streamed the main event live on their live stream. It was great to hear Kirstie Bavington won her fight after losing her first one I’m sure she will continue to succeed now she hasn’t “W”. Josh Miller and Conner Lee Jones both got shut out victory’s against two very tough journey men. Daryl Peace also won his four rounder against Mahmoud with the talent Danny Ball cursing to victory in his first six rounder against the durable Danny Little.

The main event was a cracker, usually these challenge belts are given to the home opponent as they fight durable journey men, but not tonight. Matt Sen unbeaten in 4 fights and Josh Burke a fighter trying to get back to winning ways both wanted this title. Sen and Burke both went at it and this was a cracking fight with both fighters in the forth round getting caught. Burke caught Sen with a nice straight right hand that you could see shook him, Sen may have been hurt but came back swinging and caught Burke with a cracking right hand and continued to throw it until the ref stopped the fight.

Massive congratulations to Matt Sen I spared him for this fight and knew he was ready for this challenge. Now Matt has passed his apprenticeship winning the challenge belt he has now got his eye on the Midlands area Cruiserweight title. The only thing in his way now is the very talented and also unbeaten fighter Shakan Pitters. This is going to be a massive mountain to climb for Sen as he will be taking on one of the hottest talents in Midlands boxing at the moment. Sen showed slot of heart as he always does in his title win but will be the first to agree that he will have to tighten up his defence for the Pitters fight. I know both boxers and I know they both have there own talents and styles, as they say Styles make fights and I can tell you now that this will be a cracker of a fight. There are talks of this fight being on the undercard of the Kahn Vargas fight at Birmingham Arena on September 8th, where ever this fight takes place the Birmingham Boxing Column look forward to seeing this match.

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