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  • Dexter Hastings

Amateur Sensation Delicious Orie

Delicious Orie is a 21 year old amateur boxer from Birmingham, the super heavyweight who fights out of the jewellery quarter ABC gym has just claimed the English national amateur title in Manchester at the national amateur championships. Delicious stands a 6 foot 6 and fights out of an orthodox stance, his current amateur record is very impressive winning 24 out of 26 bouts of boxing. Delicious is trained at the Jewellery quarter gym by Michael Maguire, Nigel Larkin and Ant Rogan and is also studying economics at Aston university. He has won the very prestigious Super Heavyweight Elite Haringey title and has just won the English national amateur title beating Gideon Antwi on points in Manchester. Delicious who has been called the “new Joshua” by experts in the game will be competing in the Tri nations where the champions from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be competing to see who is the best. Delicious has stated in previous interviews that he wants to turn over to the professional ranks but not just yet. He has stated that he wants to continue in the amateur ranks to build up his pedigree and build up the hype around him.

Delicious has been boxing for 3 years and his favourite boxer is Mike Tyson as he admired his discipline. When I asked him what inspired him to take up the noble art he told me “I believe that I am very hard working, disciplined and athletic, I put them all together and thought let me try boxing”. My next question was about 2020 Olympics and if he had aspersions of representing Great Britain? He told me “No not the 2020 Olympics but the 2024 Olympics is a possibility”. My final question to the half Russian, half Nigerian giant was, who has been your hardest fight? He informed me “All my fights have been challenging I couldn’t give you a fight I struggled most in” Dexter’s Thoughts

A lot of people in the know are tipping Delicious to be the next Anthony Joshua and they may be right. I have watched a few of his fights on YouTube and can see he has a good amateur style, throws lots of punches and gets some nice combos off. Delicious has just won the English super Heavyweight national ABC title and will be heading to the Tri nations to take on the best in Britain. But before that he will be fighting on the Pat Benson’s boxing academy show, the University box cup which will be held at the university of Birmingham on the 27th and 28th of April. The column will let you know how the super Heavyweight does. Orie has stated that he wants to eventually turn pro but not for a few years, he has aspersions of representing England at the 2024 Olympics and emulating one or his inspections Anthony Joshua. He is a young man who will be fitting his amateur career around his study’s at Aston uni where he is studying economics. We may have to wait a while before we see Delicious in the pro ranks but the Birmingham Boxing Column looks forward to reporting on Delicious Orie when him and his team choose to turn to the pro ranks.

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