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Hodges Doing Things For Herself

Hodges Doing Things For Herself

Single mum, boxing coach and a full time job is hard to juggle especially when you are also perusing a career as a professional boxer. However, Dani Hodges, the Flyweight from Burntwood is doing just that.

Hodges will be boxing on the Gower vs Foster undercard on the 20th July at the Stadium Suite of the Banks’s Stadium in Walsall. Hodges spoke to Ben Gibson and BCB-Promotions about her upcoming fight and her road into the sport.

Hodges talked about her upcoming fight saying, “I am more than ready as I have been putting a lot of graft and effort in and I am excited to grab this opportunity.”

Training for Dani has been something that she needs to juggle along with all of her other responsibilities, she said, “Training has been constant and intense and I have been mixing it up with different things.

“Some sessions have been hard core fitness whereas others are stripping it back to the basic skills and I have been in my fight camp for a long time now.”

Hodges speaks of her camp fondly stating, “I have always loved training and I never miss a session, but, this camp has been my favourite.

“Don’t get me wrong it has been insanely tough and I am still a work in progress.

“But, I am enjoying seeing the progress, the dieting has been hard however, I think that’s the part of the job that every boxer hates.”

For many boxers being a pro is something they wish to accomplish and Dani says, “It is something I have strived to achieve, I am really enjoying it and I am excited about all of the possibilities that it could bring.

“I have had to up my training and my diet and I am living the life style of one which does mean a lot of sacrifices.

“I miss out on nights out with friends and events, I work full time and I am a single mum who also coaches junior boxers.

“It is tough but I am determined to make it all worth it.”

With so much happening in Dani’s life she needs to stay atop of it all and have good time management.

“I have to be extremely organised, I keep a routine, but I am also quite lucky as my work understand my commitments and support me.

“My son is brilliant and he helps around the house along with other jobs.

“He is also a boxer so a lot of our quality time is spent training together, but it is definitely tough.”

Coaching juniors is a part of Hodges’s life and they are well aware of what she is about to undertake.

“They are all really excited for me and hopefully I will have a few of them there supporting me and that is a good way to motivate me.”

While many pros have been boxers since they were kids, Dani is different saying, “I was always a fan, since I was a kid, but, I didn’t take up boxing until after my mid 20’s.

“I do really wish I had started as a child.

“As a kid it was not something that was really aimed at young girls but I think that has all changed now.

“I would love to see more girls get involved in the sport and to be able to have the confidence to train in a gym full of lads and to have the confidence to know they have the same right as them to be there.”

Tickets, priced at £35 standard or £60 VIP with a hot fork buffet, are available by calling the Walsall FC Box Office on 01922 651 414, extension 416. It will be £40 for entry on the door.

The Grosvenor Casino Walsall, on Bentley Mill Way, are the show’s headline sponsors. They will host the weigh in and after-show party (over 18s).

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