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Night of Champions TOPromotions

Night of Champions Tommy Owens Promotions 28/3/19

Tommy Owens Promotions held there last show of March at The Holte suite Villa Park, the show was called the “Night of Champions” and had 8 fights on its card. The main event was the highly anticipated Midlands area welterweight title match between Champion Kaisee Benjamin and the challenger Danny Ball over 10 three minute rounds. There was a great line up on the undercard, in the home corner you had Leo D'erlanger starting the show off with a six rounder, you the then had Smoking Joe’s Heavyweight Shaun Duffy doing 4 two minute rounds. Doing 4 three minute rounds you had Ishmael Ellis, Shaun Copper, Anthony Manning and Les Byfield. You also had Mr Golden Robe The ultimate boxer 2 champion Shakan Pitters showcasing his talents over six three minute rounds. With David Nikolich comparing, Kevin Parker and Chris Deen refereeing the show and of course the stunning ring girls Lauren Ritchie and Louise from CP Agency the stage was set for a championship night of boxing.

Fight 1 Leo D'erlanger v Andrew Harris 9.7. 6x2. 9.10 Super – Featherweight

Nice controlled first round by D’erlanger nice tidy boxing. In the second D'erlanger had a good work rate and again boxed tidy. D'erlanger again controlled the third round with some good shots selection. Harris started to have a go in the forth but D'erlanger dealt with it and took control winning the round. Harris was really trying hard in the fifth but D'erlanger kept up a good work rate to win the round. The final round was a hard fought one Harris caught D'erlanger with some lovely rights and lefts. D'erlanger took them well and fought back but Harris win the round.

Result Dexter – 59-55 Ref 59-55 D'erlanger wins on points

Fight 2 Shaun Duffy v Colin Goldhawk 16.7. 4x2. 18.6 Heavyweight

Lovely jabbing by Duffy to start the first round very well controlled and fought his height winning the round. When Duffy used his jab he was in control, Goldhawk was just looking for a big over hand right, Duffy got some lovely body shots in as well. Great jabbing in the third by Duffy, he controlled the fight with it as Goldhawk had no answer to it. Goldhawk contiuned to press which let Duffy get some good combinations off. Duffy got some nice one, twos off in the final round as Goldhawk contiuned to come forward, Duffy boxed really well and kept his concentration to win the round and the fight.

Result Dexter – 40-36 Ref 49-36 Duffy wins on points

Fight 3 Ishmael Ellis v Ivar Riyaz 9.13. 4x3. 10.5 Welterweight

Ellis controlled the first round against the unpredictable Riyaz with nice movement and neat boxing. Ellis picked his shots well in the second and got some nice combinations off, Riyaz contiuned to press but it was Ellis's round. Ellis came out with some lovely combinations at the start of the third, Riyaz kept coming forward but was just getting caught with nice tidy shots. Ellis seemed to start enjoying himself in the final round putting some nice shots together with some great movement, Riyaz kept coming forward but Ellis cruised to victory.

Result Dexter – 40-36 Ref 39-37 Ellis wins on points

Anthony Manning v Antoli Lyubenov 11.2. 4x3. 11 Middleweight

Manning banged in some heavy shots from the start of the first round, Manning moved well and picking his shots well, impressive round. Manning picked his shots well again in the second, Lyubenov was pressing and having a go back but Manning was in control and looked he could stop him if he stepped it up. In the third Manning continued to control the fight and let some good combinations off, Iyubenov took the shots well and came back with shots of his own but Manning won the round. In the final round Manning picked his shots well and banging in some hurtful shots, Manning caught Lyubenov with a heavy combination near the end of the round, Lyubenov took a eight count and Manning jumped straight back on him putting him down with a lovely straight right with Ref Kevin Parker stopping the fight.