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Bright Prospect  Liam Davies

Liam Davies is a 23 year professional boxer from Telford, the Super Bantamweight so far has had 3 pro fights and won them all. Davies who stands at 5 foot 8 and fights out of an orthodox stance had a very impressive amateur career before turning pro winning 79 out 100 fights.

Davis started his pro career at the end of 2018 at the Hoilday inn Birmingham beating Khvicha Gigolashvili on points. He kicked on from there fighting again in February of 2019 at the Walsall town hall against Stefan Slavchev winning on points in an impressive display of boxing where he dropped his opponent in the second round. His third fight was in May of this year again at the Walsall town hall where he stopped his opponent in the second round in another clinical display of boxing. Davies is set to be fighting on the 21st of June at the BcB show at the Kings Hall in Stoke on Trent. In his amateur career Davies got to two ABA finals, but as junior won a schoolboys championship and a European bronze (2010). He has also won the Haringate gold medal at senior and junior level.

Davies told me he has been boxing most of his life as his granddad used to run the gym and his dad was a professional boxer. Davies told ne “I’ve always been round the gym and I suppose that's what made me want to box, I watched my dad when I was a youngster, I then boxed for my dads gym Donnington boxing club for most my amateur career but I done my last couple of years with Aurthur Daly an James Conway at Kings Heath boxing club in Northampton where I actually won Haringate gold medal as a senior”. I then asked the talented fighter who his favourite boxer was and why? He told me “At the moment its Canelo Alveraz, I just love his slickness and his skill is on another level”. I then asked him what is the best fight he has seen? Liam told me “Best first I've seen has got to be Pacquiao against Marquez, it was a classics”! My final question first the young prospect was what has been your hardest fight? He said “I'd have to say my hardest fights so far would be as an amateur, I boxed a lad called Mohammed Ali 3 times an he smashed me twice.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I have been at all 3 of Davies fights and have been impressed every time, he is a very talented fighter who has technical skills and has already proved he can bang. He has a massive following and is looking like be will be a good prospect in the super Bantamweight /Featherweight divisions. He reminds me a lot of the former super Featherweight champ James Beech Jr who is also normally a super Bantamweight, if Davies continues progressing as he is maybe the two BcB fighters could be meeting for a big title in the future. All I can really say is that Liam Davies is looking like a very good prospect who has the youth and the potential to go far in the noble art. I look forward to reporting on his journey.

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