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  • Dexter Hastings

Female Pro Boxer Kirstie Bavington

Female Pro Boxer Kirstie Bavington

Kirstie Bavington is the newest female boxer to hit the Midlands boxing scene. Bavington 25 from Pensnett Dudley is a orthodox welterweight and is 5 foot 7. Known as Bavvo Kirstie has had two professional bouts of boxing drawing her first fight and wining her second. As a amateur Bavington had 16 fights winning 13 of then, she also had two white colour fights winning both of them. Bavington is trained by Richie Ghent and boxes out of Lions ABC and Earlsfield ABC London. I asked Bavington who her favourite boxer was and why? She told me “I would have to say Anthony Joshua, he inspires me to remain motivated and focused to achieve all I can in anything I do, he is a great role model to youngsters and a beast in the ring”. My next question was, what is the best fight you have seen? Bavington informed me “Im unsure on the best I’ve seen, I watch as much boxing as I can from past and present, id say maybe Mike Tyson v Buster Douglas”.

Bavington who has been boxing since she was 13 with Bob Dillon at Lions ABC said when ask what inspired her to take up the noble art? “ It was to get fit for football as I’ve always played to a decent level. I’ve played for Wolves, West Brom, Birmingham and Crystal Palace.

My final question for Bavington was, what has been your hardest fight so far? The ex pro footballer told me “mentally my pro debut was my hardest fight, I was way too nervous. My second fight was just a scrap and my hunger to succeed and the process I’d been through got me the win, It was a tough camp”. Bavington finished by saying “Nobody will ever beat my work rate, I’ll never give up and I’ll always want to be better. Every session I’m learning from my coaches and fellow camp mates. My aim is to inspire the girls of today no matter how hard it gets, keep going we’ll get there one day”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I was at Bavington's first fight at Villa park on the Tommy Owens Promotions show (By the Sword) where she secured a draw. As she has said she did look nervous but battled hard to get a draw and then went on the win her next fight on the Black country boxing show. Bavington is a natural athlete as she has played football at a very high level, Kirstie has said she what’s to inspire females that nothing is impossible and they can achieve anything. From what I have seen and when I have talked to her in interviews I thing Bavington has got a great career In front of her and will inspire a lot of females to take up boxing.

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