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Hard Hitting Kaisee Benjamin Futures looking Bright.

Hard hitting Kaisee Benjamin futures looking Bright.

Kaisee Benjamin has only been a professional boxer for just over a year and a half and has already became the Midlands area welterweight champion. Kaisee made a big mark on his debut on the 9th June 2017 knocking out Paul Cunningham in the second round. Benjamin who is known for being a heavy handed hard hitter had a very impressive amateur career winning 20 out of 25 fights which lead to two Midlands area titles, two silvers at the Haringate box cup at Middleweight and a senor novice title at the age of 20. The Eastside gym fighter who is managed by Jon Pegg and trained by Paul “Soggy” Counihan and Louie Counihan went on to win his next 3 fights to take him to 4 and 0 by March of 2018.

Kaisee and his team then took the opportunity to fight in the first Ultimate Boxer tournament which was set up as a prizefighter style contest with the eventual winner having to win 3 fights in one night to get the lions share of the £50,000 prize money. This didn’t go to plan as Benjamin was beat on points in his first fight by the more experienced Sam Evens.  

The ultimate Boxer was not the right concept for Benjamin and he returned to winning ways on the Tommy Owens Promotions show at Villa Park Birmingham beating Chris Jenkinson on points (1st September 2018). After this win Benjamin was offered the chance to fight for the Midlands area welterweight title against 6 and 0 unbeaten fighter Alex Fearon (9th November 2018). Kaisee had to make the Journey to fight away from home taking on Fearon at the Rollerworld in Derby. Benjamin put on a fantastic display of boxing with Fearons corner eventually throwing in the towel in the seventh round.

 Benjamin then started off 2019 on the Tommy Owens Promotions show at Villa Park on the 2nd February beating the very tricky Kevin Maculey on points to take his current record to 7 wins with just one defeat.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Kaisee Benjamin has shown great promise in a very short time, he has only been a pro for just over a year and a half and has already claimed the Midlands area title in the space of 7 fights. I was the first reporter to interview him and have always enjoyed watching the hard hitting 23 year old fight on the Tommy Owens Promotions shows. The welterweight division is one of the hottest divisions in boxing and if you include the super welterweight division you  have the two most contested divisions in the Midlands. Benjamin has got a bright future in boxing and him and his Eastside team I’m sure will be looking to challenge for a English or British title in the next year or so. I can see Benjamin at least winning one of these titles but he is young and still learning the game and who knows how far he can go in his boxing career if he focuses.

The Birmingham Boxing Column look forward to seeing what this potentially further Bbcolunn Hall of Famer does in the future.

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