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Dexter Returns, Three Fights Before I'm 50

It is probably one of the worse kept secrets in Birmingham’s unlicensed boxing, I will be returning to the ring for at least 3 more fights which I I’m calling “50 and Out" where I am looking to have them before I turn 50 on December 6th 2020.

My last fight was at the start of December 2018 when I beat the very durable Josh Hodgins in a catch-weight title fight which was called “Be careful what you wish for". After this victory it was announced that I would be fighting in March against the tough southpaw Craig Taylor for the SPBF Irish Heavyweight title over 6 rounds. Unfortunately while sparring I sustained a split lip (yes my lip actual split) with me ending up in A & E receiving 2 stitches inside and 2 on the outside of my lip.

With 8 weeks to go to the show I was told it would be at least 6 weeks before I could spar and anyone who knows my training knows sparing is a very big part of it. After talking to the promoter I pulled out of the fight. It took a lot longer than 6 weeks for my lip to heal where I thought it was ok to spar and I have to say at the age of 48 I was really thinking of calling it a day.

It was May before I started sparing properly and by this time I had blown up in weight and was weighing around 17 and a half stone. It was when I stepped off the scales that I started to think about getting back into the ring, I talked to a few of the lads at Fightden and they seemed to agree with me that I should have a few more before I hung up the gloves.

The plan is to have my first fight on Ring Wars 9 at the end of November 2019 with my opponent yet to be announced. The next one will be scheduled for March 2020 on Ring Wars 10 where I will be looking to take on Craig Taylor for the SPBF Irish Heavyweight title. Then my final fight will be at the end of November early December 2020, where I would like to finish with a four rounder fingers crossed for another title. As much as I will be looking at winning these 3 fights I am doing this more to Inspire people that age is just a number. If it inspires just one person to get off there arse and do some form of exercise it will be worth it and if I can get a few belts as well, that will just be the icing on the cake.

I am looking for exciting fights and I’m hoping to take on fighters who have came to fight and make my last 3 fights entertaining win or lose. I would love the last one to be against my arch rival and good friend Malcom Stowe who I have fought 4 times with us both winning 2 a peace. Like I said if this inspires one person to started exercising it will all have been worth it. I have a long way to go to get back into decent shape as I have enjoyed myself since Christmas, but rest assured I will be ready for the first one in November. I hope to get some big support for these fights and really make them a cracking end to my career.

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