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  • Dexter Hastings

Showtime  BcB Promotions

Black country boxing promotions held there “Showtime” show at Walsall town hall (12,5,19). There were 7 bouts of boxing on the show with three of them being over 4 three minute rounds and 3 over six three minute rounds. There was also a female bout on the card with the baby face assassin Amy Timlin making he pro debut over 4 two minute rounds. Reffeeing on the night was Kevin Parker and comparing on the night was Mr "make some noise, and let’s get it on" Ben Walters. For some reason there were no ring girls at the show.

Fight 1 Kane Baker v Andy Harris 4x3 Lightweight

Steady start by Baker who just shot out the jab, early in the first round there was an accidental clash of heads with both fighters sustaining cuts, Bakers on the top of his forehead and Harris getting a nasty one just above his left eye. The ref Kevin Parker took a look at both fighters and let the fight continue with Baker edging the round. Good second round as both fighters cuts looked like they had been cleaned up well by the corners. Both fighters got good shots off but Baker edged the round again with the better work rate and pressure. Cracker third round by Baker as he moved through the gears getting some nice combinations off working the head and the body well. Baker dominated the final round getting some tidy combinations off and keeping the pressure on till the final bell.

Results Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36 Baker wins on points. Fight 2 Ruben Campbell v MJ Hall 4x3 Super lightweight

Nice start by Campbell on his debut getting some nice shots off against the talented southpaw MJ Hall. Hall got some nice combinations off of his own but Campbell just edged it for me. Hall made Campbell work in the second as he pressed and pressured him all the way. Campbell dealt with it well and didn’t panic countering well and getting some good shots off. Campbell stepped up the pace in the third getting some nice combinations off, Hall fought back hard but Campbell continued to bang in good shots. Campbell got some nice shots off in the final round working Halls head and body well, Hall continued to press and make Campbell work till the final bell.

Result Dexter -40-37 Ref - 40-38 Campbell wins on points Fight 3 Amy Timlin v Roz Mari Sylanova 4x2 Super Bantamweight

Timlin boxed well in a scrappy first round with her opponent looking to hold, Timlin showed a good work rate to win the round. Timlin got some nice sharp one, twos off in the second and was able to really show off her boxing skills in this round. In the third Timlin had now warmed into the pro ranks and was banging in some cracking combinations, the baby face assassin was still being frustrated by an opponent who just wanted to hold. In the final round Timlin poured on the pressure banging in some great shots, ref Kevin Parker took a point off Sylanova for continually holding. Timlins stuck to her job and finished the round strong.

Result Dexter - 40-35 Ref - 40-35 Timlin wins on points Fight 4 Conah Walker v Nathan Bendon 6x3 Super Welterweight

Both fighters got good shots at the start of the first round. Bendon moved well around the ring but Walker just edged the round. In the second Bendon started well getting some cracking combinations off, Walker came back with some nice shots of his own but this was Bendon’s round. Walker banged in some cracking combinations ending with some great body shots in the third, Bendon fought back hard and was moving well using his jab well and getting some good combinations off but Walker nicked the round for me.

Walker started the forth with some hurtful body shots, Bendon took them well and came back with shots of his own. Walker continued to pressure Bendon winning the round with the higher work rate. Close fifth round with both fighters getting good combinations off. Bendon got this round for me showing great heart, work rate and determination. Both fighters left it all in the ring in the final round as they both worked till the final bell with Walker winning this one.

Result Dexter – 58 – 56 Ref – 58 – 56 Walker wins on points

Fight 5

Ricky Summers v Harry Mathews


Light Heavyweight

Summers warmed into the first with a steady start controlling the ring, he then let some heavy shots go in the second part of the round. Summers jab was working well in the second with him dropping some lovely straight right hands to the body as well. Mathews got at few overhand rights in but nothing to worry Summers. Summers controlled the ring and the round in the third shooting out his jab and banging in some hurtful combinations. Mathews was having a go back but Summers just walked through them.

In the forth round Summers was in total control taking the centre of the ring and backing Mathews up with some heavy combinations which all came from a good jab. Summers continued to control the fight in the fifth with a great work rate and good shot selection. Mathews got some good shots off of his own but Summers was in control. In the final round Summers again took the centre of the ring and pressed Mathews with great combinations all coming from the jab.