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Super Cooper wins 10 round battle.

Dexter Hastings

Shaun Cooper has won his first 10 round fight against Boy Jones jr on the “King of Herts” show (18.5.19) at the Lamax stadium Stevenage. The fight was supposed to be for the WBO youth Lightweight title but Cooper was 3 ounces over as he was only offered the fight at 8 days notice, so the belt was not on the line. Cooper (22) who was unbeaten in 8 fights went toe to toe with Jones jr in this too and throw battle where both fighters showed heart, determination and courage as they went to war.

It was a very close fight which went the full ten rounds and as the final bell went neither fighter could be sure how the judges were going to call it. The scorecards gave it to Cooper on a majority decision with judge Terry O'Connor having it 97-93 Cooper, Matteo Montella 96-94 Cooper and Benoit Roussel 95-95 Draw. This has put Shaun right up in the lime light completing his first 10 rounder on such a big stage and taking him to 9 - 0.

I managed to catch up with Cooper and asked him how he was feeling after his great performance, he told me “I’m absolutely buzzing that I went there as the underdog and came out as the winner, I'm over the moon with my performance I listened to my coach and did what we had worked on in the gym in such a short time and it paid off”. I then asked Shaun what is next for team Cooper? He told me “I'm a ten round fighter now and we have offered Jones jr the re-match for WBO lightweight title”. Cooper finished by saying “give me a proper camp and I'll make 9.9 easy”.

I also got to chat to Shaun’s dad Micky, the proud dad told me “I’m on cloud nine mate, Shaun boxed really well, he showed true heart, he controlled the fight and took the centre of the ring”. Micky continued “I had it 7 to 3 in Shaun's favour and he boxed fantastic with only 8 days notice”. When I asked him about Shaun having a potential rematch for the WBO youth Lightweight title. Micky said, “I don’t think they will want it, I know with a proper camp Shaun would win again". Dexter’s Thoughts

Well I think mr Jones Jr’s team really under estimated Shaun Cooper, it’s just a shame he couldn’t drop that last 3 ounces to make it for the title. Shaun has offered them the rematch and I know he would make the weight easy with a proper camp and if he could beat Jones jr with 8 days notice what would he do with a proper camp. He has completed his first 10 rounder and he has got to be looking at fighting ether in a rematch with Jones Jr for the WBO youth lightweight title, or for the Midlands area or even the English. The future looks bright for Shaun Cooper.

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