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Fly Guys BcB Promotions

Fly Guys BcB Promotions 15/3/19

The Birmingham Boxing Column headed just up the road to the H-suite Edgbaston for Black Country Boxing promotions Fly Guys show. There were six bouts of boxing on the show with 4 fights over four three minute rounds, one over six rounds and the main event being for the Flyweight Midlands area title to be contested over 10. The main event saw champion Ijaz Ahmad take on Matt Windle in a highly anticipated fight. Also in the home corner you had Kane Baker, Daryl Pearce, Brad Thomas, Mussab Abubaker and Jordan Clayton. With Shaun Messer referring the show, Ben Walters announcing and the stunning ring girl Fiona from Diamond ring the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Kane Baker v Luke Middleton 10.12. 4x3. 10.13 Super welterweight

Steady start by Baker in the first as he grew into the round working the head and body with nice combinations. Baker contiuned to control the centre of the ring and picked his shots well, Middleton did not seem to have any answer to Bakers pressure. In the third round Baker contiuned to press and pressure, Middleton who did have a go in this round but Baker still controlled the round and the fight with some nice shot selection. The pace slowed in the final round as Baker cruised to a shut out victory again picking nice shots and sweet combinations.

Results Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 40-36 Baker wins on points

Fight 2 Daryl Pearce v Michael Mooney 10.9. 4x3. 10.3 Super welterweight

Good start by both fighters with both getting good shots off, Pearce started to take control in the second part of the round with some nice shots. Good hard second round with Mooney making Pearce work the whole round, both fighters got good shots off, with me not being be able to split them. Cagey start to the third but it soon turned into a war, both fighters got good shots off, Pearce looked tired as his gum shield hung out which spured Mooney on to win the round. In the final round Mooney really put the pressure on the 1 and 0 fighter with Pearce fighting back hard, this was a cracking fight with Mooney edging the round.

Result Dexter – 38-39 Ref – 38-39 Mooney wins on points.

Fight 3 Brad Thomas v Dean Jones 9.13 4x3. 9.7 Super Lightweight

Hard fought first round with Thomas taking the centre of the ring but both fighters got some good shots off, Thomas edged the round. Another hard round with Jones making Thomas work the whole round, Thomas got some cracking combinations off to win the round. Thomas stepped up the pace in the third and was getting through with some nice combinations, Jones was still fighting back strong but Thomas won the round, Thomas was also warned in the round for hitting low. Great final round with both boxers pouring it on. This round could have been fought in a telephone box as they went toe too toe, I could not split them in this round.

Result Dexter 40- 37 Ref – 39-39 Draw

Fight 4 Mussab Abubaker v Dale Arrowsmith 11.4 4x3. 11.5 Middleweight

Abubaker controlled the first round from start to finish with a heavy jab and some good combinations. The second was another round controlled by Abubaker who banged in some heavy shots to his massive followers enjoyment. Abubaker again controlled the round from start to finish of the third, he got some great combinations off and you had to give Arrowsmith credit for staying in there. In the final round Arrowsmith danced around the ring just trying to stay away. Abubaker continued to push hard even when the main lights went off winning the round and the fight.

Result Dexter – 40-36 Ref – 40-36 Abubaker wins on points

Fight 5 Jordan Clayton v Jan Koree 10.12. 6x3. 10.8 Super welterweight

Good start by Clayton as he went through the gears getting his shots off and moved around the ring well. A hard second round with Clayton suffering a cut just above his left eye in an accidental clash of heads, this didn’t seem to bother him as he won the round. In the third Clayton's corner had done well with the cut as it stayed closed for the whole of the round. Clayton banged in some good shots but his opponent fought back hard with Clayton edging the round.

Koree had sustained a nasty cut above his left eye at the start of the forth with Clayton being warned for pushing. This was a battling round by both fighters with Clayton just edging the round but looking tired as he returned to his corner. Koree came out in the fifth looking to put the pressure on, Clayton took his time and picked some nice shots off but so did Koree with both of them being rocked in this round. It was a very tough final round as both fighters went toe too toe with both fighters being rocked, Koree smashed in some big hooks to Clayton's head with the bell saving him from being stopped.

Result Dexter – 58-56 Ref 59-59 Draw Clayton had to be given oxygen at the end of the fight while in the ring and was then rushed to Hospital where it has been reported he responded to the medics and treatment well.

Fight 6 Ijazz Ahmed v Matt Windle 7.13 10x3. 7.12 Flyweight Midlands area title

Fiery start by both fighters in the first with both looking to take control, great shots by both with Windle just edging it. Ahmed started the second round well and was in control, Windle then caught him with a cracking left hook which put Ahmed down. Ahmed got up and was able to carry on. Windle came out flying with punches but Ahmed weathered the storm and finished the round strong. The third was a hard fought round with both fighters getting good shots off with Ahmed just nicking the round.

Round four was another hard fought round with both fighters getting good shots off, Ahmed controlled the centre of the ring and got the cleaner shots off. Ahmed was in control in the fifth controlling the pace and getting good combinations off. Windle battled back hard but Ahmed had this round. Windle showed a lot of heart but was getting caught with to many shots as Ahmed banging in heavy punches. Windle took them well and got some cracking shot off of his own but this was Ahmed's round.

Windle came out with intent in the seventh and banged in some good shots, Ahmed weathered the storm and came back with shots of his own this was a too and throw round. Windle showed the heart of a lion in the eighth as he banged in combinations in an attempt to get back into the fight. Ahmed came back strong but this was Windle's round. The ninth was another close round with both fighters giving it there all, I could not split them. The final round was another close one that could have been fought in a phone boxes as both fighters went toe to toe banging in shots until the final bell, another even round.

Result Dexter 96-96 Ref – 97-94 Ahmed wins on points

Dexter’s Thoughts

What a great night of boxing with some great fights, we start with the main event. This was a fantastic fight that in my eyes was a lot closer than the refs score card suggested. At the end of the 10 rounds I had it even but was not surprised that Ahmed was the victor. Ahmed was the champion going into the fight and the home fighter so was always going to get it if it was close. A lot of people criticized Shaun Messer's score card as he had Ahmed winning by a long margin, but boxing is all about perception. There were a lot of very close rounds that could have gone ether way and on my card I gave them even, but in a title fight you really want a winner so these close rounds could have gone ether way. This is a fight I would love to see again and maybe it wil,l but Windle my not have got the verdict but can hold his head up high. The Clayton, Koree fight result was a draw but I did think Clayton just edged it. At the end of the fight Clayton collapsed and was given oxygen and was then taken to hospital by the paramedics. Thankfully it was announced that Clayton had started to responded to treatment and the medics and was ok. This is great news as it was a very worrying time at the end of the fight. As for the fight Clayton seemed to fade in the final few rounds and took way to many shots in the final round. Luckily Koree didn’t seem to have that knockout power or this fight many have not seen the final bell. Clayton did not look like the fighter I have watched before I hope to see him back to his old ways soon. Abubaker smashed his opponent all over the place in this four rounder, he picked his shots well and banged in some cracking combinations. Abubaker has a massive following and I really think this Middleweight need a bigger test that Arrowsmith could give him. Brad Thomas has got to be one of the most unluckiest fighters around getting another draw on his record. I though he did more than enough to win having him winning three out of the four rounds. The rounds were close but if Thomas relied more on his boxing skills instead of thinking he has to go to war every time he steps into the ring I think these draws will turn into wins. The Bosh is still unbeaten and I am sure he will get a W in his next fight. Daryl Pearce was beaten tonight by a very experienced journey man in Michael Mooney. Mooney was a deserved winner out working the fledgling boxer in only his second fight. It was great to see Mooney get a win and if Pearce can learn from this defeat he will go far. Midlands area welterweight champion Kane Baker won his four rounder in a shut out points victory, It was great seeing Baker back in the ring after his great victory against Ishmael Ellis last year to win the title. The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Black Country Boxing promotions for having us at there show.

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