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Bilbao Bound Show Review

Bilbao Bound BcB promotions 16/09/18

Frankie's Back!

Black Country Boxing Promotions held there first Birmingham show of the season at the Holiday Inn Hotel Birmingham. There were 4 fights on the cards with 2 being over 4, 3 minute rounds and 2 over 6, 2 minute rounds. Making his debut in his first professional fight was the exciting Brad Thomas, Jordan Clayton was also making his long awaited return to the ring. In the six rounder’s Birmingham’s Heavyweight Kash Ali was fighting with the main event being “Funtime” Frankie Gavin having a 6 round warm up fight before his European title fight in Spain on November 17th against Kerman Lejarraga. Comparing on the night was Ben Walters, refereeing, you had the new comers Chris Dean with experience Ref Kevin Parker doing the main event and scoring the fights. With the Sotia Constantinou from Legacy Management sponsored by Brawl Babes the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Welterweight Brad Thomas v Michael Mooney 10.1. 4x3. 10.1

Thomas started fast and sharp on his debut and got some good shots off. Mooney who was having his 63 fight of his career came back with heavy shots of his own and tested Thomas all the way through the first round making Thomas's nose bleed. In the second Mooney banged in some great shots but Thomas kept pouring on the pressure with grit and determination smashing in some cracking shots to win the round. Round three saw an all out war with both fighters banging in heavy shots, Thomas nose was pouring with blood as Mooney pushed him all the way. The final round was another toe two toe one with both fighters smashing in shots, Mooney had a real go and pile on the pressure nicking the round.

Result Dexter 39-37 Kevin Parker – 39-39 Draw

Fight 2 Super welterweight Jordan Clayton v M.J. Hall 10.13. 4x3. 10 9

Clayton started steady and got some good shots off, Hall boxed behind a nice jab and moved well but Clayton pressed in the second part of the round to win the first. In the second Clayton kept the momentum going and banging in some good shots, Hall continued to box well, Clayton was warned for a low blow but worked Hall enough to win the round. Clayton stepped up the pace in round three and got some great combinations off. Hall weathered the storm and took some heavy shots but saw the round out. In the final round Clayton came out strong but was warned again for a low blow, there was then a clash of heads which opened a cut reoccurring cut over Clayton's left eye which has hampered him in his last two fights. Clayton continued to box well and stayed composed to win the fight.

Result Dexter 40-37 Kevin Parker 40-37 Clayton wins points decision

Fight 3 Heavyweight Kash Ali v Lee Carter 17.10. 6x3. 19.11

Nice steady start by both fighters, Ali controlled the ring and the round with a stiff jab. In the second Ali came out with intent and smashed in some hurtful body shots. The end came in the 42nd second of the round with a evil right hand body shot which put Carter down. Carter stayed down for the full ten count and was counted out by the ref.


Kash wins 2nd round count out

Fight 4 Main Event Frankie Gavin v Kevin McCauley 10.13 6x3. 10 13

Gavin eased his way into the first round with McCauley showing he was not just here to make up the numbers. Gavin took control getting good combinations off in the second part of the round to win it. In the second Gavin put in some cracking combinations opening a cut above McCauley's right eye. McCauley tried to fight back but Gavin’s class shone through.

Gavin banged in some evil body shots in the third with some great combinations. McCauley battled hard and got some good shots of his own but Gavin won the round with ease. In the forth Gavin pinned McCauley to the ropes for most of the round working the body with some heavy body shots. McCauley stood strong and got shots off of his own but Gavin dominated. Gavin continued his great work in the fifth but McCauley was fighting back and taking some heavy shots and goaded Gavin making out they didn’t hurt. In the final round McCauley came out swinging but Gavin showed great movement to slip a lot of them and then countering well with shots of his own. Gavin then poured on the pressure with some cracking combinations and body shots to see out a great performance.


Dexter 60-54 Ref 60-54 Gavin win points decision

Dexter’s Thoughts

Only 4 fights on the show but all four fights were very competitive, Brad Thomas made his pro debut and was up against a very durable opponent in Michael Mooney. Mooney was having his 63rd fight and as always brought the fight to his opponent. This was a tough fight for Thomas’s debut and with a nose flowing with blood from the first round in a toe 2 toe fight I thought Thomas did more than enough to win the fight. The judge Kevin Parker had it 39-39 myself I had it 39- 37, Thomas is a welcome addition to the Birmingham pro boxing ranks and I’m sure “The Bosh” will be back getting a “W” in his next fight.

Jordan Clayton got back to winning ways after a 10 month lay off, Clayton has had a recurring cut above his right eye which happened 3 fights ago. Clayton drew that one and lost his next due to being pulled out due to the cut, the same cut appeared again in the final round of this fight but done nothing to stop Clayton from winning. It was great to see Clayton back to winning ways and looking good again a decent opponent in MJ Hall.

This was the first time I had seen Kash Ali boxes, he done the business early in the second round with a evil body shot. Ali looks like he has some heavy hands and his jab looked sharp, it will be interesting to see how he does when he moves up the ranks.

Frankie looked in great form beating a very tricky opponent in Kevin McCauley, you could see McCauley came to have a go but Gavin showed his class especially his body shots. This was a great warm up for his pending EBU title fight and I can see him bringing home the strap from Spain in November.

The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Black Country Boxing Promotions for having the Column at there show.

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