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Fright Night TOPromotions

Fright Night Tommy Owens Promotions 27/10/18

Tommy Owens Promotions held there Halloween professional boxing show at the Holte suite Villa park (27/10/18) the show consisted of 7 fights with four fights over 4 three minute rounds and 3 of them over 6 rounds. The Holte suite was packed out for this exciting show with Chris Dean and Rees Carter refereeing. With the two stunning ring girls Rachel Payne and Kellissa Ellis from CP Agency doing the cards the stage were set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Clayton Bricknell v Dylan Draper 10.1. 4x3. 10.4 Welterweight

Bricknell started fast but seemed a bit frantic, as the round went on Bricknell settled down and got some good shots off to win the round. The second was a good round for Bricknell who was boxing well getting some good combinations off and controlled the round from start to finish. The third was scrappy with Draper having a go back, Bricknell contiuned to box well and won the round with the better work rate. In the final round Bricknell let his hands go and got some nice combinations off, Draper kept it competitive but Bricknell won the round and the fight with ease.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 40-36

Bricknell wins points decision

Fight 2 Ben Fields v Youssef Al Hamidi 10.4. 4x3. 10.3 Welterweight

Fields controlled the round from start to finish stepping up the pace as the round went on. The second saw Fields start fast and got some cracking combinations off, Hamidi got some good shots off of his own but was put on the back foot all the way though the round. The third was another round where Fields pressured and put his opponent on the back foot. Hamidi again fought back with some good shots but Fields just out worked him and was controlling the fight. The final round was scrappy with Hamidi holding and attempting to slow the pace, Fields did get frustrated and threw Hamidi to the floor. Fields won the round with the better shots and work rate.


Dexter- 40-36 Ref 40-36

Fields wins points Decision

Fight 3 Shaka Thompson v Jordan Brown 11.8 4x3. 11.7 Super Middleweight

Thompson had Brown on the back foot from the first bell with stinging jabs and cracking combinations. The second was another round where Thompson controlled the ring, Shaka was moving well banging in some great combinations all coming off the jab. The third round saw Thompson bang in some cracking combinations with some hurtful body shots, you had to give Brown credit for just taking this punishment. In the final round Brown had a go at the start but just caught air with Thompson slipping them all. Thompson then went back to work controlling the round and letting his hands go to win the round and the fight.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 40-36 Thompson won on points decision

Fight 4 Matt Windle v Anwar Alfadli 8.6. 4x3. 8.7 Super Bantamweight

Even start to the fight with both fighters getting there shots off, Alfadli awkward style was working for him but Windle did enough to get a share of the round. Nothing much in round two as both fighters went for it. Windle got some good body shots off but Alfadli caught him with some big overhand rights, Windle just edged this round with some eye catching shots near the end of the round.

Round three saw another close round with both fighters getting good shots off. Windle edged the round but ended it with a cut above his left eye due to a clash of heads. The final round was another tough one with Windle getting cut again this time over his right eye. With the blood flowing Alfadli was spurred on but Windle battled hard to the final bell.


Dexter – 39-38 Ref - 39-38 Windle wins on points decision

Fight 5 Thomas Silcox v Fonz Alexandra 10.5. 6x3. 10.6 Welterweight

Silcox got his jab going straight away and took the centre of the ring, Alexanda got some good shots off but Silcox won the round. Round two saw Silcox get some nice combinations off with some evil body shots, Alexandra came back with some good shots but Silcox teed off some great combinations to win the round. Silcox started the third with some great combinations ending in hurtful body shots which put Alexandra on the back foot. Alexanda came back but this was a great round for Silcox. Alexanda was making a good fight of it in the forth but Silcox was boxing well and getting some great combinations off. Round five saw Silcox controlled the round with some good work and combinations, Alexandra was still coming back with some nice shots but Silcox was in control. Silcox finished his first six rounder in style picking his shots and was catching Alexandra at will, fair play to Alexandra who was still asking questions of Silcox until the final bell.


Dexter 60-54 Ref – 60-54

Silcox wins on points decision

Fight 6 Ishmael Ellis v Jamie Speight 9.11. 6x3. 9.11 Lightweight

Fast but scrappy start by Ellis who looked like he was looking to make a statement, when Ellis settled he got some good combinations off and won the round. Ellis controlled the second and pressured Speight all the way with clever combinations. Round three saw Ellis again get some great combinations off, Speight started to talk to him but Ellis won the round with ease.

In the forth Speight stepped up his work rate and started putting the pressure on, Ellis fought back but looked tired as the round ended. In round five Ellis's will to win and work rate won him the round as both fighters seemed to be tired. Ellis powered through the final round getting his shots off while Speight talked to him and danced his way to the final bell.


Dexter – 59-55 Ref – 59-55

Ellis wins on points decision

Fight 7 Main Event Shaun Cooper v Lee Gunter 10.4. 6x3. 10.6

Cooper came out firing and got a good strong jab going from the first bell, Gunter fought back but Cooper's combinations and body shots won him the round. Good solid second round for both fighters with Gunter starting the round strong with some heavy shots, Cooper returned fire but Gunter edged this round with the more eye catching shots. In the third Cooper came out firing again and got some evil body shots in on Gunter, Gunter took them and fought back but this was Cooper’s round.

The forth was another good round of boxing with both fighters putting it all on the line, both fighters got good shots off but Cooper edged the round. Another battling round in the fifth, both fighters standing toe too toe in the centre of the ring, not much in the round but Cooper just nicked it on work rate. The final round was another toe too toe battle with both fighters leaving it all in the ring, I could not split them in this round.


Dexter – 59-56 Ref 58-56

Cooper wins on a points decision

Dexter’s Thoughts

What a great night of boxing, Tommy Owens Promotions have did it again. The main event was a cracker with Cooper moving up in weight to fight Gunter in his first six rounder. This was a great demonstration of how good Midlands boxing is with both fighters leaving it all in the ring, this was a toe too toe fight and was a great end to a great night of boxing. Ishmael Ellis was made to work hard for his win over Speight, he will be saying in camp as he moves up to 10 rounds for his fight against Kane Baker for the lightweight Midlands area title on December 1st at Villa park. Silcox put on a great performance in his first six rounder winning every round and looking good doing it he is now seven without defeat and will be one to watch for next year. Matt Windle did well to battle the victory with cuts over both eyes when the final bell rang, he boxed really well but was hampered by the cuts which were done by clashes of there heads. Shaka Thompson put on another great display of boxing winning every round and controlling the fight from start to finish, he showed great movement and shot selection and is another one to watch for next year. Ben Fields won his second fight with ease to continue his unbeaten record, I still think he starts fights to slow but when he gets going he is a class act who will be tough to beat in the ring. Clayton Bricknell started the show with a great performance with a shut out victory against Draper. He looked good all the way through the fight but looked real dangerous when he let his hands go. The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Tommy Owens Promotions for having us there and we are looking forward to being back there on November 10th for another great show.

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