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Ultimate Boxxer III undercard

Birmingham boxing was well represented on the ultimate boxer III under-card at the Indigo arena London (11/5/19) with two unbeaten fighters competing on the show. There was D&A gyms Idris Virgo doing a 4 rounder and Ultimate Boxxer II Champion Shakan Pitters who boxes out of Eastside gym doing a six rounder. The column has just focused on the two Brummie lads for this report.Virgo who has 3 wins with no defeats was up first after the quarter finals of the tournament taking on Rene Molick who had won 2 and lost 4.

Idris Virgo v Rene Molick

Super Middleweight

11.13 4x3 11.11

Good jabbing by Virgo at the start of the first but was forced back for the first part of the round as Molick pressed him and pushed him back. Virgo was caught with a lovely right hand but was also tripped by Molick which put Virgo down, the ref rightly did not deem this as a knock down. Molick sustained a cut above his right eye after an accidental clash of heads, Molick continued to bang in shots with Virgo coming back strong in the last minute of the round.

In the second round Molick came out swinging putting Virgo on the back foot, Virgo got some good counters off and fought back with some good shots of his own with this fight looking like it was going to be a cracker. The ref then got the doctor to look at Molick’s eye and he deemed that he could not continue. The ref had no choice but to stop the fight in 1 minute 50 seconds of the second round giving a technical draw.

Result Technical Draw After the semi finals it was time for Eastsides Shakan Pitters (11-0) to step in the ring where he was doing a six rounder against a fight he had fought and beat before Dmitri Kalinovskij.

Shakan Pitters v Dmitri Kalinovskij

13.5 6x3 14.5


Pitters controlled the first round with nice sharp jabs and good combinations making Kalinovskij cover up. In the second Pitters was in total control with everything coming off the Jab, Kalinovskij was already in several mode as he just covered up. Very negative display by Kalinovskij in the third as Pitters was in total control. Pitters started shooting out some spiteful jabs and some heavy combinations in the forth as he started to step up the pace with Kalinovskij looking to see the round out. The fifth was dominated by Pitters getting some explosive shots off near the end of the round. Pitters again banged in some heavy shots in the final round with Kalinovskij covering up well, he did let his hands go but there was nothing to worry Pitters.

Result Dexter - 60-54 Ref - 60-54 Pitters wins on points

Dexter’s Thoughts

Birmingham was well represented at the ultimate boxxer III, Idris Virgo was up against a tough opponent in Molick who had came to win. Molick really put it on Virgo with the fight looking like it was going to be a cracker. It was a shame that it had to be stopped due to a accidental clash of heads which has put a draw on Virgo’s record. Idris is still unbeaten and can go back to D&A gym and work with his trainer Anthony Hull on keeping his unbeaten record going. Shakan Pitters had a easy night against Dmitri Kalinovskij who was so negative in the fight it was frustrating to watch. Pitters did all he could to make it entertaining but it takes two to make a fight and Kalinovskij was not interested in engaging as he went into journeyman mode from the first bell. This is the second time Pitters had fought Kalinovskij as he faced him earlier in his career in a four round at Villa park on the Tommy Owens Promotions show and I got to say Kalinovskij put up more of a fight in that one. This is another “W” in Shakans win column making him 12 without defeat, I am sure he will be looking for a title shot soon hopefully at the English level or above as I think he has surpassed the Midlands title. The Column looks forward to seeing both these fights back in the ring soon.

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