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Quick Return for the Savage

The Birmingham Boxing Column can exclusively reveal that Eastside Gyms Sam Eggington will be returning to the ring on Saturday 29th June at Villa park on a Tommy Owens Promotions show. Eggington is coming off a defeat against the world class Liam Smith after being stopped in the fifth round in a toe to toe battle live on Sky sports. Jon Pegg, Eggington's manager and trainer informed me after I asked him what was next for Sam that they will be looking to give the Savage a few fights on the Tommy Owens Promotions shows to get him back to winning ways. Jon explained “when you have ten 50/50 fights in a row you are going to lose some, its time for Sam to get back to winning ways on some home shows and then we will look where we are”. Jon Pegg also mentioned that Eggington could be moving back down to welterweight, he said “Sam has made Super welterweight easy and it is only the last few pounds that are stopping Sam from fighting at welterweight, we will be seeing if we can get the last few pounds off him with the help of nutritionist”. The Birmingham Boxing Column looks forward to seeing the Savage back in the ring in June.

Dexter’s Thoughts

It is great to hear Eggington will be back in the squared circle in June. Eggington has had a lot of tough fights and it will be good to see him back at Villa Park for a few shows. People have criticized Eggington after his performance against Smith saying he got destroyed or he is finished, but I disagree. Eggington went toe to toe with a world class fighter for five rounds and did not take a step back. Yes he was stopped but I would like to see some of the critics go one round with someone of Smith’s Calabria. Eggington did what he could, but he is far from over. All he needs is for him and his team to regroup correct any mistakes and come again. Eggington is no age at all and a 25 has time on his side, I’m sure we will see a world champion at Eastside in the next few years.

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