• Dexter Hastings

BcB Promotions Foster v Gower

BcB Promotions Foster v Gower Middlands Super Bantamweight Area Title

BcB promotions held a 3 fight dinner show at the Stadium Suite Bescot Stadium (20/7/18). The Main event was a 10 round title fight for the Midland Super Bantamweight area title contested by two unbeaten fighters Leon Gower (6-0) and Brad Foster (8-0-1). The undercard consisted of two female fights with Dani Hodges making her Pro debut with a British Licence in a 4 rounder and Rachel Ball moving up to a six rounder for the first time. With Shaun Messer refereeing, Ben Walters comparing and the stunning Lindsey doing the ring cards the stage was set for an explosive night of boxing.

Fight 1 Dani Hodges v Theodora Hristov 7.10 4x2. 7.12 Flyweight

Hodges came out firing in the first round getting some nice combinations off, Hristov fought back hard and got some good shots off but Hodges got the first round with the better and cleaner work rate. Hodges came out fast again in the second and got some good shots off, Hristov came back with some heavy shots of her own and had Hodges in a bit of trouble with her gum shield falling out. After the ref put her shield back in Hodges got back to her boxing and took a share of the round. Round three saw Hodges get on her toes and pop her jab out like a veteran, Hodges slipped shots, stayed out of trouble and counter well, great round for Hodges. In the final round Hristov made Hodges work hard, pushing her and pressing her all the way to the final bell, Hodges showed great movement and style slipping shots and countering to win the round and the fight.

Result Dexter - 40-37 Ref – 39-37 Hodges wins on Points

Fight 2 Rachel Ball v Eftychia Kathopouli 8.12. 6x2. 8.12 Featherweight

Great first round with Kathopouli putting on the pressure from the start, Ball came back with some cracking one, twos getting some great shots off. Kathopouli came back strong at the end to get a share of the first round. Round two was a all out war with Ball banging in some cracking shots opening a cut above Kathopouli left eye. As the blood poured Ball continued to box well but Kathopouli was now looking for the one big shot. The big shot did come as she caught Ball with a big over hand right which rocked Ball and made her touch down. Ball was given a eight count and then saw the round out. Round three was another great round with Kathopouli looking for the one big shot, Ball continued to box well and wobbled Kathopouli a few times to win the round.

What a great fight this was turning into as the forth round started, Kathopouli continued to look for the big right hand but Ball boxed clever and put Kathopouli down with a lovely straight right hand. The ref gave Kathopouli a eight count and then got the doctor to look at the cut above her eye, the doctor had a look and let her continue and see the round out. Both fighters had given their all and we’re starting to look tired in the fifth, still a battling round with Ball just edging it. In the final round Ball came out strong and fast getting in some nice one, twos. Kathopouli continued to press and look for the big right hand but it never came and Ball won the round and the fight.


Dexter – 58-55 Ref – 57-55 Ball won on Points

Fight 3 Midlands Super Bantamweight Area Title Leon Gower v Brad Foster 8.7. 10x3. 8.9 Bantamweight

Both fighters came out fast but Fosters movement and shot selection was winning him the round, just before the end of the round Foster shot out a evil straight right hand putting Gower down, as he rose to his feet the bell went to end the round. In the second Foster continued to bang in some great shots working head to body well, Gower seemed to have no answer to Fosters attacks. Round three saw Fosters hand speed and movement dictate the fight as he picked shots well and slipped out the way of Gower’s attacks. Gower was still fighting back hard but Foster was bossing the fight. Foster again controlled the forth round but Gower who had got some good shots in during the first few rounds was starting to get through as Foster had sustained a slight cut above his left eye, Foster still did more than enough to win the round.

Foster picked his shots well and continued to counter well to win the fifth round. Gower showed so much heart and determination in the sixth and was getting through with some heavy shots, Fosters took them well and caught Gower with great counters and combinations. Gower was looking marked and bruised in the seventh as Foster poured on the pressure banging in some great combinations. In the eighth round Foster was still moving well and looked like he was enjoying himself as he controlled the ring, the ref could have stopped the fight a few times in this round but Gower managed to see it out. Gower was rocked right at the end of the round but was not counted as the bell had already gone. Gower was pulled out by his corner at the end of round eight as he was in no position to continue.


Brad Foster wins 8th round stoppage Brad Foster New Midlands area Super Bantamweight champion.

Dexter’s Thoughts

What a show! Yes there were only 3 bouts of boxing on the bill but every fight was a cracker. Tonight female boxing went up in my estimations as I witnessed two cracking female bouts. This was the first time I had seen Dani Hodges fight and I have to say I was very impressed. Hodges showed control, great movement and some very nice combinations to win a very hard fort victory against an opponent who had come to win. Rachel Ball had a test of firer tonight in her first six rounder and passed with flying colours. Kathopouli was another unbeaten fighter who had came to win and it looked like it may happen when she put Ball down in the second round. Ball showed heart, spirit and determination to get up and come back opening a cut above Kathopouli's left eye in the third and then putting her down in the forth. This was a very bloody affair with both fighters covered from head to toe, this is with out a shadow of doubt the best female fight I have ever seen. Both fighters gave it everything they had and left it all in the ring, after watching Ball come through this epic encounter I can only see big thing for her in the future. If I had one thing negative to say about Balls performance it would be how many times she was caught with the right hand, but I’m sure her team will address that and with that sorted I can see titles in the near future for Ball. Foster put on a master class tonight against a very tough opponent in Gower, his movement, hand speed, shot selection and combinations were very impressive. From what I saw on tonight Foster has a big future a head of him and this area title will be only the first of many titles in his pro career.

The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Black Country Boxing for having us there and the boxers on the night for making it a great night of Boxing.