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Sunday Service  BcB Promotions

Black Country boxing Promotions held there latest show at The Venue Dudley which was call “Sunday Service” (28.7.19). The show consisted of 7 bouts of boxing, in the home corner James Beech jr, Alex Florence, Connor Lee Jones and Kyle Williams were all doing four, 3 minutes round fights. You also had Ijaz Ahmad and Conah Walker both doing 6 three minute round fights with female boxing being represented by the “Pocket Rocket" Dani Hodges doing 6 rounds over 2 minutes. Comparing on this Sunday afternoon show was David Nikolich and reffing was Chris Deen and Kevin Parker, unfortunately there were no ring girls.

Fight 1 James Beech jr v Jake Pollard 9 4x3 9 Super Featherweight

Beech came out fast from the first bell picking his shots well and controlling the centre of the ring. In the second Beech continued to pick his shots well but was opened up via a clash of heads over his right eye, Beech still won the round. Pollard banged in some good shots as he opened the cut above Beach’s right eye in the third, Beech came back strong and at points in the round it looked like he may stop Pollard. In the final round Beech used his jab well and showed some great movement banging in some good combinations to win the round and the fight.

Result Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36 Beech wins on points

Fight 2 Dani Hodges v Emma McCulloch 7.1 6x2 7,6 Featherweight

Scrappy first round with McCulloch trying to get on the inside which was stopping Hodges from having the room to boxes, even round. The second was also a scrappy one but Hodges got her jab working in this round, McCulloch got some good shots off but Hodges just edged it. Great third round with McCulloch showing she had not just came from Scotland to make the numbers up, Hodges won the round with her work rate . The forth was a hard fought round with both fighters getting good shots off, would have to say McCulloch just edged the round. Another hard fought round in the fifth with both fighters banging in good shots, Hodges got some nice jabs off and when she did, she looked in control but just edged this round. In the final round both fighters went for it exchanging shots to the final bell.

Result Dexter 59-56 Ref - 58-57 Hodges wins on points

Fight 3 Alex Florence v Kash Hussain 10.3 4x3 10.9 Welterweight

Florence controlled the first round smashing in some heavy body shots with some good shot picking. Florence controlled the second again with great shot picking putting some nice combinations together. The third was another round where Florence did what he liked, great boxing but with little coming back. The final round saw Florence do what he wanted as he moved well with great shot selection and combinations to win the round.

Result Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36 Florence wins on points

Fight 4 Ijaz Ahmed v Pablo Navaroe 8.7 6x3 8.7 Super Bantamweight

Tidy first round with Ahmed getting some good shots off, Navaroe banged in some good shots of his own but it was Ahmed’s round. Ahmed picked his shots well switch hitting with nice combinations, Navaroe pressured him all the way. Great third round with both fighters getting good shots off Ahmed won the round with the cleaner shots. Navaroe poured on the pressure in the forth, Ahmed had to raise his game to win the round. The fifth was another good round for both fighters, battling round but Ahmed won it. The final on was another battle with each boxer trading blows would have to give this round to Navaroe.

Result Dexter – 59 – 55 Ref – 58 – 56 Ahmed wins on points

Fight 5 Conner Lee Jones v Dean Jones 9.11 4x3 9.7 Welterweight

Good first round for Conner who picked his shots well and got some good combinations off. Conner moved around the ring well in the second picking his shots well and really frustrate D Jones. Conner really went to work in the third banging in some heavy body shots, fair play to D Jones for staying in there. Great final round as both fighters went for it D Jones banged in some heavy combinations to the body but Conner came back with big shots of his own to win the round and the fight.

Result Dexter – 40 – 36 Ref – 40 – 36 Conner Lee Jones wins on points.

Fight 6 Conah Walker v Ohio Kane 10.11 6x3 10.10 Super Welterweight

Good start to the fight with both boxers looking to get there shots off, Walker ended up on the floor from a slip, it was a very close round with Walker edging it. The second was another good one with Kane getting some nice shots off, Walker edged the round with the better work rate and some eye catching left hooks. The third was a great battling round with both fighters stepping up the pace, Walker again edged the round with the better work rate and eye catching shots. Walker took control in the forth and piled on the pressure with body shots and great combinations. Walker really took control in the fifth and was banging in body shots after body shots fair play to Kane who was taking some heavy shots. Great final round with Walker pouring on the pressure, Kane replied with good shots off his own resulting in a cracking final round that had the crowd on his feet.

Result Dexter - 60-54 Ref - 57-57 Draw

Fight 7 Kyle Williams v Jose Anguilar 8.8 4x3 8.8 Super Bantamweight

Steady first round by Williams who moved through the gears with great movement and combinations. Great movement and boxing skills in the second from Williams as he picked his shots well and looked like he was having fun. Williams got some cracking combinations off and was really putting on a show for his supporters. The final round was another controlled by William’s who showed great shot selection and movement to crews to victory.

Result Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36 Williams wins on points

Dexter’s Thoughts

This was my first time I had been to the venue Dudley and I got to say it was a good room to watch boxing in. We start with Kyle Williams, great performance by him in this tick over fight, he showed great movement and shot selection that brought him the Midlands and English titles last year. I am looking forward to seeing him again in big fights really soon. Conah Walkers in my opinion was on the end of a very bad decision tonight, I can see that there were a lot of close rounds but even in them Walkers work rate and the more eye catching shots came from him. It was given 57-57 which says that they won 3 rounds each, now Kane fought well and made it a very competitive fight but no way he won 3 rounds. In the close round you may have been able to give Kane 2 even rounds but there was no way he won one let alone three. I’m sure we will see Walker back to winning ways when he is out next time. Conner Lee Jones put on a very impressive performance winning every round. He is now 4-0 and if he continues to progress the way he is titles will be in his future. Ijaz Ahmed got a good win against a very tough opponent, this was a very entertaining 6 rounder and it will be good to see Ahmed defending his title in the near future. Alex Florence really put on a entertaining display of the noble art, he controlled every round and picked his shots well. I think Florence needs to start to be tested by better opponents as then we can see how good “Pinky" is. The “Pocket Rocket” Dani Hodges also took on a very tough opponent, the first few rounds were scrappy but Hodges battled when she needed to and boxed when she could. Great fight as McCulloch had came to win and made Hodges work for all 6 rounds. Hodges improves with every fight I see her in and as she has proved in the past is not afraid to go on the road and fight. I look forward to seeing Dani in the squad circle very soon. James Beech started the show off with a nice 4 rounder, he shook off any ring rust he had and won convincingly. Beech stained a cut above the right eye which has now become the norm in a James beech fight. I talked to James after the fight, the cut didn’t look to bad and we chatted about a potential title fight against British and Commonwealth champ Brad Foster. Beech told me he was very keen on getting this fight on but thought he needed a least one more before he stepped up. I then talked to him about a potential fight against Sean Davis as this would be a great test for him as Davis is a former English and WBC international super Bantamweight champ and has also contested for the British and English titles at higher weights. Beech informed me that he would be up for this fight but it would have to be for something which I agree with. Davis who is fighting for the Midlands area Featherweight title on 7th September against Lee Glover, he has already told me he would be up for fighting Beech and it would be a easy fight to match up as both fighters are on the BcB Promotions roster. This would be a fantastic fight and if Davis beats Glover it could be for the Featherweight title or even the super Bantamweight area title which is vacant at the moment. Who ever wins out of these two fighters should really get a crack at Foster and his British and Commonwealth titles. The Birmingham boxing Column thanks the BcB for having me at there show.

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