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  • Dexter Hatings

Making friends as the world ends episode 1 & 2

Making friends as the world ends episode 1 & 2 are not exactly related to boxing in there content but are via the writer, director and some of the cast.

Written and directed by Professional boxing manager and coach Jon Pegg with former world champion Richie Woodhall playing one of the main parts, with a host of other boxers and trainers as extras from the Birmingham area the Column was always going to be interested.

After episode 1 won numerous awards at film festival across the country even reaching across the pond as far as L.A in America, Jon Pegg with a very small budget and backing from Gary Redmonds and Tyson J Leon decided to do episode 2. All of the cast from the first episode came back to do the film for free and managed to complete the filming in three days over the Christmas break. The hope is that one of the big production company’s see what Jon and his team can do on a small budget and reproduce the series with a proper production budget. From what the audience was told before the screening there are 6 episodes written in total.

Below is my take on what I thought of episode 1 and 2 forgive me if it’s a bit crude I’m not a critic I’m a boxing reporter and a film buff.

Episode 1 was basically nine very different people who have escaped a yet unexplained apocalyptic event and are now hiding out together in an abandoned building. The nine survivors have been in the building together nearly three weeks and with tensions rising, food and water running out they have no choice but to choose one of them to go outside to get supplies or even help. Episode 1 is quite a serious affair with the survivors pleading there case not to be the one that goes out to almost certain death. With in the confines of the building they manage to tackle ageism, racism, politics and stereotyping in a very well written scripted with the comedy element coming via the Hippy raver character Monty who is played by Charles Nicklin.

The two main characters are Billie and Frank, Billie who is played by Kia Pegg (from cbbc show The Dumping ground) plays a tough teenage girl who has been brought up the hard way and is a born survivor. Frank who is playedl by former world champion Richie Woodhall is a tough looking bloke who never seems to smile but is intent of keeping the group together and safe.

Frank does have a dark passed but he seems to have changed the way he thinks and is trying to make amends for what he has done. Episode 1 ends in a cliff hanger with the group leaving the building.

Episode 2 starts where one left off with the group now outside, this leads to the cast growing with the group now meeting a gang who are intent on making them there slaves. Leading the gang you have Little Tim and big Tim who in there minds are kings as they rule there small part of the world.

Little Tim is played by Sean Connelly with big Tim being played by a monster of a man in Milton Rowe, they complement each other well and make the perfect gang leaders.

The story in episode 2 really opens up with all the main characters getting to be a hero at some point in the film. There is a hell of a lot of action in this episode with the group having to fight for there lives all the way through. The

comedy element is still there with Monty and now dumb Tim played by Jon Pegg giving you the laughs. There is also a bit of dark humour emulating from Billie (Kia Pegg) who’s character goes on a killing spree, taking out some of the gang members in bloody but very humorous ways. I will not spoil the ending of this episode but I can not wait for episode 3.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I got to say I really did enjoyed watching Making Firends as the World Ends episode 1 the first time I saw it, but enjoyed it even more the second time. It was really well written and the cast of just nine actors delivered a gritty performance that showcased issues like ageism, racism and stereotyping people while keeping it entertaining.

As for episode 2, well I loved it, it was a complete transformation from episode 1 with everything you could ask for from a film. Richie Woodhall who played Frank was excellent and played the leader of the group well. To be honest all of the main cast smashed it in episode 2. But in my opinion Kia Pegg who plays Billie stole the show as she took her character on a killing spree where she made me believe her character enjoyed killing a truly great performance. The amazing thing is that all the actors and extras did this for free and that it was filmed in just three days. Can you imagine what Jon Pegg and his team could do if they got some real backing behind them.

Episode 1 won awards all over the world and I have no doubt episode 2 will do the same. There is reportedly six episodes to the story and I am looking forward to seeing them all, but with some real finical backing, Making Friends as the World Ends has the potential to be a big TV hit.

And just too finish I thought Paul “Soggy” Counihan who played Fat Sam did an excellenlt performance of dyeing.

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