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Gavin loses in Bilbao

Gavin loses in Bilbao

Birmingham's Frankie Gavin lost in a knock out defeat to European Champion Kerman Lejarraga at Bilbao exhibition centre Spain on Saturday (17/11/18). Gavin lost his shot at the European title on the scales when he weighed in nearly 5 pounds over the welterweight limit. Gavin boxed well for the first few rounds against the Spaniard, he looked sharp and was making openings to set up his southpaw left. Lejarraga banged in some heavy right hooks to Gavin’s body and eventually took control in the fourth piling on the pressure catching Frankie with good shots. A right hook staggered Gavin back to the ropes and Lejarraga banged in some great shots. Gavin fought back with some good combinations but Lejarraga was still getting the better shots off. The end came in the fourth round when Gavin was caught with a nice left hook to the body that put him down stopping him with only two seconds of the round left.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I interviewed Frankie a few months ago and he seemed in the right frame of mind with a good team around him to keep his weight in check and him focused on the job in hand the European title. He had some form of disagreement with his trainer Malcolm Melvin who did not go out to Spain with him and due to having a phobia of flying caught a ferry over. This has been blamed for him coming in heavy when weighing in and losing his chance to contest the European title, Gavin has had trouble with making weight throughout his career and this will probably be his last shot at a major title. Even with this Gavin has had a great career winning the British, Commonwealth and the WBO inter continental titles, he has also fought for the WBC world title losing to Kelly Brook but I think he could have achieved even more with the right people around him at the right time. Gavin has a amateur gym with a successful set of fighters under his tutelage and I think this is where he should focus his time teaching the next generation the noble art as without doubt he was one of the best amateurs to come out of Britain.

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