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  • Dexter Hastings

Civil War Tommy Owens Promotions

Tommy Owens Promotions held there first show of the new season at the Holte suite Villa Park (7,9,19). The show was called ‘Civil War’ and consisted of 6 fights with Ryan Hatton, Shaka Thompson, River Wilson-Bent and Idris Virgo all doing 4 rounder’s. You also had the Ruthless one Ryan Kelly doing a 6 rounder as he ticks over while he waits for bigger fights. The main event was a highly anticipated Midlands area Lightweight title fight with Shaun Cooper taking on Jack O’Keeffe over 10 three minute rounds for the vacant title. With David Nikolich comparing Kevin Parker refereeing and the stunning ring girls Lauren and Cassie from C.P. Agency the stage was set for a great night of boxing.

Fight 1 Ryan Hatton v Remisijus Ziausys 13.8 4x3 13.10 Cruiserweight

Hatton let his hands go from the first bell banging in heavy combinations to the body and head. Ziausys could only cover up and see the round out. In the second Hatton started to pick his shots well, Ziausys did get some good shots off in this round but it was Hatton’s round. Ziausys let his hands go in the third but Hatton continued to dominate the fight banging in heavy combinations and controlled the round. Hatton poured on the pressure in the final roun Ziausys had to stand strong taking some heavy shots managing to see the final bell.

Result Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36 Hatton wins points decision

Fight 2 Shaka Thompson v Paul Cummings 11.8 4x3 11.8 Super Middleweight

Great movement and shot selection from Thompson as he popped in combinations at will, Cummings covered up well and took some good shots. Thompson used his jab well in the second to set up some great combinations controlling the ring and the round. The third was another round dominated by Thompson who again showed great movement and shot picking to win the round. Great shot picking again by Thompson in the final round moving well around the ring, Cummings had a go back but was finding it hard to catch Thompson with anything.

Result Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36 Thompson wins on points

Fight 3 River Wilson-Bent v Scott Hillman 11.9 4x3 12.2 Super Middleweight

Hillman looked like he had came to fight tonight but Wilson-Bent poured on the pressure with fast combinations making Hillman having to cover up, great movement and hand speed by Wilson-Bent. In the second Wilson-Bent came out firing with fast combinations working to the head and body, Hillman folded halfway through the round from some nice body shots. Hillman got to his feet and continued Wilson-Bent took his time picking his shots well and applied good pressure. Hillman went down again from a combinations to the body, he was allowed to continue but the ref jumped in and stopped the fight just as the bell went.

Result Wilson-Bent wins 2nd round stoppage

Fight 4 Ryan Kelly v William Warburton 11.8 6x3 11.1 Super Middleweight

Kelly controlled the ring with a nice steady jab in the first with some good combinations. Kelly picked up the pace in the second and banged in some nice combinations, Warburton got some good shots off as well but Kelly was in control. The third was another round controlled by Kelly who was boxing like a seasoned pro great movement and shot selection. Kelly continued his good work in the forth picking his shots well going to the head and body with ease. Kelly controlled the fifth picking his shots well with some nice combinations and some eye catching uppercuts. In the final round Kelly continued to pour on the pressure with Warburton having a go back but Kelly cruising to victory.

Result Dexter - 60-54 Ref – 60-54 Kelly wins on points

Fight 5 Idris Virgo v Lewis Van Poetsch 12.7 4x3 12.8 Light Heavyweight