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  • Dexter Hastings

England v Ireland Amateur boxing Show

England v Ireland Amateur Show

The Birmingham Boxing Column went to Villa Park Holte suite to watch the England v Ireland amateur boxing show. This show consisted of 14 bouts of boxing with the Irish team coming from Donegal and the English lads coming from 2nd city and Frankie Gavin’s gym. Promoted by PPJ promotions with the two stunning ring girls Laura and Emma from Code Red promotions the stage was set for a great night of amateur boxing. 

Match 1 Skills bout Oliver Jones v Thomas Keavney 3x1

Some nice tidy boxing by both fighters, Jones had to be warned a few times for going in to hard as it was only a skills bout. Both boxers looked good but Jones showed some gritty determination.

Match 2 Skills bout Adam Parker v Noah Merrmus 3x1

Nice tidy boxing with some good jabbing and combinations by both boxers, very impressive. 

Match 3 Head Guards 3x2

Faz Farrell v Paul Hanna 

Faz Farrell went to the body like a pro, he picked his shots well and kept Hanna on the back foot. Farrell's pressure took its toll on Hanna with his corner throwing the towel in in the second round after a relentless body attack.


Farran Farrell Second round stoppage 

Match 4 Louis Varley v Paddy Rollinson Head Guards 3x2

Some good boxing by both fighters, Varley just edged the first round with the better work rate. Even second round with Rollinson upping his work rate to match Varley . Both fighters gave it there all in the final round with Rollinson just edging it.

Dexter – Draw Judges – Rollinson - unanimous decision 

Match 5 Patrick Farrell v Tom Brolly Head Guards 3x2

Patch Farrell came out fast in the first round and got some great shots off, in the second part of the round Brolly came back strong but Farrell nicked the round. In the second round Brolly took control winning it with the cleaner shots, Farrell fought back hard but Brolly had this round. Brolly started the round strong but Farrell turned up the pressure to win the round.