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Return of the Savage TOPromotions

Return of the Savage TOPromotions 2/2/19

Tommy Owens Promotions started 2019 off with a bang holding there first show of the year at the Holte suite Villa Park. The show was called “Return of the Savage” and was being headlined by Matchroom and Eastside gyms fighter Sam Eggington. Eggington was only doing a 4 rounder as he was fighting the very talented Liam Smith the following month live on sky sports. The undercard was packed with some great local talent with Wagas Mohammed, Anthony Manning and Nathan Bendon all doing 4 rounder’s. Also doing a 4 rounder was Lewis Van Poetsch who was having his 100th professional fight, Lewis who is usually a journey man had sold tickets for this show and was looking for a win. There were also 2 fighters having 6 rounder’s with unbeaten Shaun Cooper having his second one and the hard hitting Kaisee Benjamin looking to make a statement. With reference Kevin Parker and the two gorgeous rings girls Lauren Richards and Louise from CP Agency the stage was set for a fantastic night of professional boxing.

Fight 1 Wagas Mohammed v Michael Horabin 9.11. 4x3. 10 Welterweight

Mohammed boxed well in the first round as Horabin looked for a big overhand right, Mohammed was caught a few times with this shot but took it well and won the round with the better shots. In the second Mohammed won the round with some nice sharp one, twos and good combinations, Horabin was still looking for the big overhand right. In the third Mohammed continued to box well banging his jab, Horabin was still looking for that big shot which did connect a few times, but I thought Mohammed got a share of the round with his work rate. The final round saw Mohammed control the centre of the ring but Horabin was always a threat with that big over hand right close round but Mohammed edged it.

Result Dexter – 40- 37 Ref – 37-39 Horabin wins on points

Fight 2 Lewis Van Poetsch v Scott Hillman 12.6. 4x3. 12.2 Light Heavyweight

Nice steady start by Van Poetsch on his 100th fight as a professional boxer, he showed his boxing skills off going through the gears getting some nice combinations off to win the first round. Van Poetsch continued his good work in the second getting some nice combinations off, Hillman did catch him with a few but nothing to worry Van Poetsch. In the third Hillman had a go and got some good shots off, Van Poetsch kept his good work going and won the round with nice shot selection. In the final round Van Poetsch moved well around the ring and got some nice combinations off. Hillman fought back hard but Van Poetsch was not going to be denied a win.

Result Dexter – 40-36 Ref 40-36 Van Poetsch wins on points

Fight 3 Anthony Manning v Pal Olah 11.6. 4x3. 11.1 Middleweight

Manning dominated the first round with a high work rate and some heavy shots. Manning continued his high tempo in the second with some fast hands and nice combinations, Olah battled hard but Manning dominated again. In the third Manning continued to control the round with some nice combinations and some heavy shots. The final round was a bit scrappy with Olah just looking to see the final bell, Manning continued to bang in some heavy combinations until the final bell.

Result Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 40-36 Manning wins on points.

Fight 4 Nathan Bendon v MJ Hall 11.2.    4x3.    10.11 Middleweight

Good battling first round with Bendon working hard to win just edging it. In the second Bendon was made to work hard as he tried to overcome Hall's Southpaw stance, Bendon upped his work rate and got some good shots off to win the round. Hall gave a good account of himself in the third and asked Bendon a few questions, Bendon answered them with some nice boxing and great determination. The final round started a bit scrappy with Bendon throwing Hall to the floor, the ref warned Bendon as this was the second time he had done it, battling round but Bendon nicked it.

Result Dexter 40-36 Ref 40-36 Bendon wins on points.

Awarded Fight of the Night

Fight 5 Kaisee Benjamin v Kevin McCauley 11.4.     6x3.     11.10 Super Middleweight

Steady start by Benjamin in the first who moved though the gears against the very tricky McCauley switching from orthodox to southpaw and banging in some heavy shots to win the round with ease. Benjamin banged in some hurtful shots all the way through the second round, McCauley had to use all his journey man tricks to get though the round. McCauley to be fair did get some good shots off near the end of the round. In the third Benjamin banged in some cracking shots picking them at will he controlled the ring and the round. The forth saw Benjamin really put the hurt on McCauley banging in some really heavy shots to the head and body, how McCauley saw the round out is credit to his will to stay on his feet. McCauley started to do some of his taunting in the fifth round which was answered with some hurtful shot by Benjamin. McCauley used every trick in the book to see out the final round, Benjamin contiuned to bang in heavy shots, I have to give McCauley major credit for seeing out the fight.

Result Dexter – 60-54 Ref – 60-54 Benjamin wins on points.

Fight 6 Shaun Cooper v Chris Adaway 9.11.    6x3.    9.13 Super Lightweight

Cooper controlled the first round by taking the centre of the ring and keeping Adaway on the back foot. In the second Adaway mixed it up with Cooper but Cooper continued to control the ring and banged in some cracking jabs and body shots. Round three saw Cooper continue to control the centre of the ring banging in some nice combinations all ending with a big right hook to the body. Adaway was moving well and got some good shots off of his own to keep it competitive. Cooper continued to bang in sharp combinations forth, he was warned for a low blow. Adaway didn’t make a big deal about it and Cooper contiuned his high paced work. Adaway kept on his toes in the fifth to try and keep away from Cooper’s combinations, Cooper was still getting through with his shots and at one point looked like he would stop Adaway. Adaway fought back hard and managed to see the round out. In the final round Cooper piled on the pressure and Adaway let his hands go for a great final round.

Result Dexter – 60-54 Ref – 60-55 Cooper wins on points

Fight 7 Main Event Sam Eggington v Sam Omidi 11.3.    4x3.    11.7 Middleweight

Eggington came out strong in the first round and started working the body from the start to the finish, Omidi was already marked up as the bell went to end the first. In the second Eggington contiuned his relentless high pressure pace banging in some cracking shots. Eggington dominated the 3rd round with his high work rate, all Omidi could do was hold on as Savage went to work. Omidi was in survival mode as Eggington looked to end it in the final round. The Savage knocked Omidi though the ropes with a relentless barrage of body shots, Omidi managed to get back up an see the round out.

Result Dexter – 40-35 Ref – 40-35 Eggington wins on points

Dexter’s Thoughts

Great start to 2019 with the first pro boxing show in Birmingham this year, it was great to see Sam Eggington getting back to winning ways with a nice 4 rounder. He showed all the tools that have raised him to world standard rankings, he is now preparing to take on Liam Smith on a Matchroom show live on Sky Sports in March. This will be a tough fight for the Savage as he will be fighting away in Liverpool but I have every confidence that Eggington can get the win and start his climb up the world rankings again. Shaun Cooper kept his unbeaten record by beating a very durable and talented Chris Adaway. Cooper showed a very high work rate over the six rounds and was very impressive with some great body shots, maybe one or two fights and he should be looking at a shot at the Midlands area title. Kaisee Benjamin showed his power off tonight but also showed how well he can put shots together with some great combinations and shot selection. How McCauley got though the 6 rounds is a miracle and you have to give him maximum respect for that. Benjamin has already won the area title and should now be looking for a shot at the English or maybe even the British title this year. Nathan Bendon really impressed against a very good journey man in MJ Hall, the Smoking Joe’s fighter had work hard and deal with Hall’s tricky southpaw stance to get the win. This fight was awarded fight if the night by the shows sponsors. Anthony Manning continues to impress after moving to Eastside gym, he has won his last four fights and is showing some great boxing skills and some hurtful power when he enters the squared circle. If he keeps this momentum I’m sure he will be looking at title in his future. I have watched Lewis Van Poetsch fight on a number of occasions usually as the away fighter. He was in the home corner for his fight at Villa Park and sold tickets for this fight. With a big support behind him he won in convincing style and proved that he is a good boxer. He has had 100 professional fights to date and looking on his boxrec he has already got 6 fights arranged for the next 2 months. Journey men like Van Poetsch are the back bone of boxing and help to get the prospects ready for the big time. I thought Wagas Mohammed had done enough to win his fight, he move well and did get some good combinations off. Horabin did catch him with some eye catching over hand rights but Mohammed took them and fought back. I’m sure we will see Mohammed back in the win very soon and back on the winning trail. The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Tommy Owens Promotions for having us at there show and look forward to the next one 23rd February at Villa park.

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