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Davis Loses title challenge

“Showtime" Sean Davis and his Smoking Joe’s team travel to Doncaster to take on the undefeated Reece Mould (11-0) for the vacant English Featherweight title (22.6.19). Davis (29) who’s record was 14 wins out of 16 bouts was the former English Super Bantamweight champion and had moved up to Featherweight for this fight. Mould (24) had a massive support behind him as he was fighting in his home town at the Doncaster racecourse.

The first round start well for Davis who was working well behind his jab and getting his shots off, Mould from the first bell was trying to bang in body shots as this is how Davis has been stopped in the passed. With about a minute gone in the first round Davis was caught with a big over hand right which seemed to stun him as he took a knee and a 8 count. Davis rose to his feet and stayed composed continuing his

high work rate, Davis was then caught again with the

same shot with him having to take a knee again. Davis took the eight count and battled for the final minute of the round as Mould could sense an early night, with Davis finishing the stronger out of the two.

Davis started the second really well continuing to box at a high pace, Mould came back with some good shots and always looked dangerous but this was Davis's round. In the third Davis again started well and seemed to have shaken off that nightmare first round pressing Mould with good shots and a high work rate. Mould unloaded near the end of the round with some big shots catching Davis with another big right hand which made Davis touch down with his gloves and was counted by the ref, Davis took the count and the bell rang just before they were told to continue. In the first exchange of the fourth round Davis was caught with a cracking left hand which he went down heavy from, as the ref went to count his corner threw the towel in with the ref then stopping the fight.

Davis was given medical treatment in the ring but recovered after been give oxygen to congratulate Mould and watch him receive the English Featherweight title.

After the fight Sean took to social media to thank his team and his supporters. He wrote “Massive thank you to everyone for your support but tonight wasn't my night, what a fighter Reece Mould is caught me with some cracking shots and will go all the way in the sport. The last one I couldn't get up from and don’t even know what it was, these things happen in boxing as we

all know if you go swimming you get wet if you go boxing you get hit its just the way it is. Big thank you to my team and everyone around me that’s kept me going can’t say how much I love you all. Going to have a good rest, not get to fat and see what’s what, proud to have fought in another title fight with a top fighter".

Dexter’s Thoughts

I think I have made it quite clear that I’m a big Sean Davis fan, I have seen his highs and his lows in a great career that is far from over. I watched Davis train for this fight and I can tell you he put everything into it and was determined to be victorious and I can honestly say I thought he would win with ease. Mould was a relatively untested fighter but you have to say he passed the test tonight, but in my opinion it was all down to the weight.

Davis is a super Bantamweight and moved up to featherweight for this one and I think that was the differences. In the fight Mould looked the much bigger fighter and was hitting his size as I have seen Davis in wars at super Bantamweight and has always taken a shot well. It was Moulds power that was the telling tale of this fight and I think if Davis continues in boxing it should be at Super Bantamweight. Sean has nothing to prove to anyone and has shown heart determination throughout his career. To be honest I’d still like to see him take on Brad Foster for the super Bantamweight British and Commonwealth titles, I think this would still be a great fight with two top lads from the west Midlands getting it on. The Birmingham boxing column will continue following Sean “Showtime" Davis career with his smoking Joe’s team behind him.

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