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Pitters get his Title Shot

Birmingham’s unbeaten boxer Shakan Pitters has at lasted been given a title shot, the ultimate boxxer 2 winner now has his eyes set firmly on the Light Heavyweight English title. Pitters who is unbeaten in 12 fights will be taking on the newly crowned champ Dec Spelman at the York Hall Bethnal Green London on a Frank Warren Promotions show on the 27th of September. Spelman won the title in may of this year beating Kirk Garvey on points. Spelman who has won 16 of his 18 fights has already lost to Eastside gyms Shakan Pitters in the ultimate boxxer 2 competition losing over 3 rounds on points.

I caught up with Shakan and asked him about his up and coming title challenge. I asked Shak how he felt when he heard the new he had a title shot? He told me “I was very happy to learn I was getting a title shot, I did say I wanted a title before the year is out and here is my opportunity to do so... which I feel I will”. Shakan continued “Dec is a fighter I respect, I appreciate his story and what he’s representing and come September it’ll be a great fight I’m sure for the fans as he’ll give it his all just like I will as he always comes to fight”.

My next question to the 6 foot six giant was you fought Dec Spelman in the ultimate boxxer 2 over 3 rounds do you think it will be a different kind of fight over 10 rounds? The Eastside fighter said “Well it’s been almost a year now so that’s in the past and as a fighter I believe I’ve improved a lot more since the ultimate boxxer fight with him and I’m sure he has also... 10 rounds obviously is a longer duration but I’m sure it’ll be an exciting fight possibly fight of the night, I believe the result will be the same and I’ll be the new champion”. My final question to the bbcolumn’s boxer to watch 2018 was, Is moving up to 10 rounds going to be any trouble as it will be your first time? The unbeaten fighter told me “No In fact it’ll suit me a lot better these longer fights, I’m a very durable fighter... we train hard at Eastside so it’s nothing myself or the team are not prepared for”. Shakan finished by saying “I’d Just like to thank all my sponsors.. Beatroot UK, Detox Valeting, Real Boxing Only Gym (Dubai), Enable Housing, Optimum Physio, Pstv3, Designer Jewels, BoxingKingMedia, Power FC and a special thanks to yourself Dexter Hastings for believing in me and following my journey from the start. Id also like to thank Dean Whyte, Jon Pegg & Paul Counihan and my Eastside Family”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Well it’s about time, I have followed Shak's career from the start and if anyone one deserves a shot at a title he does. As I predicted he has moved beyond the Midlands area title and has been put straight in for the Light Heavyweight English title and is taking on Dec Spelman who he beat over 3 rounds when he won the golden robe at the Ultimate boxxer 2 show last year. Spelman will be looking for revenge and as the current champ and having already gone 10 rounds to win it he will be confident he can. Myself I have no doubts that Shakan Pitters will come out of this fight triumphant, he may have never done a 10 rounder but in my opinion he is more than capable of beating Spelman on points or within the distance via a stoppage. This belt will just be the start of the titles he will amass as I think Shakan is destined to fight at British and European levels maybe even world. But first he needs to take the first step to domination of the light Heavyweight division by beating Dec Spelman. And all this from doing two rounds of sparing with myself.

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