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Beech v Fielding Show

Beech v Fielding show

Walsall Town hall


Black Country Boxing held the highly anticipated title fight between James Beech Jr and Louis Fielding at the Walsall Town hall, the fight would be contested over 10, three minute rounds and was for the super Featherweight Midlands area title. There was also a very impressive undercard with Levi Ferguson, Lee Glover, Craig Morris, Cole Johnson and Conah Walker who is trained by boxing legend Ricky Hatton all doing 4 times 3 minute round fights. Also you had Nathan Reeves and the talented Tyler Denny both doing 6 times 3 minute round fights. With the show being compared by Mr “make some noise & let’s get it on” Ben Walters and with the stunning Fiona from Diamond Ring girls doing the cards the stage was set for a great night of boxing. Reffering on the night we had Shaun Messer and Chris Dean.

Fight 1 Levi Ferguson v Danny Little 11.1. 4x3. 10 13 Middleweight

Fast start by Ferguson pushing Little back from start to finish, great combinations by Ferguson working the body well. Little got some nice shots off at the start of the second but Ferguson continued his good work pushing Little back with nice combinations and some hurtful body shots.

In the third Little moved well and used his jab to stay clear of Ferguson. Levi continued to press and pressure Little and got some great shots off putting Little down near the end of the round, Little got back to his feet as the bell went. The final round saw Ferguson stark Little down smashing in some nice combinations and looking to stop his opponent. Little boxed clever and kept moving around the ring to see the round out.


Dexter – 40-45 Ref – 40-46

Ferguson wins on points

Fight 2 Lee Glover v Dean Jones 9.8. 4x3. 9.9 Super Lightweight

Glover was dominant from the start of the round till the end with sharp combinations and very well picked shots. A steady start to the second with both fighters getting good shots off, Glover soon took control working Jones head and body with tidy combinations.

The third was a great round for Glover who banged in some quality combinations to his opponents head and body pinning Jones to the ropes. Even start to the final round as Jones had a go back, Glover continued to bang shots in but Jones returned fire to get a share of the final round.


Dexter – 40-37 Ref – 40-36

Glover wins on points

Fight 3 Craig Morris v Karim Kahn 11.7. 4x3. 11.13 Super Middleweight

Steady start by both fighters, Morris controlled the ring and the pace of the fight with his southpaw jab. In the second Morris again controlled the round with his jab putting in some nice one, twos, Morris did hit Kahn low with Shaun Messer giving Khan time to recover.

Morris banged in some nice combinations in the third while Khan moved well around the ring but Morris won the round. Kahn covered up well in the final round and showed great movement as Morris banged in combination after combinations to finish the fight strong.


Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36

Morris wins on points

Fight 4 Nathan Reeve v Elvis Guilen 8.4. 6x3. 8.3 Lightweight

Not much in the first round Reeves stepped up the pace near the end to nick it. In the second Reeve started the round well and got some nice combinations off. Guilen fought back hard but Reeves won the round with the better punches and work rate. Reeves again started the third round strong with some heavy combinations, Guilen kept the fight competitive by fighting back but Reeves was just out working him and out boxing him.

Reeves brought the “Thunder” in the forth taking real control of the fight, you could not knock Guilen's spirit and heart as he fought back but Reeves was in control. Not much in the fifth round as Reeves seemed to take a round off, he still did enough to get a share of the round. In the final round Reeves came out strong and put Guilen down with a nice body shot. Guilen got to his feet and continued to battle back as Reeves banged in some hurtful shots.


Dexter – 60-54 Ref – 60-54

Reeves wins on points.

Fight 5 Cole Johnson v Reynaldo Cajina 9.9. 4x3. 9.7 Lightweight

Johnson came out fast working the jab well and pushed Cajina back all the way through the first round. The second was another nice paced round from Johnson from start to finish with nice one, twos and some big right hands.

In the third Johnson kept up his high pace and got some cracking one twos off, Cajina was covering up well but Johnson was in full control. The final round saw Johnson control the round but Cajina had some real positive moments, Johnson won the final round but Cajina gave it a good go.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref - 40-36

Johnson wins on points

Fight 6 Conah Walker v Kevin McCauley 11.3. 4x3. 11.4 Middleweight

You could see that Walker had been trained by boxing legend Ricky Hatton as he pressed the very tricky McCauley to the ropes and banging in some hurtful body shots. McCauley showed a lot of heart in the second as you could see the body shots were taking there toll, McCauley used all his Journey man knowledge to see the round out.

Walker poured on the pressure in the third and continued to get good body shots off, McCauley got some good shots off of his own and was using all his tricks to frustrate the young boxer. In the final round McCauley started to taunt Walker, Walker soon put a stop to that by piling on the pressure with nice combinations. McCauley used all his skills to see the round out and the final bell.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 40-36

Walker wins on points.

Fight 7 Tyler Denny v Darryl Sharp 12. 6x3. 12

Denny controlled the first round from start to finish with some nice combinations all leading off his Southpaw jab. Sharp came out strong in the second and Denny covered up well as he unloaded body shots, Denny then came back with shots of his own but Sharp had been given some confidence from his first exchange and fought back hard, Denny won the round on work rate. Denny took control in the third with some lovely shots all coming off the jab. Sharp had little bits of joy but Denny was focused on the job at hand.

Denny again controlled the forth round and was banging in some heavy shots, Sharp took them well and came back with some shots of his own but Denny’s round. Sharp was blowing a bit in the fifth as countless of body shots took there toll. Denny continued to pound in shots to Sharps body and head until the bell went. In the final round Denny continued his great work and pressed Sharp all the way to the final bell with excellent communication and great shot selection.


Dexter – 60-54 Ref – 60-54

Denny wins on points

Main Event James Beech Jr v Louis Fielding 9.2. 10x3. 9.3 Midlands area Super Featherweight title

Fast start by Beech who got on his jab straight away, Fielding stayed composed but Beech won the round on work rate. The second was a big round for Beech who caught Fielding with some cracking over hand rights, fair play to Fielding for taking them and fighting back, but another round to Beech. The third was a closer round but Fielding was still getting caught with the over hand rights, Fielding got some good shots in but as the round went on Beech took control.

There was a clash of heads right at the start of the forth round which caused a massive cut to open above Beech’s left eye. This gave Fielding some confidences and he went for Beech who returned fire and looked like he was going to stop Fielding with the bell saving him. With blood pouring down his face Beech smashed Fielding all over the ring in the fifth, Fielding showed a warriors heart and determination to get to the end of the round.

Quiet seventh round considering what had happened in the sixth, both fighters had joy and got shots off, Beech had Fielding rocking again near the end of the round but the bell saved him. The eighth was another good round for Beech who couldn’t seem to miss with the overhand right, how Fielding was still in there was a credit to his training and heart.

The ninth round started quiet with both fighters getting good shots off, halfway through the round ref Shaun Messer asked the doctor to look at Beech’s eye as it was still bleeding. The doctor had a good look and said Beech could continue, this seemed to spur Beech on as he came out firing banging in shots to the body and head, eventually Fielding went down and his corner threw the towel in but the ref was already going to stop the fight.


Beech wins TKO 9th Round

James Beech Jr Super Featherweight Midlands area champion.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Want a great show, what a great main event I always thought Beech would win and I have never hidden the fact that I think he has got a big future in front of him. Fielding showed a lot of heat and determination but Beech was just to hungry and to good for him, this will be a hard defeat for Fielding as it is his second crack at the Midlands title I hope to see Fielding back in the ring soon and may be make it third time lucky if he gets another chance. As for Beech, I have been at all of his fights to date and have witnessed his journey first hand, he is an exciting boxing and at the age of 21 has a great future ahead of him. From what I understand Beech will be moving back down to Featherweight and I can honestly see Beech contesting a British title in the next few years, just remember where you heard it first. It was great to see Tyler Denny back to winning ways and he was really impressive in this 6 rounder. He came up short in his English title shot but he is another boxer I can see challenging for at least the English again but was very impressed in his display. Conah Walker reminded of his trainer Ricky Hatton as he banged in his body shots like the ”Hitman” used to. It will be good to see how far this fighter can go. Cole Johnson show his class with his high paced boxing, he kept pushing and pressuring his opponent till the final bell, if he can keep that pace up when he moves up to 6 rounder’s u sure he will be a force. Nathan Reeves had a good 6 rounder against a tough opponent in Elvis Guilen, he looked sharp and fast and even had Guilen down. Very impressed with Reeves and look forward to seeing him box again. Craig Morris got a good win tonight he showed a great southpaw jab and really needs to back in some big fights as he is to good to be fighting 4 rounder’s. Lee Glover dominated parts of his fight and looked like an exciting boxer, he had great shot selection and movement and fought at a high pace pinning his opponent to the ropes for most of the round. Levi Ferguson started off the show and banged in some real hurtful body shots, he has got a very controlled boxing style and is starting to really look the part. The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Black Country Boxing for having us at there show.

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