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England v Ireland Amateur boxing Show

England v Ireland Amateur Show

The Birmingham Boxing Column went to Villa Park Holte suite to watch the England v Ireland amateur boxing show. This show consisted of 14 bouts of boxing with the Irish team coming from Donegal and the English lads coming from 2nd city and Frankie Gavin’s gym. Promoted by PPJ promotions with the two stunning ring girls Laura and Emma from Code Red promotions the stage was set for a great night of amateur boxing. 

Match 1 Skills bout Oliver Jones v Thomas Keavney 3x1

Some nice tidy boxing by both fighters, Jones had to be warned a few times for going in to hard as it was only a skills bout. Both boxers looked good but Jones showed some gritty determination.

Match 2 Skills bout Adam Parker v Noah Merrmus 3x1

Nice tidy boxing with some good jabbing and combinations by both boxers, very impressive. 

Match 3 Head Guards 3x2

Faz Farrell v Paul Hanna 

Faz Farrell went to the body like a pro, he picked his shots well and kept Hanna on the back foot. Farrell's pressure took its toll on Hanna with his corner throwing the towel in in the second round after a relentless body attack.


Farran Farrell Second round stoppage 

Match 4 Louis Varley v Paddy Rollinson Head Guards 3x2

Some good boxing by both fighters, Varley just edged the first round with the better work rate. Even second round with Rollinson upping his work rate to match Varley . Both fighters gave it there all in the final round with Rollinson just edging it.

Dexter – Draw Judges – Rollinson - unanimous decision 

Match 5 Patrick Farrell v Tom Brolly Head Guards 3x2

Patch Farrell came out fast in the first round and got some great shots off, in the second part of the round Brolly came back strong but Farrell nicked the round. In the second round Brolly took control winning it with the cleaner shots, Farrell fought back hard but Brolly had this round. Brolly started the round strong but Farrell turned up the pressure to win the round.

Dexter – Farrell Judges – Farrell – unanimous decision 

Match 6 Daniel Connelly v Liam Crawford Head Guards 3x2

Some nice sharp boxing by both fighters in the first round, Crawford edged it with the cleaner shots. The second round was another good one by both fighters, Connelly won this one with some nice tidy boxing. The final round was a really tough round to call with both fighters getting good shots off. I’d have to give it to Crawford with the cleaner shots.

Dexter – Crawford Judges – Connelly – split decision 

Match 7 Christie Collins v Tom Mause Head Guards 3x2

Both fighters started fast with both getting good shots off, Collins won the round with some great counters and the cleaner shots. Collins really stepped up the pace in the second and got some cracking shots off to win the round. Mause started the final round strong but Collins soon took control again edging it.

Dexter – Collins Judges – Collins – unanimous decision

Match 8 Dylan Clyft v Liam McMonagle Head Guards 3x2

Cracking first round with both fighters starting fast, McMonagle was warned for holding but still did enough to win the round. Clyft came out fast in the second round but McMonagle matched him, McMonagle was warned for a shot after a break with Clyft winning the round. The final round was a cracker and very close with McMonagle won the round with some cracking eye catching shots. 

Dexter – McMonagle Judges – Clyft – unanimous decision 

Match 9 Brad Coley v Craig Bigger Head Guards 3x2

Class first round both fighters got good shots off. The second was another quality round, Bigger edged this one with the better shots. Bigger came out strong in the final round and took control from the start, battling round by Coley but Bigger won this one.

Dexter – Bigger Judges – Bigger – split decision 

Match 10 Jay Turner v Eoin McGarrell Head Guards 3x3

Turner started the first round brighter and won the 4ound with his work rate. In the second Turned turned up the pressure and really went to working McGarrell getting some great shots off to win the round. Turner continued his tempo in the final round and really put McGarrell through the mill eventually stopping him with a lovely body shot.

Winner Turner 3rd round stoppage 

Match 11 Liz Williams v Zoe Dosun Head Guards 3x2

Williams started fast in the first round pushing Dosun back all the way though the round with some nice pressure boxing. Williams continued the high pressure fighting in the second and got some good shots off, Dosun fought back hard but Williams was just to much for her. In the final round saw Williams controlled the pace and picked Dosun off with a nice jab. Dosun contiuned to fight back but was no match for Williams.

Dexter – Williams Judges – Williams – unanimous decision 

Match 12 Lewis Coley v Don Bradley Elite 3x3

Cracking first round with both fighters trying to stamp there authority on the fight, Bradley took the first round with great movement and the cleaner shots. The second was another great round with both fighters leaving it all in the ring, Bradley seemed to be hit with a low blow but the ref did not see it and was given a 8 count, Conley came back strong to win the round. Conley showed glimpses of his pedigree but Bradley was relentless with some great shot selection and movement.

Dexter – Bradley Judges – Conley – split decision 

Match 13 Bradley Ferrie v D Lafferty Elite 3x3

Tidy boxing by both fighters in the first, Ferries edged it with a nice jab and better work rate. In the second Ferrie controlled the round with his jab with some good movement, Lafferty was battling hard but Ferrie won the round. Ferrie controlled the final round again but Lafferty did have his moments, Ferrie banged in some heavy shots knocking Lafferty's gum shield out, Lafferty managed to see the fight out but Ferrie won.

Dexter – Ferrie Judges – Lafferty – split decision 

Match 14 Olie Cassidy v Brain McNamee Elite 3x3

Good first round by both fighters, hard to split them but McNamee did have the higher work rate. In the second McNamee really took control and maintained a high tempo to win the round. Hard fought last round with both fighters feeling the pace, McNamee kept his high work rate up to win the round.

Dexter – McNamee Judges – MCNamee 

Fight 15



Daniel Glover v Billy McGlinchey

Good first round to finish the night off, both fighters worked hard but McGlinchey won the round with the cleaner shots. Glover worked hard in the second and controlled the ring with some nice combinations, McGlinchey came back but Glover won this round. Close, close final round with both fighters giving it all they have, have to give this one to Glover for his work rate.

Dexter – Glover Judges – Glover  

Dexter’s Thoughts

What a great show to start 2019, I was very impressed with the English and Irish teams who put on a great display of amateur boxing. There were a few stand out fighters, for England were the two Farrell lads with Faz looking very impressive working the body wells getting a stoppage. Patch Farrell also impressed with a unanimous decision with some nice boxing. Another lad who caught my eye was Hay Turner who put on a great display of the noble art getting a 3rd round stoppage. The Irish bought over there share of good fighters with McMontale, Bigger and McNamee all putting on great performances. Everyone who boxed on the show should be proud of themselves as it was a fantastic show. I thought some of the judges decision where a bit mad but hey that’s amateur boxing. The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Paddy Farrell, Paddy Brennan and PPJ Promotions for having us there.

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