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Baker gets a Crack at the English title.

Kane Baker has been given the chance to fight for the English Lightweight title in September against current English champion Myron Mills (23). Mills has a very impressive record of 12 straight wins but did lose his last fight to the unbeaten Welsh man Gavin Gwynne in Newport on points in a 10 round fight. Mills won the lightweight English title in May of 2018 stopping the hard hitting Marcus Ffrench in 4 rounds in his home town of Derby. Mills has also won the IBF youth lightweight title beating Luke Paddock on a split decision on the ill fated night at Walsall town hall when a boxing fan lost his life due to a fatal stabbing out side the event. Baker (28) is the current Midlands lightweight champion after beating the unbeaten Ishmael Ellis on points at the Tommy Owens Promotions show at Villa park in December of 2018. Baker who came through the unlicensed /white collar boxing ranks has a very good record himself winning 10 out of 15 fights with all 5 of his defeats coming on the road against some of the top prospects in Britain.

I caught up with Kane and asked him how it feels to be offered this crack at the English title? Baker told me “To been given the chance to fight for an English is like a double world title to me (the Midlands was my world title), I’m privileged. I have to be real with my boxing, some people are born to be the best and some are born to fight the best I’m the latter. It’s about accepting what I am and what I’m not, I’m not going to lie to myself. To come this late into the game and achieve what I have is a dream to me I would of quite happily retired on my Midlands area win because I honestly never believed I could get to Midlands level”. I then asked the likeable Kane where the fight would be? He told me “There is no venue confirmed for the fight yet but it will be in Derby or Leicester, either way it’s a nice away day which my people love”.

My final question for the Midlands champ was how do you think the fight will go? Baker said “I’m hoping the fight will show a different side of me having been able to have a full camp as I’ve never had longer than 4 weeks for a fight. Also I plan to be strict with my diet and I will need to change my lifestyle big time and up my training if I want to take this belt off a true champion fighting away”. Kane finished by saying “Whatever happens on the night I just hope people get to see an improved Kane Baker and more importantly everyone safe and sound”. Dexter’s Thoughts

Kane Baker is one of the most likeable lads I have met in boxing, a kid who came from the unlicensed ranks and turned pro to earn some cash and make some stories to tell the grand kids when he gets older. Kane shocked a lot of people when he beat Ishmael Ellis for the vacant Midlands area Lightweight title but I was not one of them. I had seen Kane boxes many time winning and losing but the one thing he has always shown is heart. This is a great opportunity for Kane but on a real note he is fighting a very talent champion in Myron Mills, when Mill fought for the IBF youth Lightweight title against Paddock he put on a fantastic display of boxing, showing power, movement and speed. This will be a big ask for Baker but he has never been one to turn down a fight and if he dedicates himself with his training and diet we might just have a new English champ. So come on Birmingham and the Black Country let’s get behind Kane.

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