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  • Dexter Hastings

The Heat is OnBcB Promotions

Black Country boxing Promotions held there first show of July (6.7.19) at the Walsall town hall Walsall. The show was called “The Heat is on" and consisted of seven bouts of boxing. Four of the fights were contested over 4 times three minute rounds with Alex Jones making his debut, Sid Bowater returning to the ring after two years, Troi Coleman and Lee Glover also doing four rounder’s. There was also a female contest with the young and talented Amy Timlin having her second pro fight over 4 two minute rounds. You also had unbeaten Levi Ferguson doing a six rounder and topping the bill you had the hard hitting southpaw Tyler Denny doing a 8 rounder. Referee’s on the night were Chris Deen and Michael Alexander the compare was David Nikolich and the lady with the ring cards was the stunning Keeley from Diamond ring.

Fight 1 Alex Jones v MJ Hall 10.2 4x3 10.7 Super Welterweight

Nice tidy boxing in the first from Jones as he took on the very tricky southpaw, Hall kept Jones busy getting good shots off, but it was Jones round. Jones worked away well in the second as Hall kept it interesting giving Jones a good test on his debut. Some heavy shots near the end of the round won it for Jones. In the third Jones turned up the pace but Hall matched him working him hard all the way through the round with Hall getting a share of the round. The final round saw Jones continue his good work but Hall made him work until the final bell getting some good shots off to keep it competitive.


Dexter - 40-37 Ref - 39-37 Jones wins on points

Fight 2 Troi Coleman v Owen Jobburn 12.5 4x3 12.1 Light Heavyweight

Coleman dominated from the first bell, staking Jobburn and shooting out sharp jabs and nice combinations. The second was another good round for Coleman as he continued to bang in heavy combinations, Jobburn had a go back in this round but Coleman had this round. In the third Coleman showed great movement as Jobburn started putting some shots together. Coleman was soon back in control but Jobburn had some good movement in this round. In the final round Coleman looked to finish strong as he poured on the pressure, Jobburn moved well in the later part of the round, but there was only one winner.


Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36 Coleman wins on points

Fight 3 Female match Amy Timlin v Sonia Klos 8.7 4x2 8.2 Featherweight

Good first round for both fighters as Klos had came to fight, Timlin worked hard getting good shots off edging the round with the better work rate. The second was another hard fought round with both fighters getting good shots off, even round. The third was another close one with both fighters getting good shots off, Timlin got some nice combinations off but was getting caught with a lot of over hand rights. Timlin turned up the pressure in the final round and upped her work rate, Klos continued to get good shots off but it was Timlin round.


Dexter - 40-38 Ref - 40-36 Timlin wins on points

Fight 4 Lee Glover v Michael Mooney 9.11 4x3 9.13 Welterweight

Glover got some nice sharp combinations off and controlled the ring well, Mooney boxed well and sustained a cut on the top of his head from an accidental clash of heads. In the second Mooney's corner had got the cut under control but it was Glover who controlled the round with nice combinations and shot selection. Very slow start to the third with not much being thrown, Mooney then woke Glover up with a cracking combinations pinning him in the corner. After this Glover went on the attack winning the round. Both fighters got good shots off in the final round, Glover picked his shots well and was also moving well around the ring but Mooney kept battling to keep the fight competitive.


Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 39-37 Glover wins on points.

Fight 5 Levi Fergusson v Nathan Hardy 10.12 6x3 10.12 Super Welterweight

Hardy moved well in the first as Ferguson took the centre of the ring as they both sized each other up. Ferguson kept the pressure on with Hardy countering well, Ferguson just edged the round with the better work rate. Hardy was really making Ferguson work in the third as he picked his shots well while on the move. Ferguson kept the pressure on and got through with some lovely rights hand to win the round.