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MTK Only One Sheriff in Town

MTK Global Thiers Only One Sheriff in Town 28/07/18

MTK Global held there latest event “Only One Sheriff in Town” at the Alan Higgs centre Coventry. There were 7 fights of boxing on the bill all consisting of 4 three minute rounds. Reffereing on the night was Shaun Messer and Kevin Parker and the ring girls on the night were the stunning Chloe and Lauren Folan the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Scott James v Kev McCauley 11 4x3. 11.2 Middleweight

Scrappy first round with lots of holding with the ref Kevin Parker having to have a word with both fighters. James just edged the round with the better work rate. The second was another scrappy round but James started to control it, he didn’t have it all his own way as McCauley came back with some nice shots of his own. Round three was still scrappy with both fighters pulling and pushing each other, McCauley got some cracking shots off but James came back with some nice combinations of his own. The final round continued to be scrappy but McCauley got some lovely shots off, the ref had to warn James about a low blow. James came back strong in the second part of the round to edge it.


Dexter – 40-37 Ref Kevin Parker – 40-37 James wins on points

Fight 2 Michael Green v Yaddollnh Ghasemi 10.10. 4x3. 10.7. Super welterweight

Green controlled the first round with his jab and some nice one two’s, Ghasemi just seemed a step behind Green all round. In the second Ghasemi got some nice shots off at the start of the round, but Green soon got his jab going and banged in some sweet one, two’s to win the round. Ghasemi came out and had a go, but Green caught him with some cracking shots, how Ghasemi saw the end of the round was a credit to him. In the final round Green picked his shots well as Ghasemi covered up to see the round out.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref Shaun Messer 40-36 Green wins on points

Fight 3 Ben Fields v M.J. Hall 10.8. 4x3. 10.10 Super welterweight

Fields came out nice and sharp and went straight to the body, Hall could only covered as Fields banged in some nice combinations. In the second Hall got on his toes and boxed well behind his jab, Fields stalked him and banged in some heavy shots could not split them in the round. In the third Fields started doing what had worked for him in the first round and got so excited good combinations off. Hall was still boxing well behind his jab but Fields won the round with work rate and shot selection. In the final round Fields hit top gear and powered some heavy shots in. Hall boxed well and got some good shots in at the end of the round but it was Fields round.


Dexter – 40-37 Ref Kevin Parker – 40-37 Fields wins on points

Fight 4 Luke Beasley v Kristian Laight 9.13 4x3. 10.2 Super Lightweight

Beasley came out strong but so did Laight, Laight seemed to be enjoying himself in his 300th fight as a pro and got some nice shots off to nick the round. Beasley started putting his shots together and getting some good shots off, Laight covered up well and came back with shots of his own. Beasley caught Laight with some cracking shots bear the end to win the round. Beasley took control in the third from the start, Laight continued to battle hard but Beasley was just to quick for him. Beasley took the fight to Laight, he came back with some great shots of his own, it was a battling round which could have gone either way, I had Beasley just edging it.


Dexter – 39-37 Ref Shaun Messer 39-37 Beasley wins on points

Fight 5 Kyle Haywood v Lewis Van Poetch 12.10. 4x3. 12.4 Light heavyweight

Haywood controlled the first round with some cracking combinations and great shot selection. In the second Haywood again Banged in some lovely combinations with some nice body shots to win the round, Can Poetch who was having his 85 fight could only cover up and see the round out. Poetch made a fight of it in the third, shooting out some nice shots, Haywood continued to dominate with some heavy combinations and high work rate. In the final round Haywood snaped out some cracking combinations to try an stop Poetch, Poetch covered up well and saw the round out.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref Kevin Parker 40-36 Haywood wins on points

Fight 6 Sullivan Mason v Danny Little 11.6. 4x3. 10.10 Super middleweight

Mason controlled the first round with a nice stuff jab and some great combinations. In the second round saw Mason control the round with a lovely jab and some cracking one twos. Mason had settled into a nice rhythm and banged out shots at will, Little tried to fightback but had to cover up for most of the round. In the final round Little applied pressure but Mason replied with shots of his own to win the round and the fight.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref Shaun Messer 40-36 Mason win on points

Fight 7 David Seymour v Brett Fidoe 8.11. 4x3. 9.1 Super featherweight

Good even start to the first round with both fighters getting good shots off. Unfortunately I did not get to see the rest of this match but was informed that Brett Fidoe battled hard to get the win against the very talented home boxer Seymour. The ref Kevin Parker score the fight 39-38 to Fidoe. Great performance by Fidoe to win on the road.

Dexter’s Thoughts

MTK put on a great show with some top talent in the Midlands, Scott James was impressive against McCauley who always comes to fight and made the fight hard for James by making it scrappy. Michael Green looked like a nice tidy boxer and showed a good selection of punches and combinations. Ben Fields really impressed on his debut not losing at round, the Smoking Joe's gym boxer. Fields took on a very tricky southpaw in M.J Hall who is much better than his record says. Fields is looking like he will have a bright future and with a big support behind him I can see titles in his future. Luke Beasley had a hard fight against veteran journeyman Kristian Laight who was having his 300th fight. Laight really had a go as he attempted to win this fight, but Beasley who has just started his boxing Journey won the fight 39-37. Haywood looked good winning every round again Van Poetch banging in some great combinations. Sullivan Mason looked really impressive after having 2 and a half years out, win number 15 came with some very nice boxing with everything coming off the jab. Gutted that I didn’t get to see the Seymour, Fidoe fight, what a great victory for Fidoe winning against the very talented Seymour as the away fighter. I have always like the way Fidoe boxes and think he has been hard done by in the passed due to being the away fighter. I sure Seymour will learn from this defeat and come back a better fighter.

The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank MTK Global for having us there.

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