• Dexter Hastings

Summer Brawl TOPromotions

Tommy Owens promotions held there final show of the season at the Holte suite, Villa park. The show was called "Summer Brawl" and had a total of seven fights on the card. There were 4 fights to be contested over four 3 minute rounds with some of the Midlands finest on display. Kicking off the show with a 4 rounder was the “Savage" Sam Eggington who was coming back from a defeat against the world class Liam Smith. We then had Coventry’s David Seymour, the hard hitting Kaisee Benjamin and the talented Cori Gibbs all doing 4 rounder’s. There were also three 6 rounder’s with Tion Gibbs taking on Clayton Bricknell with both fighters putting there unbeaten records on the line. Next up was Ishmael Ellis who was looking for another win and showcase his skills. Finally we had the main event a mouth watering 6 rounder between the unbeaten Sean Daly and the inspirational Ben Fields in what was anticipated as a full on war. Reffing on the night was Shaun Messer and Chirs Deen, master of ceremonies was David Nikolich and with the stunning Louise and Dee from C.P.Agency the stage was set for truly great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Sam Eggington v Jordan Grunnum 11.9 4x3 11.7 Super Welterweight

Eggington took the centre of the ring and dominated the first round as he eased his way into the fight. Eggington continued his good work in the second but was now putting some meat into his shots, all Grunnum could do is cover up and see the round out. Eggington poured on the pressure in the third as Grunnum had no answer for the “Savages" work rate. Eggington continued to bang in cracking shots in the final round keeping the pressure on Grunnum working his head and body until the final bell.

Results Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36

Eggington wins on points

Fight 2 David Seymour v Steven Maguire 8.6 4x3 8.5 Super Bantamweight

Good shots picking from Seymour in the first as he controlled the ring popping in nice combinations at will. Seymour continued to control the ring with good combinations in the second but Maguire did have some joy in this round. Tough third round for Seymour as Maguire started to get some shots off, Seymour done more than enough to win the round but Maguire seemed to fancying the challenge. Seymour picked his shots well in the final round moving well around the ring, Maguire came back strong and really made Seymour work. Maguire won the round on work rate.

Result Dexter – 39-37 Ref - 39-37

Seymour wins on points

Fight 3 Kaisee Benjamin v Richard Samuels 10.10 4x3 10.7 Super Welterweight

Benjamin banged in hard shots from the first bell picking his shots well and showed great movement. Benjamin continued to bang in heavy combinations in the second but Samuels came back with shots of his own, Benjamin still done more than enough to win the round. Another round controlled by Benjamin who continued to bang in heavy shots to the end of the third. You had to give Samuels credit for the amount of heavy shots he had taken, Benjamin continued to control the fight and won the final round and the fight with ease.

Result Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36

Benjamin wins on points

Fight 4 Cori Gibbs v James Quinn 9.11 4x3 9.13 Super Lightweight

Gibbs started the first round brightly banging in fast shots, switch hitting at will with good combinations in both stances. Gibbs picked his shots well in the second and was showing that his right hand was fine now. Some nice movement and shot selection to win the round. Quinn had a go in the third but Gibbs continued to shoot out fast shots and neat combinations to win the round. Gibbs turned up the pace in the final round and shot out fast combinations and single shots from orthodox and southpaw winning the round and the fight.

Result Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36

Gibbs wins on points.

Fight 5 Tion Gibbs v Clayton Bricknell 9.13 6x3 9.12 Super Lightweight

Both fighters started well getting their shots off in the first, even round. In the second there was some good boxing from both fighters who were showing there skills off well, Gibbs just edged this round for me. Great third round with both fighters getting there shots off, again I would have to give it to Gibbs as he took control in the second part of the round.

Bracknell came out firing in the forth but Gibbs was back in control as he picked his shots well as he moved around the ring, Bricknell was always a threat but this round was Gibbs. Round five saw Bricknell get some good shots off but as the round went on Gibbs took control with some nice combinations. Bricknell still had his moments in the round but it was Gibbs round. A hard fought final round with both fighters landing heavy shots leaving everything in the ring. Bricknell banged in some great shots but you had to give it Gibbs as he controlled the pace of the round.

Results Dexter - 60-55 Ref – 60-56

Gibbs wins on points

Fight 6 Ishmael Ellis v Lee Hallett 9.11 6x3 10.4 Super light

Good start for Ellis who got some good shots off Hallett also got some good shots off and looked a threat but it was Ellis’s round. Scrappy second round with both fighters getting tangled up couldn’t really split them. The third was another scrappy round with both fighters being guilty of holding with Ellis nicking the round on work rate.

The forth was another scrappy round with a lot of holding from both fighter, even round. Hallett seemed to be having fun in the fifth, fighting with his hands down making Ellis miss. Hallett also got some good shots off in the middle of the round, but Ellis won it on work rate. Hallett continued to move around the ring in the final round and just seemed to be enjoying himself. Ellis continued to work behind the jab and got some good shots off winning the round on work rate.

Result Dexter – 60-56 Ref - 58-56

Ellis wins on points

Main Event Sean Daly v Ben Fields 10.4 6x3 10.6 Welterweight

Fields started the first round like a rocket banging in shots from the first bell, Daly tried to control the round with his jab but was forced to get into a war as Fields banged in some good shots and over hand rights. Fields started fasted in the second again banging in some heavy shots. Daly started to get his jab going and got some nice shots off but Fields got the eye catching shots off too win the round. Daly had Fields at the end of his jab at the start of the third round, but it soon turned back into a war as both fighters went toe too toe with Fields again winning the round with the eye catching shots.

Round four was a full on war with the fight going back and fourth, Daly was cut above his left eye in this very close round. The fifth was another toe too toe round with both fighters getting heavy shots off, this was another round I couldn’t split them. It was the same again in the final round with both fighters going for it leaving every think in the ring. Fields banged in some heavy shots with Daly banging in heavy shots of his own. Fields continued to press and banged in some cracking hooks with both fighters banging shots in until the final bell.

Results Dexter – 59 -56 Ref – 59-56

Fields wins on points

Dexter's Thoughts

What a show, honestly what a show, when I saw the line up for it with the likes of Eggington, Daly, Benjamin and the Gibbs brothers I was looking forward to this show. Then TOP put two 50/50 fights on the card with Tion Gibbs taking on Clayton Bricknell and Sean Daly taking on Ben Fields. Let’s start with Daly against Fields what a fight, Fields came flying out and turn this six rounder into a full on war. Daly was happy to oblige and both fighters went at it for six hard rounds with Fields coming out the winner. This was Daly's first defeat but I think he will learn more in this six rounder than he has in his previous 8 fights.

He showed heart, determination, a cast iron jaw and when he returns to the ring I am sure he will be back to winning ways. As for Ben Fields a lot of people fancied him to win and he did not let them down, there are now rumour circling that Fields my be in line for a crack at a English title and I think this would be well deserved.

In the second 50/50 fight Tion Gibbs took on Clayton Bricknell with Tion’s experience shining through. In my opinion this was always going to be a big ask for Bricknell but he rolled the dice and looked a threat all the way through the fight and again will have learned a lot and should come back stronger. This was another cracking fight and I hope more prospects put there undefeated records on the line.

Sam Eggington shook off some of the ring rust in his 4 rounder going through the gears as his shots got harder and his timing got better as the fight went on. I’m sure the Savage will be back on a Matchroom show soon. Myself I would like to see Eggington take on British super Welterweight champ Ted Cheeseman, if Eggington beat him it would make him a two weight British champ which wouldn’t be bad for someone who is only 24.

Ishmael Ellis complete a hard six rounder against a trick southpaw, Ellis dealt with it well and got the win and seems to have put his one defeat behind him. He should be looking to be in title contention very soon.

Older Gibbs brother Cori looked fantastic as he tested out his injured hand that stopped him fighting earlier this year. His movement and shot selection were on point as always and finger crossed he gets a shot at a title soon.

Midlands area Welterweight champ Kaisee Benjamin also looked good tonight he banged in heavy shots from start to finish and his shot selection was great. Benjamin in my opinion is destined for much bigger titles and I can see at least a English title coming his way in the near future.

David Seymour boxed really well closing his opponent down and getting some great combinations off. He looks better and better every time I see him and I can see him continuing his winning steak for a long time.