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Pride if the Midlands BcB Promotions

Pride of the Midlands BcB Promotions 9/3/19

Black Country Boxing held there show “The Pride of the Midlands” at Walsall town hall (9/3/19). The show consisted of 5 fights with two of then over four three minute rounds, two over six and a female match over four two minute rounds. Headlining the show was former British Middleweight champion Tommy Langford on his first BcB show as the home boxer. Referring on the night was Kevin Parker, Master of ceremonies was Ben Walters and with the stunning ring girl Fiona from Diamond Ring doing the cards the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Kirstie Bavington v Katarina Vistica 10.4 4x2. 10.4 Welterweight Female Match

Bavington was relentless from the start of the first round, smashing in combinations to the body and head. All Vistica could do is cover up until the end of the round. In the second Bavington came out more steady picking her shots well. Bavington had Vistica down with a nice body shot in the first minute of the round. Vistica got up but is was just a matter of time as Bavington poured on the pressure until Vistica went down again and ref Kevin Parker stopped the fight in 1 minute 27 seconds of the second round.


Bavington wins 2nd round stoppage.

Fight 2 Connor Lee Jones v Ibrar Riyaz 9.13. 4x3. 10.4 Welterweight

Jones picked his shots well and controlled the ring winning the first round with ease. Some lovely movement and shot picking by Jones in the second winning the round with some great combinations and some heavy shots. In the third Jones continued to control the fight with great movement and shot selection with nice tidy boxing. The final round was another where Jones controlled the tempo picking his shots well. Riyaz had a go back but Jones countered well winning the round and the fight.


Dexter – 40-36 Ref - 40-36 Jones wins on points

Fight 3 Connah Walker v Arvydas Trizno 10.13. 6x3. 10.4 Super welterweight

Steady start by Walker putting some nice combinations together to win the round. The second was another steady round by Walker who controlled the ring and picked his shots well. Trizno got some shots off to keep it competitive but it was Walkers round. In the third Walker picked up the pace and banged in some explosive combinations, Trizno went down from a heavy flurry of shots with Kevin Parker counting him out 1 minute 42 seconds into the round.


Walker wins in 3rd round count out

Fight 4 Tyler Denny v Vaidas Balciauskas 12.1. 6x3. 12.2 Light heavyweights

Denny picked his shots well in the first with some nice combinations from his southpaw stance. In the second Denny got some lovely jabs off with some hurtful lead right hooks to Balciauskas head and body. Denny banged in some heavy shots, you had to give Balciauskas credit as he fought back. Round three saw Denny continue his good work banging in some hurtful combinations, Balciauskas continued to fight back but was taking some real heavy shots off the heavy handed Denny.

Denny used his jab well in the fourth but still banged in heavy combinations, Balciauskas kept fighting back to keep it competitive but Denny won the round with ease. Great uppercuts and lovely movement by Denny in the fifth as he banged in some nice combinations, Balciauskas was earning his purse tonight as he absorbed some heavy shots. Denny smashed in combination after combination in the final round and contiuned his high tempo fighting, again respect to Balciauskas as he saw out the final round.


Dexter 60-54 Ref 60-54 Denny wins on points.