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  • Dexter Hastings

Ish gets his wish.

Ish gets his wish.

Unbeaten pro fighter Ishmael Ellis from Birmingham has got his wish to challenge for the vacant Lightweight Midlands area title. Ellis who's record stands at eight without defeat will be taking on another Birmingham fighter Kane Baker for the strap. Baker who has had 13 fights and won eight of them will be a very tough test for Ellis as Baker has been in big fights already taking on the likes of Conner Benn and most recently Darren Surtees on the undercard of the Groves v Smith fight in Saudi Arabian.

The fight will be on Saturday 1st December on the Tommy Owens Promotions Christmas show at the Holte suite, Villa park. The show is called "The Thriller at the Villa 2 and has got a great undercard with unbeaten fighters Sean Daly, Jack O'Keeffe and the talented Cori Gibbs putting there O's on the line. There will also be Anthony Manning looking to continue in his winning ways, Heavyweight Shaun Duffy and Nathan Bendon will be both having there second fights of there pro boxing careers. I contacted both fighters to get there views on this cracking title contest, the first one I talked to was Ellis.

My first question for the unbeaten fighter was, how did you feel when you got the news this fight was on? Ellis told me “I didn't find out I asked for it 3 times this year and now they have accepted it”. My next question for Ellis was Baker has fought at a higher level do you think this will be a advantage for him? Ishmael said “Nah it wont give him an advantage I feel im the better more skill full fighter”. My final question for Ellis was, have you seen much of Baker fights? Ellis told me “I’ve not seen nothing really of him, just the Benn fight”. Ishmael finished by saying “People get your tickets because you will not be disappointed and the atmosphere will be immense”.

I then talked to Baker about this epic up and coming fight, my first question was, how did you feel when you were told you had the title shot? Baker told me “I felt shocked being on the back of a bad loss and with 5 losses that the board let me fight for it, but I’m very privileged to be on a big show promoted by Tommy Owens and Jon Pegg. My next question for the Birmingham city fan was, Ellis is unbeaten but you have fought at a higher level do you think this will be an advantage? Kane said “its the easiest chance Ishmael will get for a Midlands title on paper”. I then asked him if he had seen any of Ellis’s fights? Baker went in and said ”I saw him fight Connelly I was on bill, I felt he lost or it was maybe a draw at best. I didn’t trash talk him like he said I did, I would say it to his face.

He even got questioned about the fight and said he was having a re-match but it didn’t happen. He is talking shit in the paper saying I’ve been offered this fight before but I haven’t. I have never turned down a fight in my career, I have earned some great exposure for my efforts from this and that’s what he wants off me. I’m average and beatable but have been on massive shows and have fought big names, he wants to make a statement”.

Baker finished by saying “Ellis is unbeaten and has been talked up but no one really knows much about him and won’t till the 1st December. He is fighting Jamie Speight on the 27th of October, Speight is a great guy and boxer who I have beat already, wouldn’t a statement be beating some one I have lost too. You can’t have everything the easy way and come the 1st December I won’t be another easy win”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I had heard a few weeks ago that Ellis would be fighting for the Midlands title in December but didn’t know he would be fighting Baker. Both fighters have won Challenge belts and yes Ellis is unbeaten in his eight fight career which on paper makes him the favorite to win the title. But if we look more into Bakers defeats, all five losses have been to unbeaten fighters who are being groomed for stardom like Benn and Surtees. I like both these fighters and have enjoyed watching there careers so far and both deserve there title shots. Who will win! For me this is a 50/50 fight both fighters come from the unlicensed scene and both have there own styles. I think this is going to be a great fight and should live up to the name of the TOP show "The Thriller at the Villa 2". I am looking forward to seeing who takes home the Midlands lightweight area title.

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