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Laight calls it a day on 300 Fights

Laight calls it a day on 300 Fights

Kristian Laight one of the great road warriors of boxing has decided to ring the final bell on his boxing career after 300 fights. The legendary Journey man match Peter Buckley’s record of 300 fights at the end of last season on the MTK show Coventry losing to Luke Beasley. Laight made his debut at the Britannia international Hotel, Canary Wharf London on 26 September 2009 against James Paisley losing a 6 rounder. Laight didn’t win until his sixth fight where he beat Jaz Virdee over 6 rounds on points. Laights won 12 fights and drew 9 out of his 300 fights but in 300 fights was only stopped 5 times.

Mr Reliable took to social media to announce his retirement, he wrote “I’d like to let people know I’m now a retired boxer. I’ve had 300 professional fights, week in week out with no gaps. I think I’ve earned a good rest now. I’m not going to lie, I’ve had a couple of nasty little injuries for a few years now that I kept away from everyone and my body just can’t do what I used to do. Now it’s time to enjoy my family and be a normal working citizen...! I’m going to miss it as it’s been my life and income for 15 plus years. It’s all I’ve known, to be honest, and it’s going to be a shock to the system but im proud of what I’ve done for pro boxing. I’ve had a chat with my manager and we’ve agreed for me to stay in the game at east side gym, get my trainer/second’s license and pass my knowledge and defensive skills to these young up and coming lads. I just want to stay in the game as it would be a shame if I was to just walk away. Also, I want take this time to thank all my boxing family and anyone who ever helped me Jon Pegg, Paul Soggy Counihan, Spencer McCracken, Steve O’Rourke and all the others...

That’s me done... 300 and out. God Bless...!”

Other messages on social media came from boxers, trainers and supporters wishing Kristian a happy retirement.

Jon Pegg, Laight's manager and trainer wrote “Now that’s he’s announced it himself I want to pay my own tribute to Kris Laight The word legend is bandied about in boxing a bit too much, this man deserves that title no doubt about it. three hundred fights against the top kids in the country for 15 years never moaned never worried just got in there and done his job. If you want to teach a kid how to defend give them a few of his fights 300 fights without a big dig himself and only stopped on his feet 5 times against countless British European and world champions. Still weighing the same as when he turned pro the man is the ultimate professional and if you ask any manager boxer or promoter in the country who this lad Laight they will have a story to tell you how he saved there arse at least once at the last minute. Had a good chat today and after reaching the mountain and sharing the record with Peter Buckley (who accompanied Kris to the ring for his final fight) We decided there’s no more mountains to climb and to get out after achieving such a milestone. Kris is going to stay in the game and work with me and I fully expect him to take his experience into his new endeavour and really enjoy the coaching side. Please take the time to share a memory or a story involving Kris because I know you all have them”. Liam Griffiths summed it up pretty well with his comment, he said “The word legend is a term that is grossly overused these days. There’s no other word to describe the man. THREE HUNDRED professional fights. Happy retirement to Kristian Laight, one of the most instrumental men in British professional boxing”.

Former road warrior Peter Buckley wrote this “Well done Kristian, happy retirement mate, hope you pass on your knowledge on to other fighters, only 2 in the 300 club all the best mate”. There where Hundreds of messages and Comments written on social media for the legendary Journey man.

Dexter’s Thoughts

What can I say about “Mr Reliable” Kristian Laight, 300 fight only stopped 5 time in his career he made a art of defence in boxing, he is a true legend and will go down in the history books as one of the great Journey men of all time. He is staying in the game and will be passing on his knowledge to the next generation of boxers which will be great for them as his defence was always right. He was inaugurated into the Birmingham Boxing Column’s Hall of Fame when he was on 296 fights, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to watch Laight take on some of the best up and coming fighters from all over the country and give them much needed round to progress them on to bigger fights. I have always said that journey men like Laight are the back bone of boxing and deserve more credit than they get. The Birmingham Boxing Column wishes Kristian Laight a very happen retirement.

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