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November 2 RememberTOPromotions10/11/18

November 2 Remember TOPromotions 10/11/18

Tommy Owens Promotions held there November show at the Holte suite Villa park (10/11/18). The show consisted of 5 bouts of boxing with all fights being held over 4 three minute rounds. The reffees on the night where Shaun Messer and Chris Dean and the ring card girls where the stunning Rachel and Jessica the CP Agency. The stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Ammir Fiaz v Austin Gomez 12.1. 4x3. 11.9 Super Middleweight

Fiaz started nice and sharp and got his jab working from the first bell, Gomez pressured him all the way but Fiaz showed good movement and combinations to win the round. In the second Gomez continued to pressure Fiaz but Fiaz moved well and got his shot off and some nice combinations to win the round. Round three saw Fiaz take the centre of the ring and control the round with nice jabs and some good combinations, Gomez continued to press and get some good shots off but Fiaz win the round. The final round started slow with both fighters looking tired, Fiaz stayed in control and got some nice combinations off but Gomez got through with some good pressure to get a share of the round.

Result Dexter – 40-37 Ref - 40-37

Fiaz wins on points

Fight 2 David Symour v Anwar Alfadli 8.4 4x3. 8.8 Super Bantamweight

Symour came out firing against the tricky Alfadli, Symour boxed well and did not get dragged into anything Alfadli's tricks. Alfadli was counted half way through the first round when he went over, for me it looked more like he tripped, Seymour won the round with ease. Round two saw Symour control the round but was made to miss by Alfadli, Symour won the round again with ease by being the busier boxer and getting more shots off. In the third Alfadli started strong and got some cracking shots off catching Symour with a nice over hand right. Symour took it and continued to box well but I would have to give this round to Alfadli. In the final round Alfadli looked for the big over hand right, Symour boxed clever and moved well and got some cracking counters off to win the round.

Result Dexter – 39-37 Ref - 40-37

Seymour wins on points

Fight 3 Les Byfield v Jamie Speight 9.9 4x3. 9.9 Lightweight

Not much action in the first round Speight messed around slot with Byfield beginning the round with the cleaner punches. Byfield worked his jab well in the second, this was the difference in a close round, Byfield nicked it with his jab. In the third Speight started strong and pressed Byfield all the way, Byfield seemed to forget his jab which let Speight win it. The final round was another close one with Speight starting the round well, Byfield did get his jab going but Speight poured on the pressure to win the round.

Result Dexter – 38-38 Ref 40-37

Byfield wins on points

Fight 4 Matt Sen v Taha Mishosseini 13.12 4x3. 14.2 Cruiserweight

Sen came out strong and looked good as Mishosseini covered up well, halfway through the first round Mishosseini caught Sen with a right hook flush on the temple putting the unbeaten fighter down. Sen got to his feet and was allowed to continue, Mishosseini poured on the pressure with big shots, Sen had not really recovered from the knock down, Sen’s corner then threw the towel in and the ref stopped the fight one minute 25 seconds I to the first round.


Mishosseini wins first round stoppage