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Two Years in the Game Sean Daly

Sean Daly is a 26 year old professional boxer from Burtwood, the orthodox Welterweight stands at 5 foot 11 and comes from a kickboxing background. As a kickboxer Daly had an impressive record of 31 fights wins in 34 fights, he amassed 14 titles in his kickboxing career and fought fighters from Denmark, German, France, Russia and Ireland. Daly has been boxing 9 years with two of them being as a pro in September of this year, he currently holds a unbeaten professional record of 7 wins without defeat. He is trained at Eastside gym by Spencer McCracken and at Platinum gym by Lee Goodwin and is managed by Jon Pegg. I asked Daly who his favourite boxer and why? Sean told me “ It's got to be Mike Tyson, he is the most exciting, most explosive boxer and a absolute geezer”. 

My next question was what is the best fight you have seen? Daly informed me, live it has to be a recent one, Frampton v Warrington, the fight lived up to the expectations and the atmosphere was electric”. I then asked the unbeaten fighter, what inspired you to take up boxing? He said “ I was inspired to try something new by my good friend and fellow professional Luke Jones after being bored with football, and I never looked back. I love the training, sparring and the respect that the sport teaches”.  

My final question to Daly was, what has been your hardest fight? He told me “I have had a few excellent wars as a kickboxer but one that sticks firmly was a British title fight against Akkone Wannlis over 5 rounds, that was a great fight that I won and took the belt. I wish him the best as now he is a professional MMA fighter”. He then talked about his boxing career and said “I have had a few that were great fights but as a professional I would have to say Lee Gunter has been my hardest”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Sean has been in the pro game for nearly 2 years now and has smashed every opponent that has come in his way. He is a entertaining fighter who is not scared to get into a tare up with his opponent and does at every given occasion. I have followed Daly’s career from the start and saw everyone one of his fights, he has a massive following and they let themselves be heard chanting his name down Villa park on the Tommy Owens Promotions shows. He is in one of the hottest contested divisions in the Midlands and will be having his first six rounder on the Tommy Owens Promotions show “May the 4th be with you” at villa park on may 4th. After this fight I think Daly needs a few more six rounder’s and then will be ready to contest for a title. Kaisee Benjamin is the current Midlands area welterweight champion and is also Sean's stable mate at Eastside gym, but Benjamin should be looking for a crack at the English title sometime this year which could leave the way for Daly to get his first title. If Daly continues progressing the way he is going I can see a title round his waist in the next year or two.the Birmingham Boxing Column looks forward to seeing Daly and his massive support at the Tommy Owens Promotions show on the 4th May. 

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