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England Awaits BcB promotions

England Awaits BcB promotions 21/07/18

Black Country Promotions held their “England Awaits” show at the Walsall town hall, the show consisted of 5 fights with two being over Four, three minute rounds and three being over six, three minute rounds. Top of the Bill was Middleweight Midlands area champion Tyler Denny in a six rounder with one of the bbcolumns boxers to watch James Beech Jr also doing a six rounder. With Kevin Parker refereeing and Ben Walters comparing Walsall was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Ijaz Ahmed v Anwar Alfadi 8.4 6x3. 8.6 Super Bantamweight

Good start to the first by both fighters as the both moved well and got thier shots off, Ahmed took control with the better shots in the second part of the round to win it. In the second Ahmed got the cleaner shots off to win the round, but Alfadi was still a fret. The first part of the third round was close with both fighters getting their shots off, Ahmed then took control with some cracking hooks and combinations to win the round.

Alfadi came out looking for a big right hand to finish the fight in the fourth, he did catch Ahmed with a cracking right hand but Ahmed stood strong and got his own shots off. Alfadi came back at the end to get a share of the round. The fifth was a very even with both fighters looking tired but both still got good shots off. The final round saw both boxers battle hard, Ahmed edged the round with the better work rate and clearer shots.


Dexter – 60-56 Ref – 60-55 Ahmed wins on points

Fight 2 Shaun Cooper v Michael Mooney 10.4 4x3. 10.4 Welterweight

Cooper came out fast in the first and got some great combinations off, Mooney battled back but Cooper continued to get great combinations off. Cooper poured on the pressure in the second with some great combinations all ending with an evil body shot, Mooney had to cover up and see the round out. Cooper continued his high work rate in the third and banged in some evil looking body shots, big respect to Mooney for staying in the fight. In the final round Cooper ended a great display of boxing with another great round where he out great shots together but especially the left body shot.


Dexter – 60 – 56 Ref 60 – 56 Cooper wins on points

Fight 3 Levi Ferguson v Paul Cummings 10.13 . 4x3. 11 Middleweight

Ferguson pressured Cummings from the first bell banging in cracking body shots, Cummings covered up well and got through the round. Cummings got on his toes in the second but still had to cover up as Ferguson continued to press and pressure him banging in heavy body shots. Cummings did get some nice shots off but it was still Ferguson's round. Cummings again tried moving around the ring in the third working his jab to keep Ferguson at bay. This worked for a while but Ferguson continued to press and pressure getting his heavy body shots off. Ferguson came out firing in the final round with the intent to stop Cummings, Cummings kept moving and took some heavy shots but saw the round out. Great debut for Ferguson.


Dexter – 60-56 Ref – 60-56 Ferguson wins on points

James Beech Jr v Edward Bjorkland 9.1. 6x3. 9 4 Super Bantamweight

Beech controlled the first round with everything coming off the jab, nice steady round. Beech picked up the pace in the second and got some nice combinations off moving well and controlling the fight. In the third Beech again controlled the round, Bjorkland didn’t seem to be able to cope with Beech's speed and shot selection but was trying to have a go back. Round four saw Beech continue to pick his shots well and control the fight with some nice combinations and great movement. Beech went through the gears in the fifth getting some nice shots off with Bjorkland unable to answer his attacks. In the final round Beech put on a great display of boxing with great movement and shot selection to get a shut out victory.