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No Guts No GloryTOPromotions his

No Guts No Glory TOPromotions 1st September 2018

Picture taken James Deen, Edited by Dexter Hastings

Tommy Owens Promotions kicked off the new season with a 10 fight show called “No Guts No Glory” at the Holte suite Villa park Birmingham (01/09/18). There were 8 fights contested over 4 X 3 minute rounds, there was one fight over 4 X 2 minute rounds and topping the bill there was a six rounder. There were 2 fighters in Shaun Duffy and Nathan Bendon both making there debuts on the card and also some of the finest young boxers to come out of Birmingham and the Black Country on display. Refereeing the show was Shaun Messer and Kevin Parker with the ring cards being done by the stunning Rachel Rapunzel and Jade Hayes form the CP Agency the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Cori Gibbs v Victor Edagha 11.3. 4x3. 11.1. Middleweight

Gibbs controlled the centre as Edagha moved well around the ring, Gibbs seemed to be sizing his opponent up for the first part of the round. He stepped it up in the second part of the first to win the round.

Edagha came out with some good shots at the start of the second, Gibbs came back with some cracking shots of his own. Gibbs banged in some great combinations and wobbled Edagha few times. Gibbs continued to pour on the pressure until the ref stepped in and stopped the fight 2 minutes 19 seconds in to the second round.


Gibbs wins 2nd round stoppage

Fight 2 Shaun Duffy v Phil Williams 16.4 4x3 17.7 Heavyweight


Duffy started sharp and got some good jabs off, Williams was shooting out some nice jabs just weighing up the debutante Heavyweight. Duffy then moved in with a cracking body shot and seemed to be coming up for a right hook to Williams head. Before Duffy could do this Williams countered with a right hook of his own putting Duffy down. Duffy got to his feet but looked dazed, the ref count got to 8 he then took a good look at Duffy and waved the fight off.


Williams wins 1st round stoppage

Fight 3 Zaheer Asghar v Lewis Van Poetsch 11.13. 4x2. 12.6 Light heavyweight

Asghar controlled the first round from start to finish, banging in some nice combinations and showing fast hands. Poetsch could do nothing as Asghar snapped out fast combinations in the second, Poetsch went down from a cracking body shot from a lead right hand from the southpaw. Poetsch took a 8 count and saw the round out. Asghar started the third fast and was looking for the stoppage, Poetsch covered up and took some heavy shots but managed to see the round out. In the final round Asghar came out sharp again and was looking for that lead hand body shot that had put Poetsch down in the second round. Asghar caught Poetch low and was warned by the ref, Asghar continued to bang in heavy shots with Poetch just looking to see the final bell.


Dexter – 40-35 Ref – 40-35 Asghar wins on points

Fight 4 Anthony Manning v Jan Korec 11.1. 4x3. 10.13 Super welterweight

Manning took the centre of the ring and got his jab going well from the start. Korec gave Manning a good fight in the first round but Manning was in Control, near the end of the round Manning caught Korec with a lovely straight right hand putting Korec down. Korec got to his feet took a 8 count and was lucky there was only a few seconds left when the ref told them to box on as Manning went looking for the stoppage. Manning banged in some cracking shots in the second round and looked intent on stopping Korec. Korec fought back hard but Manning won the round with ease. In the third Korec came out fast but Manning moved out of the way making his shots miss. Manning then took control of the round banging in some great combinations and using some nice movement to win the round. In the final round Manning got some lovely jabs of and smashed in some great combinations. Manning put Korec down with a lovely right hand, Korec managed to get to his feet and see the round out.


Dexter- 40-34 Ref- 40-35 Manning wins points decision

Fight 5 Sean Daly v Sam Omidi 10.11. 4x3. 11.1 Super welterweight