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Foster retains title on Majority draw

British and Commonwealth super Bantamweight champ Brad Foster retained his title in a battling to and throw fight against challenger Lucuen Reid. The fight was on the undercard of Sunny Edward’s vs Hugo Rosendo Guarneros fight (14.9.19) at the York Hall Bethnal Green London. 

This was a back and forth encounter with both fighters having joy in every round, there boxing styles mirrored each other that sometimes made the fight scrappy. As the bell ended the 12th it was Reid who looked the more confident that he had got the result. The 3 judges scores had it 116 – 112 to Reid and the other 2 judges had it 114-114 which deemed the fight a majority draw. As you can imagine Reid from West ham London was not happy with this result in his home town but it was a very close fight where some rounds could be call one way or another on a single punch. Both fighters in interviews after fight thought they had done enough to win it so there has to be a rematch.  

Brad took to social media and put this status up, he wrote 'Would like to Thank Everyone for making the trip down to London last night, means the world to me, Brads Barmy Army. Thought it was a close fight in there. Will Watch the fight back. Ended in a majority Draw and I retained my belts, Disappointed as Its Never the way I wanted to keep my belts but it is what it is. Both of us are healthy an that is the main thing ! Time for a rest as I’ve been in 3 (12) round Fights this year and due a good rest. Then we will see what’s next.

Thankyou to My sponsors for there help - Trade Tyres Shenstone , Green Monkey CBD , Emporium Gym , PCA Physical , LA Roofing, Baxter Williams, S.Hutchings Hire, M&B Demolition, Tyres R Us (Erdington) and Kane and Able. Also Big Thank you to Des at Team Des Fitness and Themopro for recovery and for all the work in the Lab. And Still British & Commonwealth Champion  

Dexter’s Thoughts  

Scrappy fight in places with both fighters cancelling each other out as they had similar styles. I think Foster was very lucky to hold on to his titles not that he had been beaten but because he was a Midlands lad defending his title in the east end of London against a kid from west ham. I will have to give big props to the judges for not being swayed but I will say that this fight was very, very close and on my card I had Reid one round up, but I do think a draw was about right on reflection. These two super Bantamweights defently need to have a rematch and if Fosters team have any say in it they should bring Reid to the Midlands to fight the champ. I’m sure Foster and his team will watch the fight back and work on the things that didnt work and fix them. The Birmingham boxing Column looks forward to the rematch and Foster retaining his titles. 

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