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  • Dexter.Hastings

Nice 6 Rounder for the Savage

Eastside Gyms Sam “ The Savage" Eggington was in action on the VIP Promotions show Oldham in a six round fight. Eggington (25) took on the very well travel Journeyman Lewis Van Poetsch (26), Van Poetsch gave a good account of himself taking some good shots from Eggington as he he tried out different styles in this fight. Eggington controlled the fight going up and down the gears picking his shots well and being more patient instead of just pressuring his opponent. Van Poetsch got some good right hands off in the forth which turned Eggington back into “The Savage" as he walked Van Poetsch down banging in heavy combinations to his head and body. Half way into the fifth Eggington reverted back to his jab and boxed really well controlling the ring and the round. In the final round Eggington kept up his high tempo with good shot picking and got some heavy combinations off. Van Poetsch seemed happy to hear the final bell as he had earned his purse tonight. Dexter’s Thoughts

Nice tick over fight for Eggington as he waits for a big fight to come his way, you could see he was trying new things as he went though the gears. It was nice to see Sam pick his shots well from behind a sharp jab, but we did see the old Savage come out when Van Poetsch did catch him. From what I have heard Eggington is going to stay busy and is looking to have a fight every month until Christmas so we will be reporting a lot about Eggington over the next few months. Finger crossed Eggington can get back down to Welterweight were he will be a real danger to any one at domestic, European and dare I say world level, the column looks forward to following his come back journey.

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