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Hodgins wins first title

“The Bandit” Josh Hodgins has claimed his first ever white-collar promotion title at a boxing event at Pryzm night club (Friday 5th April). Hodgins who fights out of Fightden boxing gym took on the current light heavyweight promotion champion Ricky Grimshaw over 4 two minute rounds winning them all. Hodgins who is known for being a tough journey man bullied his opponent pushing him back with nice combinations which all ending with the newly found left hook. Grimshaw had his moments in the fight when Hodgins gave him the space to box getting some nice jabs and some tidy combinations off. On the night Hodgins was just to strong and stuck to his game plan well to claim his first promotion belt.

After the show while we tucked in pro a cracking Balti and had a few beers I asked the “Bandit” how he felt he did in the fight and what it meant for him to win a title? He told me “I just made sure I stuck to the game plan and threw more punches than I usually do especially letting my right go as I don’t normally throw it enough due to my shoulder after surgery”. Hodgins continued “It’s been a mental block but now I think I’m over it especially with you giving me a kick up the arse in my last fight telling me to throw more punches and then doing my corner tonight giving me two wins in a row”. “As for winning the title I’m just happy to be competing let alone being a promotion champion. Josh ended by saying “I would like to thank all the Fightden lads and the team that have helped me get back in fighting form, also a big thank you to Craig Taylor, Nathan Nash and you Dex, Craig and Nathan have always done my corner and you have helped me to be more positive in the ring.

Hodgins who two years ago was having surgery on a career ending shoulder injury has worked hard at Fightden to get back to a fantastic standard of fitness. He has now been on the road as a journey man for the passed year accepting any fight on any show and getting a few good wins against ticket sellers who were expected to get there hand raised. Hodgins is back out next week on another white collar show on the 12th of April at the former home of unlicensed boxing the Irish centre and will be looking for a third win. Dexter’s Thoughts

I was so proud of Josh last night and if any fighter deserved a title it is him. He has battled back from a career ending injury and has adapted his style to compensate for this. Josh has been a proper journey man the last year and has taken any fights that have been offered to him, but there have been a few promotions that have took advantage of Hodgins eagerness to fight and kind nature. As an away boxer and a non ticket seller Hodgins receives a purse and some of the purses he has been given have been a total joke. Hodgins has taken these fights and has told me he just wants to fight which is all well and good but this is a sport where you can get proper hurt so the promoters should be at least paying him the going rate. I had the honour to do his corner for this title fight and he stuck to the plan we had formed to perfection.

I have told Hodgins on a number of occasions that he is so much more than just a journey man but he is happy staying on the road and doing the home shows for Fightden when they come round. Josh has now asked me to do his corner for his fights and also to negotiate his purse money with the promoters, so if you want ”The Bandit” on your show and you want to give your ticket sellers a proper challenge contact myself or Josh.

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