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Welborn stopped in Eighth for Commonwealth title

Former British champion and world title challenger Jason Welborn was stopped in the eighth round of his Super Welterweight title challenge for the Commonwealth title by Jason Metcarf (30). Welborn (33) started the fight well getting a share of the first round as they both felt each other out and then winning the second. The fight started to turn in Metcarf's favour from the third round with Welborn being kept at the end of a nice sharp jab and some great movement by Metcarf when Welborn came in with his attacks.

Metcarf’s jab was the telling shot in round four, five and six as the unbeaten fighter dictated the pace of the fight. Welborn always looked dangerous when he came in close but Metcarf was controlling the fight, both fighters were warned in the sixth round for hitting low. The seventh started with both fighters standing toe too toe which suited Welborn, Metcarf soon went back to working behind his jab getting some good combinations to win the round. The eighth started well with Welborn looking to get inside and put the pressure on

Metcarf. Welborn was hit low again with Metcarf having a point taken off him by the referee, Welborn was given time to recover and was able to continue. Both fighters went toe too toe again banging in hooks to the head and body. Welborn was then caught with a cracking left hook body shot that put him down, Welborn looked hurt but managed to get to his feet at the count of eight. The ref after talking to Welborn but called the fight off as he was unable to continue. Dexter’s Thoughts

Great effort by Welborn, but it was Metcarf’s jab in my opinion that was the differences in this fight. Metcarf was able to dictate and control a lot of the rounds with the jab, Welborn was always a threat when he pressured but Metcarf showed some good movement to avoided a lot of his attacks. Both fighters were warned about low blows in the sixth and Metcarf had a point taken off him in the eighth for another low blow. The fight came to a end soon after this with Welborn being given time to recover from the low blow and then getting caught in the next exchange with a cracking body shot which put him down. Welborn beat the count but didn’t look like he wanted to continue, weather this was down to the low blow before it is hard to say but I don’t think it helped. I’m sure Welborn will learn and come again, he is more than able to continue to fight at this level and I can see him fighting for more titles soon.

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