• Dexter Hastings

BcB Promotion - No Love Lost

Bcb Promotions No Love Lost 16/2/19

The Birmingham Boxing Column headed down to the Walsall town hall to report on Black Country Boxing’s first show of 2019. The show was called “No Love Lost” and had a 8 fight card. Female fighter Dani Hodges was scheduled to fight over 4 – 2 Minute rounds, there were also 5 fights over 4 – 3 minute rounds featuring Danny Ball, Ross Hollis, Andrew Robinson, Liam Davis and Chris Blaney who is trained by the boxing Legend Ricky Hatton. The two 6 rounder’s featured in the home corners Levi Ferguson and Damian Kiwior. Comparing on the night you had Ben “let’s get it on” Walters and referees on the night were Shaun Messer and Chris Deen. Ring girl on the night was the stunning Gorgie from Diamond Ring.

Fight 1 Danny Ball v Jordan Grannum 10.11. 4x3. 11.7 Super Middleweight Ref Chris Deen

Steady start to the first by Ball who went through the gears stepping up the pace to win the round. In the second Ball controlled the ring getting some nice combinations off to win the round with ease. Grannum let his hands go at the start of the third but Ball just continued his good work controlling the ring and getting some good shots off. In the final round Ball put some great combinations together and really started to bang his shots home. Grannum fired back with shots of his own but Ball won the round and the fight.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 40-36 Ball wins on points

Fight 2 Ross Hollis v Scot Hillman 11.12 4x3. 12 Super Middleweight Ref Chris Deen

Hollis started fast and banged in heavy combinations in from the start of the first round, all Hillman could do is fight in spurts and cover up. In the second Hollis again banged in some heavy combinations with Hillman again only being able to fight in spurts. Round three saw Hillman start to put some shots together but Hollis returned fire catching Hillman with a nice uppercut which he took well, Hollis contiuned to control the round winning it with ease. In the final round Hollis contiuned to hammer in some heavy combinations as Hillman fought back trying to make a fight of it.


Dexter 40-36

Ref 40-36

Hollis wins on points

Fight 3 Chris Blaney v Raimond Sniedze 12.1. 4x3. 12.4 Light heavyweights Ref Shaun Messer

Scrappy start to the first round but both fighters got some decent shots off, there was a lot of holding which ended with both of them going to ground as Blaney picked up his opponent. Ref Shaun Messer also had to have a word with them late on in the round for holding. The second was another round with lots of holding which was being instigated by both fighters. In the parts when they did box Blaney won with the cleaner shots. The third was another scrappy round with Blaney sustaining a cut above his right eye, not sure if it was a clash of head or a punch. When they did get to box both of them got good shots off even round. The final round was like the rest scrappy with both fighters holding. Blaney won the round with the better shots but not by much.


Dexter – 40-38 Ref 49-38 Blaney wins on points

Fight 4 Andrew Robinson v Darryl Sharp 11.13 4x3. 12 Super Middleweight Ref Chris Deen

D-Animal stark his opponent around the ring getting some nice shots off, Sharp fought back getting some good shots off of his own. Robinson won the round with the better work rate. In the second Robinson controlled the ring, Sharp battled hard but Robinson won the round. Good battling third round with both fighters getting good shots off, Robinson just nicked this round with the better work rate. The final round was very scrappy with lots of holding, Robinson got through with some good shots but Sharp made him work till the end.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 40-36 Robinson wins in points

Fight 5 Female match Dani Hodges v Roznaru Silyanova 7.11. 4x2. 8.3. Bantamweight Ref - Shaun Messer

Hodges came out fast in the first round but was met with frustration as her opponent only wanted to hold, Hodges stayed composed and stuck to her boxing winning the round. The second was another frustrating round for Hodges who was boxing well when her opponent wasn’t holding on to her for grim death Hodges won the second round with the cleaner punches and better work rate. In the third Hodges again looked good when allowed to box but her opponent continued to hold. The ref was well in his right to take a point but didn’t. In the final round Hodges kept her distance a bit more and showed some nice ring craft with good combinations and great movement especially as all her opponent wanted to do was hold.


Dexter – 40-46 Ref – 49-36 Hodges won on points

Fight 6 Levi Ferguson v Kevin McCauley 11 1. 6x3. 11.4 Middleweight Ref – Chris Deen

Ferguson started the first round banging in heavy shots, McCauley covered up well and took a lot on the gloves and arms but Ferguson had made his intentions clear. In the second Ferguson continued his good work picking some great combinations working the head and the body. McCauley got some nice shots off of his own and was taking Ferguson shots well, but it was Ferguson's round. McCauley had to use all the tricks in his journey man book in the third as Ferguson continued to pound in heavy shots with some great shot selection. McCauley gave Ferguson a node of respect at the end of the round.

In the forth McCauley came out firing and caught Ferguson with some good shots which included one cracking right hook. This seemed to spur on Ferguson who went to town on McCauley in the corner of the ring. McCauley weathered the storm and got some shots off of his own but lost this round. Ferguson picked his shots well in the forth, McCauley had to cover up and take a lot of punishment but did get some nice shots off and was the perfect tested for Ferguson's first six rounder. I hope McCauley got a good purse for this fight as he had earned every penny tonight. Ferguson continued picking his shots well in the final round and banged in some heavy combinations, McCauley moved well and covered up when needed to see the final bell.


Dexter – 60-54 Ref – 60-54 Ferguson wins on points

Fight 7 Liam Davis v Stefan Slavchev 8.11. 4x3. 9.1 Super Featherweight Ref Chris Deen

Davis picked his shots well in the first round and got some lovely combinations off in front of a massive following. Davis took the centre of the ring in the second and picked his opponent off catching him with sweet one, twos that put him down for a 8 count. Davis went hunting for the stoppage but Slavchev showed some serious determination. Slavchev was in survival mode in the third as Davis poured on the pressure looking for the stoppage. In the final round with his cheering fans screaming him on Davis went looking for the stoppage again, he had Slavchev on the floor with a great combinations, Slavchev got to his feet and went into survival mode again hanging on and some how saw managed to see the final bell.


Dexter – 40-34 Ref – 49-34 Davis wins on points

Damian Kiwior v Wesley Smith 10.10 6x3. 10.10 Super welterweight Ref Shaun Messer

Good first round with Kiwior starting brightly with some nice combinations and nice movement. Smith returned fire and out worked Kiwior in the second part of the round to nick it. The second was another good round with both fighters getting good combinations off, have to give the round to Smith again with the cleaner shots. The third was a battling round with Smith looking like he was going to take it with a very good start. Smith then sustained a cut over his left eye from a clash of heads which seemed to scupper him with Kiwior nicking the round.

The fourth was another battling round with both fighters banging in great shots, Kiwior was warned for hitting low, but again would have to give this round to Smith with the cleaner shots. Some great combinations at the start of the fifth round by Smith. Kiwior just seemed one step behind Smith all night. Kiwior contiuned to get great shots off, but Smith just returned fire with even better ones. In the final round Kiwior came out all guns blazing as his corner must have told him he was behind, Smith contiuned to return fire but Kiwior was relentless with his attacks, Kiwior won the final round in work rate.


Dexter – 56-58 Ref – 58-58 Draw

Dexter’s Thoughts

Always love going to Walsall town hall to watch the boxing there, it’s a great venue for the noble art. Black country boxing put on a great show.

The main event was a cracker with the talented Kiwior securing a draw in a very, very hard fought fight. On my card I had Smith winning this fight but I can see how it could have been a draw after talking to ref Shaun Messer. He seemed to score it more on aggression and Kiwior was definitely the aggressor. Myself I scored it on the cleaner and eye-catching shots but if you scored it on aggression it probably would have been a draw. What ever the result it was a great fight and both fighters can take a lot of pride in being involved in this one.

This was the first time I had saw Liam Davis in action and I have got to say I was well impressed. It was only his second fight and at the age of 22 I can see a big future for the super Bantamweight. He has got a really big following and the young fighter reminded me of another BcB fighter in James Beech Jr who is the current Midlands area super Featherweight champion. After watching Davis performance I can see him going in the same direction. Levi Ferguson looked very impressive in his first six rounder. He had great shot selection and banged in some heavy combinations how McCauley stayed with him for six rounds is a credit to the veteran journey man. Dani Hodges had a flustering night against a boxer who just wanted to hold. When Hodges was allowed to box she looked great and I look forward to seeing her back in the ring soon, hopefully against a boxer who wants to fight. Andrew Robinson had a nice warm up fight winning every round against Darryl Sharp. D-Animal will be taking on the unbeaten Damian Jonak at the start of April and the outspoken Robinson has stated he is going to win. Blaney against Sniedze was a very poor fight with both fighters holding for most of it. Blaney who is trained by the legend Ricky Hatton looked good when he did box but all the holding got in the way as this fight was a disappointment to watch.

Ross Hollis looked fantastic and got some great combinations off in this fight and was really impressive. He won every round and showed great power and shot selection, he is definitely one to look out for.

Danny Ball put on another great display winning every round and like Hollis banging in great combinations and shot selection. He really impressed me and the BcB need to get him in some more competitive fights so he can real show his worth.

The Birmingham Boxing Column thanks BcB for having the Column at there show.