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No Retreat No Surrender Tommy Owens Promotions

No Retreat No Surrender Tommy Owens Promotions 23/2/2019

The Birmingham Boxing Column returned to the Holte suite Villa Park for Tommy Owens Promotions second show of February. The show was called “No Retreat No Surrender” and consisted seventh bouts of boxing with five of them being over 4 three minute rounds and two over six. With the ref Shaun Messer, Master of Ceromonese David Nikolich and the gorgeous ring girls from CP Agency Lauren and Jade the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Matt Sen v Remigijus Ziausys 13.11. 4x3. 13.6 Cruiserweight

Sen looked like a different fighter as he came out for the first round strong getting some cracking shots off. Sen did get dragged into a bit of a scrap in the second part of the round but did win it. Sen started the second brightly fighting at range. Sen again got dragged into a scrap in the second part of the round with Ziausys getting a share of the round. Sen again started well in the third but was soon dragged into a brawl, Sen banged in some good shots but Ziausys won the round with the volume of punches he caught Sen with. Veteran Ziausys who has been in the ring with some of the best heavyweights and cruiserweights in his career could see he had a chance in the final round and worked Sen hard trying to keep it a brawl. When Sen boxed he looked well in control getting some nice shot off but again was dragged into a war which suited Ziausys, even round.

Result Dexter – 39-39 Ref 39-38 Sen wins of points

Fight 2 Ammir Fiaz v Chris Jenkinson 11.6. 4x3. 10.12 Super Middleweight

Fiaz took the centre of the ring at the start of the first round popping out some nice one two's, great shot selection and control. Nice tidy boxing in the second by Fiaz with Jenkinson not being allowed to box, again great shot selection by Fiaz as he control the ring and the round. Fiaz was living up to his ring name of the “the Future” in the third as Jenkinson could only cover up as Fiaz picked his shots well winning the round with ease. In the final round Fiaz contiuned to control the ring and the round picking some great combinations off. Jenkinson was just looking to see the final bell as the power and weight difference were starting to take there toll.

Result Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 49-36 Faiz wins in points

Fight 3 Jack O'Keeffe v Michael Mooney 9.11.   6x3.   9.11 Super Lightweight

Steady start by O'Keeffe against the very experienced Mooney, he worked his way into the round winning it with the cleaner shots. In the second O'Keeffe started well and was moving though the gears putting some nice combinations together. Mooney continued to pressure but O’Keeffe won the round. Round three saw O'Keeffe pressure from the start banging in some great shots. Mooney battled hard but O'Keeffe controlled the round.

Mooney stepped up the pace in the forth but O'Keeffe met him banging in some real hurtful combinations, Mooney soon went back into journey man mode to see out the round. Some lovely combinations in the fifth by O’Keeffe as he started to bang in some heavy shots. Mooney contiuned to battle but could only get one or two shots off at a time. In the final round O’Keeffe took the centre of the ring and banged in some lovely combinations that where really starting to take there toll on Mooney. O’Keeffe pressured Mooney all the way to the final bell.

Result Dexter – 60-54 Ref – 60-54 O’Keeffe wins on points

Fight 4 Clayton Bricknell v Youssef Al Hanidi 9.10. 4x3. 9.10 Super Lightweight