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Thriller At The Villa 2

Thriller At the Villa 2 Tommy Owens Promotions 1/12/18

Picture by James Deen

Tommy Owens Promotions held there Christmas show at the Holte Suite Villa Park (1/12/18). The show consisted of 5 fights four of them being over four three minute rounds with Tion Gibbs, Anthony Manning, Sean Daly and River Wilson Bent on the undercard. The main event was the highly anticipated one for the Midlands Area Lightweight title with two of Birmingham's finest challenging for the vacant title. Unbeaten boxer Ishmael Ellis took on Kane Baker over 10 rounds in a very entertaining fight. With Shaun Messer reffing all the fights and the stunning ring girls, Louise and Shauna from CP Agency were doing there thing the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Tion Gibbs v Danny Little 11.1. 4x3. 10.13 Middleweight

Steady start by Gibbs who shot out his jab picking Little off with some nice sharp combinations and picked up the pace as the round went on. In the second Gibbs continued his good work picking out some cracking combinations, Little got a few shots off but there was nothing to worry the unbeaten Gibbs. Round three saw Little stepped up his work rate and got some good shots off at the start, Gibbs returned fire with some great combinations with great movement which gave him great angles for some nice shots. The final round was a bit scrappy with Little looking to put on Gibbs, Gibbs continued to control the round but did look tired with a lot of holding.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 40-36

Gibbs wins on points

Fight 2 River Wilson-Bent v Jordan Grannum 11.6. 4x3. 11.4 Middleweight

Bent looked relaxed as everything came off his sharp jab, Grannum was pinned to the ropes for most of the round. In the second Grannum showed a lot of heart as Bent continued to pin him to the ropes smashing in some nice combinations. Round three saw Bent really started to bang in some hurtful looking combinations as Grannum could only cover up and serve the round. In the final round Bent again controlled the round and smashed in some heavy right hands, credit to Grannum for staying in there.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref 40-36

Wilson Bent wins on points.

Fight 3 Anthony Manning v M.J Hall 11. 4x3. 10 11 Middleweight

Tentative start to the round with both fighters trying to feel each other out, Manning won the round on work rate but not much in it. Better second round with Manning picking up the pace and getting some nice shots off, Manning had now worked out Halls Southpaw stance and caught him several times with some sweet right hands. Round three saw Manning continued his good work but did look to switch off in this round giving Hall the chance to get some good shots off, Manning won the round with the cleaner shots. Manning controlled the final round getting some good shots off, Hall had a go back but it was Manning’s round.


Dexter - 40-36 Ref – 40-36

Manning Wins on points

Fight 4 Sean Daly v Lee Gunter 10.9. 4x3. 10.10 Super Welterweight

Fast start by both fighters with both of them getting good shots off, Daly took the round with the cleaner shots. Round 2 was another close round with Gunter starting better catching Daly with some nice shots. Daly took control in the second part of the round with some nice jabs and combinations but Gunter was always a fret. In the third Gunter contiuned to ask questions getting some good shots off, Daly fought back with some good shots of his own but would have to give this round to Gunter. In the final round both fighters went for it both getting nice shots off very even round.


Dexter – 39-38 Ref 40-38

Daly wins on points

Fight 5 Main Event Ishmael Ellis v Kane Baker 9.8. 10.3. 9.8 Midlands Area Lightweight title

Fast start by both fighters as they both tried to take control, Ellis had the better of the first half of the round but Baker came back strong near the end. In the second both fighter came out strong again, Baker caught Ellis with some cracking hooks which you could see hurt him, Baker didn’t take advantage of this and Ellis saw the round out. The third was another good round by both fighters, Baker had the better of the round with the more eye catching shots.

Ellis started the forth round strong and got some nice combinations off, Baker returned fire and finished the round strong. Round five saw Ellis fight like a warrior and show loads of heart but looked tired as Baker smashed in some heavy shots that seemed to rock Ellis, as the bell went Baker shouted at Ellis to fight as there was a lot of holding. Round six saw Ellis start the round well getting some cracking shots off, Baker came back in the second part of the round again seeming to rock Ellis. In round seven Ellis continued to fight with all his heart but Baker was now catching him with heavy shots, credit to Ellis to get through this round, Ellis was also warned by ref Shaun Messer for holding.

Round eight saw Baker goaded Ellis gesturing him to fight instead of holding, Ellis got some good shots off but when he did Baker returned fire with some good ones of his own. The ninth saw Baker seem to take his foot off the gas and it looked like Ellis would win the round, Baker then came back strong to at the end of the round. The tenth and final round saw Ellis who looked tired but showed loads of heart to keep throwing punches, Baker controlled the round and move well round the ring until the final bell.


Dexter – 95- 98 Ref - 95-96 Baker wins on points

Baker new lightweight Midlands area champ

Dexter’s Thoughts

What a great night of boxing, four great four rounder’s to start the night off then the main event Ellis v Baker for the Lightweight Midlands area title. Ellis and Baker went to war for the title with Baker coming out on top winning on the refs card 96-95, I did think that Baker won it by a bigger margin and his experience at a higher level seemed to pay off. Ellis fought with a lot of heart and determination but on the night Baker came out on top. The atmosphere for the fight was immense as both sets of fans cheered there fighters on. Baker was a well deserved winner and as much as he said he is not hunting title I’m sure he will be in some more title fights in the next few years. Ellis felt defeat for the first time but I am sure he will comeback stronger if he learns from this defeat. I look forward to see both these fighters in the ring very soon. Sean Daly v Lee Gunter was a great fight with Gunter giving Daly a very hard test. Daly passed with flying colours and is now looking to move up to six rounder’s and he is going to be one to watch next year. Manning had a hard test as well against the talented MJ Hall, he won every round and controlled the fight with great movement and shot selection against a tricky opponent. River Wilson-Bent who was having his second fight in front of his massive support, Wilson-Bent really impressed me as he controlled the fight from start to finish. Wilson-Bent is looking like a special talent and with his big support I’m sure he will be making waves over the next few years. Great to see Tion Gibbs back in the ring, his shot selection and movement is that of a boxer beyond his years. Tion and his brother are both set for big things and I look forward to seeing him rise through the ranks. What a great end to the year for Tommy Owens Promotion’s, there shows are always great but this one was one of the best I have been to. The Birmingham Boxing Column thanks Tommy Owens Promotions for having us at there shows and look forward to next year.

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