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  • Dexter Hastings

Sen Enters Ultimate boxxer IV

“Slugger" Matt Sen (31) has been called up for the next instalment of the ultimate boxxer series this time in the cruiserweight division. Ultimate boxxer IV will be held in Manchester at the Altrincham ice arena on July 19th 2019. The Ultimate boxxer if you don’t know is a prise fighter style tournament with eight of the hottest prospects in a division fighting potentially three times in one night over 3, three minute rounds to receive the lions share of the £50,000 prise money and the prestigious golden robe. Sen from Wolverhampton who is trained by Spencer McCracken out of Eastside gym has some big shoes to fill with the golden robe already being won by Eastside gym fighters Shakan Pitters and Drew Brown at Light heavyweight and Welterweight.

I​ caught up with Matt who has won 5 out of 6 pro bouts and asked him a few questions about the Ultimate Boxxer. My first question was, how did you feel when you got the confirmation you were in the tournament? Sen told me “I spoke to Spencer about the show and he thought it would be ideal for me due to my style. Once we had confirmation, I was super excited. What a huge opportunity and platform to showcase my skills and all the new things we have been working on.

I then asked the slugger what he knew about his opponents? The told me “To be honest, I don’t know much about my opponents and with the greatest of respect nor am I much bothered. I know my strengths and weaknesses going into this tournament. I know there are some good boxers in the tournament and we are working every day to make the days count”.

My final question for Matt was how he thought he would do in the tournament? He told me, “I'm not going into this tournament as just a number. I know there will always be favourites and I may not be the best boxer in the tournament on paper, but I will be the best, most aggressive and spiteful boxer on the night and that prize money and golden robe is coming back to Birmingham”. Dexter’s Thoughts  

What a challenge Sen has set himself, he has always wanted to challenge himself and this may be the perfect platform for him to do it. Matt will have to be at the top of his game in his quest for the Golden robe and the lions share of the prise money. Matt is learning all the time at Eastside under the tutelage of Spencer McCracken and with his heart and determination will make his mark on the Ultimate boxxer and bring back the golden robe.

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