• Dexter Hastings

Thriller At The Villa 2

Thriller At the Villa 2 Tommy Owens Promotions 1/12/18

Picture by James Deen

Tommy Owens Promotions held there Christmas show at the Holte Suite Villa Park (1/12/18). The show consisted of 5 fights four of them being over four three minute rounds with Tion Gibbs, Anthony Manning, Sean Daly and River Wilson Bent on the undercard. The main event was the highly anticipated one for the Midlands Area Lightweight title with two of Birmingham's finest challenging for the vacant title. Unbeaten boxer Ishmael Ellis took on Kane Baker over 10 rounds in a very entertaining fight. With Shaun Messer reffing all the fights and the stunning ring girls, Louise and Shauna from CP Agency were doing there thing the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Tion Gibbs v Danny Little 11.1. 4x3. 10.13 Middleweight

Steady start by Gibbs who shot out his jab picking Little off with some nice sharp combinations and picked up the pace as the round went on. In the second Gibbs continued his good work picking out some cracking combinations, Little got a few shots off but there was nothing to worry the unbeaten Gibbs. Round three saw Little stepped up his work rate and got some good shots off at the start, Gibbs returned fire with some great combinations with great movement which gave him great angles for some nice shots. The final round was a bit scrappy with Little looking to put on Gibbs, Gibbs continued to control the round but did look tired with a lot of holding.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 40-36

Gibbs wins on points

Fight 2 River Wilson-Bent v Jordan Grannum 11.6. 4x3. 11.4 Middleweight

Bent looked relaxed as everything came off his sharp jab, Grannum was pinned to the ropes for most of the round. In the second Grannum showed a lot of heart as Bent continued to pin him to the ropes smashing in some nice combinations. Round three saw Bent really started to bang in some hurtful looking combinations as Grannum could only cover up and serve the round. In the final round Bent again controlled the round and smashed in some heavy right hands, credit to Grannum for staying in there.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref 40-36

Wilson Bent wins on points.

Fight 3 Anthony Manning v M.J Hall 11. 4x3. 10 11 Middleweight